Fighting for More

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Chapter 62

They arrived at the shop for their appointment and after everyone was settled with either champagne, ginger ale or juice, Sammy started looking at dresses. She had no idea what she wanted, she had seen so many online and in magazines and she liked lots of things she saw.

As she bet it would, the laughing and giggling commenced with them ladies and the little girls joined in too. They were keeping it PG since Gracie and Emma were there, but the whispering about rated R subjects were making their way around. A few made it to Sammy’s ears and she blushed and laughed with them.

“I don’t know why you are going to spend money on a dress Sammy when Jake is just going to rip it off of you! I mean the man is an animal for you!” Kate snickered.

“I mean, I can only imagine how you two were in high school and college if you are this bad now!” Ashley laughed, as Lexi was almost howling in laughter.

“Trust me, our room was on the other side of the house and Derek still turned the TV on to drown out the squeaking!!” Lynn contributed.

“This is my step-brother! Please make it stop!!” Emily snorted in her laughing.

They all lost it at that point and Sammy was blushing furiously as she flipped them off and walked to another row of dresses. The attendant helping her was trying so hard not to laugh and was biting her cheek to keep from smiling and keep her face neutral. Sammy picked out a couple of dresses and went to try them on.

She came out and felt very underwhelming. Nothing really caught her eye and was ‘it’. The ladies all agreed that they hadn’t found ‘the one’. With the help of the attendants, Sammy agreed that a more fitted top suited her body and they should start focusing on that.

The owner of the store came over and brought out a dress that looked rather plain on the hanger. Sammy wasn’t sure, but when the woman begged her to give it a chance and she agreed and had her take it and two other dresses into the fitting room. Sammy went in as the ladies were looking through the master book on attendants dresses while they waited.

The first one was very much a princess type of dress with a halter top and lots of sequence. It had potential and was nice, but wasn’t the vision she had. Half the ladies liked it, the other half weren’t sold. No one really loved it. The second was a mermaid style and all lace and very sexy. She looked great in it, but didn’t she want to go so figure hugging.

“Well that dress would certainly get you pregnant by the reception!” Emily said.

“Is it too much?” Sammy asked.

They agreed that she looked fabulous but reminded her that it was her choice. Sammy was torn, loving how her body looked in the dress and felt sensual and beautiful in it, but she just wasn’t sure. They put that on the maybe hook and went for the last one in this group, the one that the owner had picked. She turned as they finished closing the last hook and button and turned to the mirror and Sammy just stopped.

It was unlike anything she thought she would like in a dress. It was white satin with layers of tulle underneath to make the skirt full. The sweetheart top was roused and fitted to her breasts and made them look perky and voluptuous without being slutty or obscene. It made her waist look small and the material then flared out in a full skirt with a large train. The special part of the dress was the gold detailing that was all over with crystals adorning it. It was so elegant and looked like it was made for a princess, but at the same time it made her look sexy and beautiful.

“Wow…” Sammy whispered.

“You look wonderful Samantha! Should we show your family?” She asked.

Sammy was just nodded, still looking at her reflection in the mirrors. The associate carried the train and Sammy walked out to the podium that was surrounded on three sides by mirrors and her family sitting and standing watching as she walked out, silencing them.

She stood and let the train get fluffed out around her. She waited for some words, any acknowledgement from the ladies with her. She was still gazing at her form, feeling herself falling desperately in love with the dress when she heard a noise finally.

“Oh Mommy! You are so beautiful!!” Gracie said in awe.

“You really do look stunning Sammy! You are breathtaking!” Ashley said with a sniffle and wiped a tear from her eye.

Kate walked up to her and looked her straight in the eye, “Jake will not know what to do. I have never seen a more perfect dress for you and you will blow everyone in that church away!”

The other all agreed and it was settled that this was ‘the dress’ and the workers brought in a few different headpieces and she chose a thin, simple gold wreath that a short veil hung down her back, not covering any of the intricate gold detailing. She found a pair of simple white satin heels to complete the outfit and she was thrilled. She took everything off and had it put in her name, scheduling her first fitting. Sammy came out walking on air and was energized to find bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.

Sammy was going to let each lady pick which color they preferred, and the style they wanted. She had already picked a few styles in either color for them to choose from. The ladies each took their turn in the colors and styles each picking one that suited them. The color was marked and a note made so their male counterpart could get a tie to match. Kate, Ashley and Emily picked long navy A-line dresses and Lexi and Lynn picked more fitting sage colored long dresses.

“You all look wonderful!! We are going to look-“

“Effing awesome!!” Lynn finished.

They all high-fived and then Sammy turned to the little girls, “Ok girls! Your turn!!” and Gracie and Emma squealed as they grabbed Sammy’s hands and pulled her over to the flower girl’s dresses while the ladies changed. They looked at each one oohing and ahhing over each one. It was funny when both girls picked the same dress at the same time. It was satin like Sammy’s with puffy sleeves and full skirts, falling about 3⁄4 of the way down their legs. It had a colored ribbon sash on the waist that they were told could be any of the wedding colors. Gracie chose navy and Emma chose sage. They found a smaller version of Sammy’s headpiece to wear on their heads. The girls pranced around showing off their ensembles to anyone that would look and it took Sammy 10 minutes to get them to change.

When everyone was changed and payments had been made, they piled back into the limo for lunch at an exclusive restaurant in downtown Denver. The girls fell asleep on the way back after a long day of excitement, shopping and mile high chocolate cake.

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