Fighting for More

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Chapter 50

The next two weeks actually flew by for everyone in the house. Sammy and Gracie fell into an easy routine with school and work. Sammy had healed well after the procedure and was cleared. The doctor wanted her to wait for another two months before they tried again and that was fine by her. She and Jake hadn’t really talked about when they wanted to start trying again.

Gracie was doing wonderfully in school and kept amazing everyone with what she would learn and share with the adults. She was spelling like crazy and the way she picked up math was astounding. She just needed to be shown the process a few times and she had the skill. Her teacher was getting the foundational skills embedded in her and she was flourishing.

Ashley and Kevin signed the papers on their house and took everyone on a tour. It was a beautiful five bedroom home on several acres, with lots of trees and flowers. Fish seemed to like it as he and Gracie ran around out in the back. Sammy loved the layout and the room they picked for the nursery was perfect, already painted a warm yellow with white trim. Their belongings would arrive from Texas the next day, the same day Sammy, Gracie, Mike and Abby left to see Jake. They promised to help when they got back.

The plane ride on Friday morning was uneventful for everyone and Jake picked them up with squeals from Gracie echoing in the airport. She wasn’t very impressed by his condo as there was nowhere for her to play outside, but the room she was sleeping in was ok since he bought her sparkly sheets and blankets. Sensing the need for some ‘adult time’ Abby and Mike offered to take Gracie to the park down the road to let her run some pent up energy off.

Ever grateful for his father he mouthed ‘thank you’ to him as they were leaving. Mike smirked and winked as the front door closed. As soon as the door clicked closed, Jake almost ran to Sammy as she jumped in his arms, their lips quickly found each other’s. Sammy wrapped her legs around his waist as he stumbled towards his room.

“Fuck Sammy I need you so bad!” He mumbled into her neck as she gently bit his earlobe.

“God I need you too Jake! Hurry!” She said as he reached under her skirt and squeezed her meaty ass.

He got them to his room and kicked the door closed as he passed and sat her on the bed. He ripped his shirt off and threw it to the floor, shedding his shorts right after, leaving his underwear on. Sammy took off her shirt and slid off her skirt as her Lover pushed her back on the bed and devoured every inch of her skin. Sammy was a moaning mess by the time he had taken off her lacy bra and matching boy shorts. She hissed and called out to God as he lapped, licked and sucked on her wet core, bringing her to two releases before she pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue, turning her on even more, which she didn’t know was possible.

It still amazed her how even though they had been together for years before; their love making was totally different. They still knew what the other liked and what turned them on, but the feelings were different. They went deeper, felt more. It was more mature; more than just a mutual meeting of bodies for pleasure. It was a meeting of hearts and minds as well- not that there was much thinking that happened when they were in bed together.

Jake was desperate to be in her and pulled back and took off his underwear releasing his throbbing member, “Sammy I need you!!”

Sammy looked at him, breathing heavy, “You get them?”

Jake reached over and opened the nightstand pulling out the large box of condoms, having to use them as the doctor didn’t want Sammy on any hormone related birth control for a little while longer to allow her period to regulate naturally. He opened the package with his teeth as Sammy ran her hand up and down his rock hard abs, making him hiss. He sheathed himself, lined up with her heat and plunged in quickly making her back arch off the bed in pleasure and he groaned.

He started rocking in and out, increasing in speed and intensity. Soon the only sounds that could be heard were the slapping of skin, moans and the knock of the headboard on the wall. He could feel the tightening in his groin and was ready to burst.

“Baby, I’m gonna come! I need you to come too Baby!” he pleaded as he shifted and hit deeper into her.

Sammy was on the edge of a giant mountain cliff and ready to jump off and wrapped a leg around his waist to pull him deeper, “I’m ready Jake, so ready!”

Sammy let herself go and she clenched around him, yelling his name and digging her nails into his back. Feeling her muscles squeezing him and it sent him over the edge, releasing right after her with a loud roar. He collapsed over her, his heart beating out of his chest. He nuzzled Sammy’s neck as he took several deep breaths to try and calm himself. Sammy was kissing his chest and running her hands up and down his back.

“Not to inflate your already huge ego, but you really are incredible!” She whispered.

He chuckled, “It’s actually your fault. You turn me on like no one else ever has!”

She smirked hearing his words and picked up his head and kissed him, pulling his lip with her teeth. He grinned at her and got up to throw away the used plastic and came back to the bed to lay with her.

“I’m sorry that we have to use those damn things, Jake.”

“Hey, don’t apologize! It’s what we need to do so you can heal properly. It’s only for a few weeks; I can manage for that amount of time. Then after that we can go bare, feeling every inch of each other!” He said with a sexy grin.

Sammy started running her finger up and down his leg and licked his pec, making his breath catch in his throat. Jake leaned down and started working on her already taunt nipple, making her moan. Those noises always turned him on and he could feel his member harden as he rubbed it against her legs. Sammy was already dripping from the friction between them and pushed him down and switched spots with him. Jake used his arms and pushed until he was sitting up with his back against the headboard and her straddling.

Sammy was grinding on his lap and they kissed and touched each other. Desperate for him to fill her, she reached over and grabbed a condom and covered him herself and quickly repositioned and sank down on him, moaning in pleasure. Jake loved when she took charge and grabbed her hips to help guide her until they reached a steady pace and both were panting. He moved his hands up to her breasts, kneading and squeezing them while teasing her nipples.

“FUCK, Jake! Keep going! Don’t stop!” She panted increasing her pace.

Jake wasn’t going to be able hang on much long and moved his hand down to her bundle of nerves and rubbed vigorously. Sammy’s eyes rolled back in her head as she shifted her position closer to him, making him hit her at a different angle. Feeling the new angle made him pant harder and thrust up to meet her. Jake was so close to the edge that when he felt Sammy’s movements become off rhythm and yelled out his name he thrust a few more times and stilled as he emptied into the plastic.

She stopped and rested her forehead on his as they panted together. He gave her quick kisses as they sat there facing each other and smiled.

“I forgot to tell you about a rule that Coach has about the night before a game…” Jake admitted sheepishly.

“I know about the no sex rule, Ash warned me about it,” Sammy said pushing his sweaty hair back as she talked to him.

He smiled, “Sorry Baby…”

“It’s ok. We have tonight and in the morning. We just have to make the most of our time!” she smiled wickedly.

“God, I love you Baby!” he said kissing her.

“I love you too. We should shower and get dressed. Gracie will be back soon with your Dad and Abby and we have the dinner and ring presentation right?”

“Yep, now let’s get in the shower to get dirty before we get clean!” He whispered as she picked her up and carried her to the master bathroom and turned on the water letting it get hot.

He kissed her as she sat on the counter waiting. When the room was filled with steam and walked them in, still kissing. They washed each other, after getting very dirty with their mouths and hands. They got out and she wrapped in his fluffy robe and he put on a pair of shorts and shirt, heading into the living to hear Gracie laughing with Abby. She told everyone how Mike went down the slide and fell on his butt at the bottom.

“It was so funny Daddy! Grampy got up and rubbed his bottom and told me not to be naughty!” She giggled.

“And let me say that it didn’t help that someone else was laughing and egging her on!” Mike pouted as he looked at Abby.

She was trying to hide her laughter behind her hand and failed miserably and Gracie went and climbed on the couch next to Abby laughing with her.

“I’m gonna have a bruise!” Mike blustered.

Jake smacked him on the back, “Sorry old man! Need an ice pack?”

“No smart ass! You can take your ice pack and shove it up your-“

“Language Grampy!” Sammy reminded him, “Alright little girl, let’s go get dressed and redo your hair.”

Gracie jumped down and ran into her room as she called it after her mother. Mike sulked at the island as Abby came up and kissed him deeply, “I’ll make it up to you later Grampy!”

Mike grinned as he smacked her butt lovingly as she walked away. Jake watched and loved how happy his dad was with Abby.

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