Fighting for More

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Chapter 55

“You are seriously incredible and I love you so much!! Now I need to repay the favor, Baby,” he said and promptly took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and nipping at it.

Sammy moaned and wove her fingers in his thick soft hair and he moved lower on her body. He removed her lace panty and immediately found her bundle of nerves and sucked on it as he plunged two fingers in her soaking heat. He removed his mouth from her body and looked up at her face and smiled.

“You are so wet Baby…Does it feel good? Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Oh fuck yes Jake! Keep going! Don’t stop!!” She pleaded and he went back to work.

He quickly had her moaning and writhing beneath him, fighting to get more friction between them. He sped up his fingers and sucked a little harder and soon she was screaming out his name. He loved the taste of her and licked her clean before moving back up to share a pillow with her. She kissed him, letting his tongue roam her mouth. She tasted herself on him and she found it intoxicating and just a little naughty. They lay together for a little while longer, and then laughed when Jake’s stomach growled.

“I probably interrupted dinner, didn’t I?” Sammy asked.

“I was just getting ready to grill some salmon when you rang the doorbell. You hungry?”

She nodded and they got up and dressed; him in his shorts and her in his shirt. They went and made dinner, eating it on the patio and talking. The wedding plans were coming along really well. The country club was open the night they wanted and she put down the deposit. Lynn was going to make their cake and the church where their mothers’ were buried was available and she booked that as well.

“I would like for you to let my agent, Cliff, to deal with the photographer and security. He will know someone who will deal with the people and other press. I will have him call you ok?”

Sammy agreed and coaxed him into taking a shower with her before bed. They repeated their fun in the shower and collapsed in bed, sleeping deeply.

Jake left early and Sammy waited for Lexi, Vern and Smitty’s mom, Lila. Lexi’s parents, Allen and Peachy, were meeting them at the stadium, back from their business trip. Sammy tried asking if that was her real name and Allen stopped her, saying it’s a nickname that she has had since she was little and she hated her given name and to let it go. Sammy laughed and agreed.

Sammy enjoyed watching the game with them so much. They were a fun group and Jake performed as well as he did last week and had them all saying how she was his good luck charm.

“You have to come to every game Sammy!” Allen insisted and the other agreed.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she said laughing.

They went down to the family waiting area and mingled with the others. Lexi and the other wives and girlfriends peppered questions about the wedding and what she was planning. Sammy gave little bits of info out, but nothing to give away her whole vision. She knew she was going to have to have Cliff, Jake’s agent, look at reserving hotel rooms for the team. One more thing to add to her list, she thought and sighed inside.

Jake finally came out and they all went out for dinner before he dropped her at the airport. Sammy loved the people around her and now that she had them in her life, she couldn’t imagine a life without them. These people loved her fiancé, her and her child. They had support and unconditional love and it was a feeling that made her whole, something she hadn’t felt since her dad died. People came in her life and made it better, but it was never permanent. She was searching for it all the years that Jake was gone and never found peace. But now she seemed to have it all as she watched the table of people laugh and smile at each other. Her mom would have loved this and would have fit right in.

Jake kissed her deeply as she was getting ready to enter the security line. He had his hat pulled down low so he wouldn’t be as recognizable and they could have a few private moments.

“I love you Baby, thank you for surprising me. I really appreciate it. I know how much this complicates your life by coming out here. So thank you again,” He said burying his face in her hair.

“You’re welcome Jake. I will try and come as often as I can. I love you too,” She said hugging him tightly.

They kissed again and waved as she walked through the lines and flew home. They both knew it was going to be a long few months.

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