Fighting for More

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Chapter 53

Jake left early the next morning right after breakfast to do his game day rituals at the stadium. He kissed Gracie and Sammy then hugged Abby and his dad, reminding them to bring their passes so they could get in and to the family section with Lexi and Smitty’s dad.

Gracie was beyond excited at going to her first football game and that it was to see her dad play. Sammy bought her a pink jersey with Jake’s number on it so she was ready to cheer. They all got ready, wearing Jake’s colors and number and left with Abby grabbing all the passes they needed.

Mike drove Jake’s car to the stadium and Gracie repeated the phrases “Wow!”, “This is so cool!” and “Look at that!” They loved her enthusiasm and the general excitement that she had as a child. They parked in the lot they were directed to and got out. Gracie was bouncing around and couldn’t contain her excitement. Sammy was getting nervous with so many people walking around and sensing her nerves, Mike put Gracie on his shoulders as they walked up.

Abby was taking pictures to show Emily when they arrived at her place tomorrow afternoon. They got through security and went to their seats finding Lexi and Smitty’s dad, Vern. Smitty was built very much like his father and Gracie was stunned seeing him. Lexi introduced them to her father-in-law and Gracie just stood there staring at him. Sammy was so embarrassed at her behavior and wanted to crawl under her chair when she asked if he was part giant too. Vern, held in his laugh, only because Lexi told him what happened at the ring presentation dinner. He thought it was so funny and couldn’t wait to meet the little girl. And Gracie didn’t disappoint with her thoughts on Smitty and Vern being giants.

Sammy, Abby and Lexi went and got some food as the others watched the pre-game festivities. Somehow Sammy got Gracie to eat part of a hot dog and a fruit smoothie before she gave up and ate her burger, letting her just jump and yell.

The festivities and game was incredible! Every time they showed Jake on the jumbo screen, Gracie yelled about how that was her Daddy. The pride that Sammy felt each time she did that made her heart burst. But it was nothing compared to what Mike was feeling when he saw how the crowd reacted to his child. He had only seen it in person one other time and it overwhelmed him and brought tears to his eyes. Abby kissed his cheek and rubbed his back, telling him to enjoy every second and be proud. He nodded and knew he would never forget this as long as he lived.

Jake had an incredible game, scoring three touchdowns and running for almost 4oo yards. The coach was ecstatic and when the clock ticked down to :00 the crowd went nuts. The noise was unlike anything Sammy had heard and all around them people were talking about having a repeat trip to the super bowl. Lexi led them down to the family area and they waited for Jake to finish showering and talking to the media.

When he came out, there was a smattering applause from the people that were left and Jake blushed. He thanked the crowd, hugged Lexi and Vern and took his family out to dinner. They ate at a popular bbq place and enjoyed the people around them congratulating Jake on the win. Mike and Abby were checking sports news sites to see what they were saying and the buzz was huge! Jake tried not to listen to it and just play the game to the best of his ability, but he liked hearing the compliments.

They made it back home and he crawled into bed after taking a few ibuprofen to combat some of the aches he had from a few hard hits that came his way. Sammy sat on the bed next to him and rubbed some icy hot on his shoulder. All that proved to do was to make Jake excited from feeling her fingers on his skin and body. She went and washed her hands and came back to bed when she got under the covers, Jake pulled her close, kissing her deeply. She melted into him and soon they were panting and naked. Jake put on the plastic to protect them and drove into her deep and passionately until they fell over the cliff together.

Knowing this was their last morning together for a while, Jake took Sammy again, having her ride him until the both finished with some moans and kisses. They showered together after breakfast and had Gracie watch cartoons while the adults packed up. Jake took them all to the airport. Mike and Abby were leaving first, flying to California then 45 minutes later Sammy and Gracie’s flight left back to Colorado.

It was bittersweet goodbye, but everyone hugged and knew they would be seeing Jake again very soon.

Jake held his daughter and fiancée tightly before they boarded the plane. He kissed his daughter and promised to keep calling her on video calls every night and she promised to do her best in school, making sure she was beating every student in the class, as he laughed. He put her down and took Sammy in his arms.

“Oh Baby…I miss you already…” Jake said resting his forehead against hers.

“Me too…But just think, you are stuck with me for a while, we’re going to get married!”

He grinned at her, “Damn straight we are! Start planning now; I want it as soon as we can. I know we have to wait until after the season is over, but I can’t wait!! I Love you so much Baby!”

She grinned back at him and pulled him in for a deep kiss, letting him sweep her up in the passion. She pulled back when she was light-headed and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to calm herself.

“How do you still do that to me?”

“I can ask the same about you! Samantha, I love you so much,” He whispered.

She whispered it back and took Gracie’s hand and led her to the line for security. He waved and stayed where he was, watching them weave their way through the lines. He stood there until he couldn’t see them anymore and walked back to his car, feeling a small hole in his heart. He knew this was going to be a long season without them.

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