Fighting for More

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Chapter 57

The alarm went off and Sammy groaned softly as it woke her from her deep sleep. She was opening her eyes and suddenly it dawned on her that there was an arm around her. She jumped and turned to see Jake sleeping next to her. She smiled and desperately wanted to kiss him, but didn’t want to wake him. It had to have been well past midnight when he got in.

“Are you going to stare at me all day or kiss me?” He groggily asked without opening his eyes, “It’s kinda creepy when you do that.”

Before she could say another word, he grabbed her and pushed her down, crushing his lips to hers. They kissed deeply and passionately until they both were breathless.

He pulled up and looked at her, smiling, “I missed you, Baby.”

“I missed you too Jake. I’m glad you are here!”

“What time did you get here? I thought you weren’t coming until today!”

“I begged Coach to let me leave from Kansas City and he finally relented. I caught a late flight out and got here about two. You were out and didn’t even feel me get into bed. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine…Tired, no exhausted, but fine. Gracie is running me ragged. She had an awesome temper tantrum last night in front of everyone and I almost lost it. Abby reined her in and got her in bed…We really need to figure out a plan with her Jake, she can’t be a spoiled little brat and she can’t be so defiant and throw tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. And the stunt she pulled with the phone and Kevin? Well that just pissed me off!”

“Woah, ok. It’s too early for such heavy topics. Let’s get some coffee and breakfast. I’ll take Gracie to school, and then come back and we can have a proper welcome home,” he said kissing her neck.

“Fine. Let me get dressed,” She said with a smirk as she got out of bed and went to her dresser, “you can make it up to me properly in a little bit. You better eat a good breakfast; you’re going to need all the energy you can get!”

Jake laughed at her sass and watched her get dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. She blew him a kiss and went downstairs to get breakfast started and wait for their daughter. She was taking a long drink when Gracie came jumping down the stairs and hopped into a chair at the table.

“Morning Mommy!”

“Morning Sweetie,” Sammy answered and kissed the top of her head as she set down a glass of milk for her, “How about oatmeal this morning? It’s a little chilly out today.”

“No, I want waffles,” She answered.

Sammy felt her temper start to rise, “I’m sorry, waffles aren’t a choice this morning. You can have oatmeal or cereal. Which do you want?”

“I. want. WAFFLES!” the little girl demanded.

Before Sammy could say a word, Jake came thundering down the stairs pulling his shirt over his head with a scowl on his face, “GRACIE! Do NOT talk to your Mom that way!”

“Daddy!!! You’re here!!! I’m so happy you are here!!” She squealed and jumped into his arms.

Jake hugged her tightly, “I missed you too Baby Girl, but I want to know why you are acting this way! This is not ok!”

“I just…I…I don’t know…” She stumbled out and dropped her head with a lip quiver.

“Well, you need to apologize and we will have a talk when you get home from school about what is going on. I’m sad about how you are acting Gracie.”

“I’m sorry Daddy,” She whimpered and sniffled.

Jake looked at Sammy and saw the pained expression on her face and he took his child in his arms and rocked her as she sat in one of the kitchen chairs. Sammy watched the scene and had no idea what to do. They would have to talk after school, they had to. They had to figure out what was wrong with their child. They couldn’t continue on the way they were, that was for sure.

Jake set Gracie on the chair next to him and talked soothingly to her and got her to giggle. Sammy went and got out her favorite cereal on the table and poured her a bowl. Sammy moved back to make some toast for her and a shake for Jake as they ate together. She sipped her coffee and let them be for a few more minutes before Jake saw the time and told her to go change. She kissed her dad and ran up the stairs to her room.

Sammy went to Jake and sat on his lap and let him nuzzle her neck, “Don’t worry. I’ll take her to school and this afternoon we will have a good talk and figure this out.”

“I’m worried about her Jake. She has never been like this before!”

“Baby, I know and I get it. We will figure it out, I promise. But when I get back from dropping her off, you and I have a reunion upstairs planned. So go get her ready and I will clean up breakfast!”

Sammy kissed him gently and went up the stairs to help Gracie. They talked a little about what she would do at school and Sammy was happy that Gracie was excited about her gym class that day. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail as Gracie babbled on about her and Tara and what they would do at lunch recess. After she was totally ready, Gracie grabbed her green uniform sweater and skipped down the stairs to get her coat on.

Sammy kissed and hugged her tightly, wishing her a good day and as soon as the car was backing out, she raced up stairs to get ready for her and Jake’s reunion. She only had 30 minutes or so and he would be back and quickly changed and brushed her hair until it shone and preened herself until she was ready. She lay on her bed just as she heard the car return and the front door open and close.

She smiled hearing the rapid footsteps up to the door and saw her Fiancée stand there and look at her with lust in his eyes. Without as much as a word between them, he stalked over to her, ripping his sweater off his body as he went. She sat up to admire his wonderfully sculpted and athletic body as he got closer and she licked her lips.

“You like what you see Baby?”

“Oh hell yes!”

He grinned at her and loomed over her, “And this little scrap of material you are wearing?”

“You like it?”

“Oh hell yes!” and he ran his hands up and her legs, finding the soft and smooth skin. He was kneeled over her and lowered to kiss her.

He moved quickly from her lips to her neck and collarbone before descending to her full breasts, licking her through the material. Sammy arched up a little and wove her fingers in his dark, thick hair and pulled him closer to her. He gently bit down on the puckered skin making her moan. Jake took that as a yes and he continued on, pleasuring her left side and then moved to her right breast, repeating his actions.

Sammy’s body was starting to tingle after so long without his touch. She had no clue how she survived without him for six years, but knowing that she wouldn’t have to again made her weak at the knees. She was gently jerked from her thoughts when Jake asked her a question.


“Are you fond of this little piece of clothing Baby?”

“Not really…Why?”

He didn’t answer, he just ripped the material open to fully expose her to him and she gasped. He smirked and started kissing down her body until he reached her core, already wet and hot for him. She felt everything he was igniting in her and could do nothing to stop it as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue and fingers. He loved the sounds she was making and had to change his angle and hold down her bucking hips.

She was moaning his name as he continued to lick and caress her folds and bundle of nerves. He was building her higher and higher and she couldn’t keep up with all the sensations she was feeling. He knew exactly how to work her body and was taking full advantage of the fact that he was off for a week and could have unlimited sex with the love of his life.

He was lost in her body, her scent and her taste until she was screaming out, “Oh fuck yes! Jake, I’m coming!!!”

He sped up and licked her clean as he stood up and pushed his pants, finally releasing his throbbing member and quickly put on a condom. He was so hard, that it was almost painful, waiting to be with her. He leaned on the bed, just over her and leaned in and kissed her deeply. He probed her mouth with his tongue, making their tongues dance together. He had her so preoccupied with the kissing that she didn’t feel him enter her until he pushed all the way in and made her arch and moan, breaking the kiss.

“You like that Baby?”

“Oh so much!!”

Jake kissed her neck and started slowly starting moving in her. The feel of them together was exquisite and he couldn’t help but revel in the feel of them together. It was perfect, just like they were made for each other. It never got old when they were intimate and each time he wanted to remember every detail; have them burned into his mind.

He was pumping in and out as Sammy raised her hips to meet his and running her hands up and down his back. She left goosebumps over his body with her touch and he loved the feeling.

“Jake, please! More! Go faster!”

Jake was never one to deny her anything and sped up, making his thrusts harder, making his hips touch her. She moaned again and Jake leaned down and took one of her breasts in his mouth again and sucked. She urged him on, wrapping her legs around his waist and trying to get him to hit deeper in her body.

Jake repositioned his knees and started pounding into her body as she hissed, “Oh YES!! That’s it Jake!”

Jake’s heart was beating at what felt like a million beats a minute as he moved one of her legs over his shoulder and sped up even more. The sound of moaning and slapping skin was all that could be heard until Sammy screamed out in ecstasy finally reaching her climax. Jake felt her walls squeeze him deliciously and he followed right behind her

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