Fighting for More

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Chapter 52

Everyone slept in Saturday, which was unusual for all of them. They ate a late breakfast and then got ready for the carnival type party that the team owner had put together at the fairgrounds for the team and season ticket holders and other fans to celebrate. Each player had to do an hour in the designated fan area to take pictures and sign autographs. Sammy wasn’t looking forward to it, but Abby helped her realize that it was part of the job and he was marrying her, not anyone else.

Everyone was dressed casually in jeans and team colors. Sammy put her hair in a ponytail and Gracie’s in a braid so they could have some fun. They arrived and it was a mass of fans and players. Jake got them squared away with passes and walked around to see everything that was going on. They rode a few rides and then Jake had to report for his shift with a few other players. Mike convinced Sammy to go with Jake and let him and Abby take Gracie to go play.

Taking her hand, Jake led her to the tent and set her in a chair behind him with a few other wives/girlfriends. They made Sammy feel comfortable when they welcomed her and gave her some hints on to survive events like this. Everything was going well, and several people asked Sammy to be in some pictures. Jake’s shift was almost up when one of the other women named Naomi cursed under her breath.

“What’s wrong?” Sammy asked.

“I hate that bitch!” Naomi hissed.

Sammy and another wife named Sarah looked to see who she was looking at. Sarah saw the woman and groaned.

“Ok, now spill who you are talking about!” Sammy pleaded.

“That bitch in line to see Jake…I don’t want to cause problems with you guys, but they dated for a while…She is a gold digger and if Ashley were here right now, she would drop the table and beat her nasty ass!” Sarah explained.

“Oh yeah! She latches on to any player who has money and is willing to get between her legs and spend money. Unfortunately Jake gave in for too long and she can’t take the hint…” Naomi elaborated.

Hearing their description, Sammy knew who they were talking about and eyed the woman as she moved up in the line. She was wearing very tight black skinny jeans and a tight feminine cut jersey that definitely plunged more than was intended. She had her very large boobs pushed up to her nose and her make-up done to perfection. Sammy felt very plain next to her and watched to see how Jake would react to her.

Jake hadn’t looked ahead to the line since he was on the last two people in line so he could take Sammy on the Ferris Wheel and make out a little. He finished the photo for the family of five that was there and signed their shirts. His heart dropped and he almost groaned out loud when he saw Denise step up to his table.

“Hey Jake. You are looking mighty fine and sexy. I have missed you!” She cooed at him as she put a jersey out for him to sign.

“What do you want Denise?” Jake asked as nicely as he could so he wouldn’t cause a scene.

“Oh you know what I really want, Stud!” She leaned over to show him her assets.

“Denise, I told you we are over! I have moved on and the fact that I haven’t spoken to you in weeks should show that to you!” He hissed.

“That didn’t stop us before! I know you want what I have and crave it, Jake. Your cock was made to be in me!” She stated simply.

Before Jake could tell her that she was crazy, he felt a soft and familiar hand on his shoulder, “Hey Jake, you ready to go? Paul is saying your time is up.”

Ever grateful for her timing, he put his hand on hers and turned his head, smiling at her, “Hey Baby, I am ready.”

He slid the jersey to Denise and stood up, taking Sammy’s hand and smiled at her. They were just going to walk away when Jake couldn’t help himself and said, “Denise, I would like to introduce you to my Fiancée, Samantha. Samantha, this is the rep that I told you about…”

Sammy smirked at Denise and said hello, loving that she visibly balked at hearing the fiancée part. Denise smirked and looked at them with a cruel gleam in her eye and walked away. Sammy couldn’t help but shiver at her cold look but shook it off as Jake kissed her temple and dragged her to the Ferris Wheel. They got on and when they were on the top he started kissing her neck, making her giggle and they messed around like when they were in high school.

They got off and found their daughter eating cotton candy with Abby as Mike went to the bathroom. Gracie was having the time of her life and talked Mike and Jake into riding the merry-go-round with her. Abby went to a quiet corner to take a work call and Sammy stood there and watched them laugh and yell at each other.

“He’ll come back to me, you know that right?” She heard being spoken to her. Sammy turned her head and saw Denise standing next to her, holding a drink.

“Think what you need to,” Sammy said, hoping to get her to leave by being uninterested in the conversation.

“We have incredible chemistry and I do things for him that you can’t. We have history together, over a year and this little thing you have going over the last few months isn’t going to last!”

Sammy started snickering at her words which seemed to anger the woman next to her. Months? She really didn’t know their relationship at all, which relieved Sammy to an extent, but she just wanted this person to go away.

“What are you laughing at?” Denise demanded.

“That you know so little about me and Jake and our journey together. There is almost nothing you have done with him that we haven’t already done together. I am sorry that you can’t accept it and move on, but we are getting married,” Sammy told her simply.

The fact that Sammy wasn’t getting angry at her for talking about Jake was aggravating Denise, “It doesn’t bother you that he has slept with me? That he has shoved his big, thick cock in me? That I have sucked it and rode it and he has eaten me out and licked me all over?”

Sammy knew she was goading her and felt it was like dealing with Gracie when she was tired and knew she couldn’t show emotion. She knew everything that Jake had done for those years; he hadn’t hid anything from her. They weren’t together and as much as she missed him and still loved him, he was living his own life, just like she was. Granted they were vastly different lives, they couldn’t dwell on it. Not anymore, not when they had so much to look forward to together. Tom had made that abundantly clear to Jake in their therapy sessions. He couldn’t dwell on it. Sammy didn’t and she had to follow his lead.

“Listen, I get you are not ready for it to be over, but it is and I don’t know what you want from me. You aren’t going to get me pissed enough so that I go after you. I know Jake and know his love for me and the dedication we have to each other. So there isn’t anything you can say that is going to make me rethink being with Jake! So why don’t you just fuck off?”

Denise was going to come back with a nasty comment when Jake came up behind Sammy and put his hands on her shoulders. He was pissed as he heard the last part of the conversation. He whispered in Sammy’s ear to take his Dad, Abby and Gracie to another area and he was going to talk with Denise. She turned to face him and kissed his lips gently and agreed. She went to the group and the four of them went to the games.

“What the fuck are you doing Denise?! I am tired of this little game already!”

“Jake Baby, you and I both know that it won’t last! She can’t do what for you what I can!”

“That’s where you are wrong! She is my past, my present and my future! I LOVE HER!! Not you! We are done and over! I haven’t returned any of your phone calls or texts! What else is it going to take for you to understand? WE ARE DONE!” Jake hissed at her.

Denise took a deep breath to calm herself and looked at him, “You will change your mind Jake. You always do.”

Jake rolled his eyes, “Think what you want. I’m done, don’t contact me anymore.”

He turned on his heels and went off in search of his family, grateful to be done with her and ready for his future. He never looked back and once he found his family, he threw Gracie in the air as she squealed and continued on with their afternoon. They left late in the afternoon with Gracie’s prizes and went back to Jake’s exhausted.

Mike grilled some steaks for them, while Abby made a huge spinach salad and they ate dinner. Gracie was melting fast after a late night before and another full and exciting day. Sammy got her in a bath and bed for an early night. Sammy was so thankful that she had Monday off so they could travel back early and get home in the afternoon. Mike and Abby turned in early too, leaving Jake and Sammy on the balcony sipping iced tea.

Jake apologized again for Denise and that drama. She knew it wasn’t his fault, and told him as much. He promised to keep her out of their lives and Sammy didn’t doubt his words. They sat together on the bench, holding hands and watching the sun set. Sammy went in to shower and was drying her hair when Jake came in to watch her.

“I’m sorry that we can’t do anything tonight…Coach is pretty strict about the no sex rule and I swear he can tell if you break it. And if you do, he will not let you start. It’s the weirdest thing!” Jake said holding her to her close and nuzzling her neck.

“It’s fine, just go shower. I want to go to bed,” She said pushing him away and laughing. He turned on the water and lathered up. He dried off and went into the bedroom to find her laying there in one of his shirts watching TV.

Pulled on a pair of pajama shorts and climbed in next to her. She loved watching him move, the muscles on his back and legs moving and flexing. And the way those damn shorts hung low on him stirred things in her that always surprised her. To know how good they were together, made her want to move down here and be with him every day. But she knew that he wouldn’t allow her to do that. As much as he wanted them to be together, he knew they belonged in Colorado and that’s where their future was.

He pulled her into his arms and that lay together watching a police show when he felt her move. He watched as she moved down and kneeled beside his waist and smirked.

“What are you doing Baby? You know we can’t…” He gently reminded her.

She started rubbing the front of his shorts, feeling him start to harden, “I know, but I thought maybe a little release would help you tomorrow…”

“Baby, you don’t have to do that- Oh shit!” He started and then stopped and groaned as she started licking the top of his increasingly hardening member.

Sammy didn’t stop and continued her ministrations and Jake realized he was in heaven. She was taking care of him and didn’t stop until he fell over the cliff and she cleaned up everything he gave her. He lay there panting, feeling totally sated and relaxed. Sammy crawled back up and lay on his chest, kissing his hard, warm skin.

“You are incredible, you know that right?” He asked, taking her hand in his.

“I try. I love you Jake…Now sleep, you have a big day tomorrow,” Sammy said smiling.

“I love you too Baby,” he said, closing his eyes and drifting off.

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