Fighting for More

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Chapter 54

Sammy and Gracie flew home, sad about leaving Jake, but knew they would see him again soon. Sammy knew she couldn’t take Gracie out of school every weekend, but she was going to find games they could go to without disrupting her life too much. He would be back for their bye- week in November. He had a game on his birthday in mid-November right before Thanksgiving, so they couldn’t do much in terms of getting away or being together.

Jake wanted Sammy to plan their wedding and had given her his credit card to buy whatever she wanted to make it amazing. She insisted on asking his opinion and he smiled and agreed. They had agreed that their wedding would be Friday March 2nd and they couldn’t wait.

Derek picked them up from the airport and listened to Gracie’s endless stories about the weekend. He took them back to the farmhouse for dinner and found their friends waiting. Kevin was showing off his ring which arrived that morning and Sammy showed off hers. Gracie told her stories again while they ate burgers and hotdogs, relishing the last few days of summer. Kevin and Ashley dropped them off at home before heading home themselves.

Sammy loved looking at Ashley and her growing baby bump and really wanted another chance with Jake to have a baby. Ashley loved rubbing her bump, knowing that she was going to meet her baby soon.

“You pick a date yet?” Kevin asked, shaking Sammy out of her daydream.

“Please let it be far enough away that I can get back into shape after this baby!” Ashley pleaded jokingly.

Sammy laughed, “First weekend in March. Is that enough time?”

Ashley contemplated, “I think it might be…”

“Good, you’re going to be in it right? Stand up with me?” Sammy asked.

“Really? You want me in it? A bridesmaid?” Ashley asked awed.

“Of course! You have rapidly become someone I can’t leave without and desperately need you in my life!” Sammy said, sniffing lightly.

Ashley’s hormones took over and she let the tears flow as they hugged. Sammy did a lot of thinking on the flight home and six and a half months wasn’t a lot of time to plan a wedding, so she had to get moving. She knew she wanted Kate as her matron of honor as her best friend and Ashley, Lynn and Lexi as her bridesmaids and of course Gracie as flower girl. Derek would walk her down the aisle and give her away. She had wanted to marry Jake since she was 16 and now that it was happening, it was going to be everything she dreamed.

Kevin took Ashley home and after hugging Sammy and promised a day very soon to plan the wedding. Gracie was exhausted and Sammy poured her into bed early. Feeling it herself, Sammy showered and climbed into bed herself after texting Jake how much she loved him and responded back the same.

Jake called Sammy after Gracie was in bed the next day to talk.

“So Coach called me in today and I thought he was going to ride my ass, but he shocked me.”

“About what?”

“Well, he congratulated me on a great game and then asked what had changed from the years before and I told him it was you.”

Sammy felt herself blush, “Oh stop! You just played really well Jake!”

“No Baby, it’s true! This is the first professional game that I played being with you and I never felt more powerful and skilled than I did Sunday night. And knowing that you were going to be there when I was done made it so much more meaningful. And what you did the night before was incredible too!”

Sammy laughed at his last comment, “You are terrible!”

“Coach knew something happened, like some damn fortune teller and said that any time you could you could come in for a visit was fine with him as long as you keep doing what you did.”


“I know it’s a lot of traveling and you don’t want to disrupt Gracie too much…But what about if you just flew in when you could? I know it’s a lot to ask and it’s for a stupid reason…Oh second thought, just forget it. It’s fine Sammy, just pretend I didn’t say anything. I’ll be just fine.”

Sammy let him drop it as they talked about other things, but it didn’t stop her brain from working.

The shortened week flew by and was made even sweeter by the video that Mike sent her of him proposing to Abby. Everyone was thrilled and they already decided to have the wedding during Jake’s bye-week as Emily happened to have a long weekend too. Theirs would be a much more intimate affair and would be at Mike’s house in the backyard with a tent and a heater if it was cold. Gracie was over the moon at having a Grammy as she was already calling her when they talked on the phone.

Working hard and making plans, Sammy was thrilled when Saturday came and she got to sleep in an hour longer than normal. Gracie was watching cartoons when she went downstairs to make them breakfast and ate together outside, enjoying the still warm weather.

Gracie was outside playing as Sammy was zipping up a bag for herself. She walked it downstairs, setting it next to the purple backpack on the floor. She called Gracie, telling her it was time to go. She came running in, grabbing her backpack and then raced to the front door to her mom’s car. Sammy followed shaking her head at the child’s energy and helped buckle her in. They drove off and the little girl all but jumped out of the car and into the farmhouse, calling out for her aunt.

Sammy followed her in and thanked her sister-in-law profusely.

“No problem, Gracie and I are going to make some cookies tonight and Derek is going to take her riding. Have fun, don’t make any babies!” Lynn said holding Matthew who was staring bright eyed at Sammy who was making faces at him.

“It’s too soon for a baby and besides, he can’t have sex the night before a game,” Sammy answered.

“Yeah, sure he can’t!” Lynn said, smirking.

Sammy rolled her eyes and blew kisses to her daughter who was out in the back with her brother. She waved to Derek, then hopped in her car and headed to the airport.

Jake had just finished folding his laundry and putting it away when the doorbell rang. It was 5:00 and he wasn’t expecting anyone and was just trying to figure out his dinner. He desperately hoped that it wasn’t Denise again. She had been texting him and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He hated to get the team involved but he would if he had to.

He went to the door and opened it to have a body throw themselves on him, planting their lips on his. He knew those lips and that scent and wrapped his arms around her. He felt his heart swell about five times its normal size that she was here and in his arms. He stumbled back in the living room and kicked the door closed behind him. He slowly made his way to the bedroom and lowered them to the mattress.

He pulled back and looked at her, “What are you doing here Baby?”


“Shocked off my ass!”

Sammy smiled brightly, “Good! Now how about you take off your clothes and we give each other a proper welcome!”

He didn’t need to be told twice and whipped his shirt off and threw it to the floor and his shorts followed suit. He stood over her in nothing but his boxer briefs and helped her unbutton her blue shirt and relieved her of her black skirt. His mouth dropped a little at seeing the black lace she was wearing underneath.

“You like it?”

“I fucking love it!” he sputtered and leaned down to start his assault on her neck. They kissed, sucked and licked each other until they both were panting and immensely turned on.

“I need you Baby!” Jake whispered, “But I don’t want to break the rules!”

“Just lay down here next to me and see what happens,” She urged looking at him intently.

Jake moved to lie next to her and she stuck her hands down his briefs and pushed them down. He moaned a little at her touching his overly sensitive member. Sammy immediately took his throbbing organ in her mouth, licking the top. Jake took a sharp breath in and let her take him to another level. He realized quickly that he was again getting the best blowjob of his life, even better than last weekend.

Jake didn’t know how she did it, but she rocked his world and he exploded in her mouth, swallowing all he gave her, yelling out her name. She smiled as she cleaned him up and moved up to lay her head next to his.

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