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Chapter 47

Life was lonely without Jake. Everyone missed him. It was made worse by Ashley and Kevin finding a house and closing on it in a few weeks and preparing to move out. It was close by, only about five minutes away and perfect for them, but Sammy was sad to see them go. The only thing that kept Gracie’s mind occupied was her excitement about starting school.

Sammy kept playing that up and tried to make her last weeks of summer fun. It was complicated by Sammy feeling terrible and her last blood work wasn’t great. Her hormone levels still weren’t picking up and she was starting to get worried. The ultrasound looked ok, but the doctor was worried.

Mike and Abby went with Sammy to Welcome Day the Friday before school started. She was relieved they were there and helping her with Gracie while she was totally drained. They took pity on her and took Gracie for a sleepover so Sammy could rest. Abby called Ashley and told her how Sammy was feeling. She promised she would watch out for her.

Gracie came home late Saturday afternoon and lucky for Sammy, Fish the dog kept her occupied for the rest of the day. Sammy didn’t sleep that night and felt even worse Sunday morning. She went to the couch and didn’t move most of the morning and watched football with Ashley as Kevin was out of town with his team. He won the early game and was on his way home. Mike and Abby came over to watch Jake’s game and watch over the pregnant women.

Jake had a great first quarter and as a starter was done for the day and cheered on the rest of his team. Sammy was feeling cramps and they seemed to be getting worse. She went to the bathroom and was panicked at seeing blood in the toilet. She cleaned up and went in the living room and looked at the adults with fear all over her face.

Mike got up from the chair seeing her face, “Sammy what’s wrong?”

“I’m bleeding,” she whispered, afraid that saying it any louder would make it worse.

The other adults got up and moved around quickly. Ashley took Gracie to drop her off with Lynn and to tell Derek. Abby and Mike took Sammy in the car to the hospital. Abby sat with the scared young woman on the ride as Mike called Lexi to get in touch with Smitty to tell Jake. He wouldn’t have his phone with him for a while.

“I’m so scared Abby,” Sammy softly said as Mike drove down the highway.

“We are right here, Sweetie. We are with you,” She assured her, rubbing her back.

They pulled up to the entrance and Abby ran in coming back out with a wheelchair. Mike picked her up and gently placed her in it, pushing her in as Abby went and parked the car. They immediately escorted her to an examination room. Abby came in several minutes later as the doctor finished examining her and called for an ultrasound to be done while she tried to contact Sammy’s regular doctor.

Jake was helping one of the new guys trying to earn a spot on the team or the practice squad. He never saw Smitty answer his phone and pale as he went to the offensive coordinator and explained something to him. The owner was with them and they talked a minute before he rushed to the tunnels and made some calls. Smitty came up to Jake and asked him to follow him.

“What’s up Smitty! I need to be out there!”

“Jake, I just got a call from Lexi. Your dad called her, they’ve taken Sammy to the hospital…Buddy, and they think she’s losing the baby…”

Jake paled and looked at his dear friend, “What?!”

“Jake, go shower and change. I have my private jet fueling up as we speak to take you home. I will arrange a car to be there to take you wherever Samantha is. Take the time you need. This is the last pre-season game, we are fine. Now go!” the owner said, shaking Jake out of his blur.

Jake turned and ran to the locker room and took the fastest shower and changed, running out of the players’ entrance to the waiting car 12 minutes later and they raced to the private airstrip. The plane took off 20 minutes later. He prayed the whole flight home.

Sammy was crying softly listening to the doctor as he explained that she was losing the baby. The hormone supplements weren’t working and the ultrasound showed no heartbeat to the baby. They were going to let her naturally miscarry in the hospital unless she started bleeding more, then they would take her in for a D & C. They took her to a room and got her settled. Derek had arrived and sat with them in the waiting room with the other members of his new family talking.

“Smitty just texted me, Jake is on a private plane and should be here about 6:30,” Mike said, holding Abby’s hand.

Derek nodded as Ashley texted Kevin to fill him in. He was on the east coast and wouldn’t be home until later. So they waited. A nurse came in and told them they could go in, but to let her rest.

They went in to see a very somber Sammy looking up at the ceiling. No one really knew what to say having never experienced a loss like this before. Abby broke the ice first and went up and touched her arm and gently rubbed it and called her name. Sammy looked at her and blinked the tears back from her eyes, but didn’t say anything. Mike went on the other side of her and smoothed her hair back, calming her.

“Sammy sweetie, Jake is on the way ok? He will be here soon…Gracie is with Lynn and Matthew,” He told her lovingly.

She just nodded again and winced as another cramp rolled through her. The tears welled up as she felt it, knowing and feeling what was happening. She was so used to being in control when it came to her first child, that she didn’t expect anything less with this one. And this was completely out of her control and she hated it! She couldn’t kiss this and make it better, she couldn’t make everything go away and happiness fill the spot where pain once was.

She just laid there for the next few hours and let the sad faces look at her, she didn’t care. The one person she wanted, no needed, wasn’t here yet. The one person whose arms made her feel safe, loved and whole and she was trying desperately to keep everything under control until he got here. They all sat together with the TV on low waiting, although they didn’t know what for. The nurse came in and asked everyone to wait outside while Sammy was checked again.

The nurse came back and told them grimly, “The bleeding isn’t stopping and I need to let the doctor know.”

They all let out the collective breathes they were holding and Ashley wiped the few tears that escaped from her cheeks as she tried calling Kevin again. Mike tried calling Jake again and was almost ready to give up when he answered on the last ring before voicemail would pick up.

“Dad! What’s going on?”

“She is still bleeding, they were getting the doctor…”

“Fuck! I just landed; I will be there in twenty minutes!”

Mike hung up and filled in the others. The doctor came down the hallway and went into the room. They all waited and paced the floor. She came back out and told the crew, “I’m taking her for a D&C, I don’t like how much blood she is losing. Give me about 15 minutes to get the room ready and they will bring her down. I’m really sorry…”

Abby thanked her on their behalf and went back in to see Sammy in the same position, looking at the ceiling. Abby wanted so badly to take her in her arms and love her and she did. Sammy let her, needing a mother’s touch and this was all she had access to. Abby just held her and promised that Jake would be here very soon. They sat like that until two nurses came in and moved Sammy out in her bed to the procedure room. The group followed her and started down the hallway when she heard her name being called. The nurses stopped and looked to see Jake running down the hallway to the bed. He ran up to her and took her hand and rested his forehead against hers.

“I’m sorry Baby, I’m here now. Everything is going to be ok. I love you,” He whispered to her.

“Sir, we need to take her down, she should be back in about an hour, ok?” One nurse said gently.

Jake kissed her gently and told her he loved her again and watched them wheel her down the hall. Once they went behind the large doors he turned and looked at the people in front of him.

“What the hell happened?” he asked helplessly.

“She was feeling like crap all weekend. Abby and I went to Welcome Day with her since Gracie was bouncing off the walls with excitement. We kept her until late yesterday and decided to come over today to keep an eye on all three of the girls. She came out of the bathroom a few hours ago, slightly panicking and told us she was bleeding. We all kind of jumped up and went into action,” Mike explained.

“Where’s Gracie?”

“She’s with Lynn and Matthew. We’ll keep her until Sammy is ready to have her back or you…”

“Thanks Derek,” Jake said, sighing and slumping his shoulders.

“And what are they doing?” Jake asked.

Abby explained what a D&C was and winced, thinking about the whole process. The group went to the waiting area where Ashley went to the vending machine to get some snacks and drinks. They sat there stoic and waiting, unsure what else to do. Kevin came running in about 45 minutes later after getting Ashley’s texts. He immediately hugged everyone and sat waiting with them.

The doctor came out a few minutes later told them that everything went well and they were taking Sammy back to the room to rest. She said that she was only asking for Jake. They thanked her and went to leave.

“Can she, we still have more children?” Jake asked, fearing her answer.

“Absolutely. She is young, healthy and I have no reason to believe why you can’t have more children. You can’t try for a few weeks, but I’ll go over that later.”

Jake nodded and turned to the rest. They all hugged him and left him to tend to Sammy, sending their love. Jake walked to the room and quietly opened the door to see Sammy in the bed and not moving.

“Hey Baby…” he said walking to the bed.

She opened her eyes and saw him and the realization of the day hit her and she started sobbing. Jake took his shoes off and climbed into the bed next to her holding her in his arms. He started crying too; overwhelmed by her emotions and the new pain that he was experiencing at the loss of a child he would never meet or hold. She sobbed into his chest and he kissed the top of her head, just holding her.

He had no idea how long they were like that before she fell asleep. A nurse came in with another blanket and Jake settled in next to her, falling asleep too, the emotional exhaustion winning the battle.

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