Fighting for More

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Chapter 64

The game was incredible! They won again and Jake continued his record breaking season. He had broken team records for most receptions, most rushing yards and most touchdowns. He was on his way to shattering the league records as well.

They arrived at Lexi’s house where the most delicious smells were wafting around when they arrived. The tables had been set, the candles had been lit and they sat down together and prayed. They thanked Heaven above for the gifts they had been given, the family they were blessed with and the friends that they were kept close.

“Ms. Peaches and Ms. Lila?” Gracie asked as they ate.

“Yes Sweet child?” Lila answered.

“This is the best pie I ever ate! Please don’t tell my Auntie Lynn!” Gracie said with a mouthful of sweet potato pie.

Everyone laughed as Peaches smiled broadly at the little girl, “We promise not to say anything to her.”

They all sat around the TV watching the last game, letting their very full bellies digest. There was some sleeping even going on as the five kids played in the playroom. Sammy loved these people and was thrilled to be a part of them. She actually felt better knowing that Jake had been surrounded by these people the years they weren’t together. They made him a part of their family and she loved them for taking him in and caring for him. As soon as the game was over they went home, thanking everyone for a wonderful day, then Jake and Sammy took Gracie home. They had an early flight.

Sammy was excited to go on vacation with Jake, even if it was only for a few days. She looked forward to just relaxing on the beach and by the pool for a few days in the nice warm sun. Colorado had hit a cold spell and they had to break out the deep winter gear early and Sammy was not thrilled.

Jake carried the luggage to the door and ushered his ladies out the door and down the elevator and to his SUV. They grabbed some breakfast and then went out to the airport. The flight was short and they arrived with no issues to the all-inclusive, high end resort in Cancun.

Gracie squealed when she saw the room that was hers. It had a balcony that she could see the pool from. The master suite was beautiful and a slice of heaven to Sammy as they unpacked some of their clothes. The bed was massive and they had a balcony of their own, overlooking the resort.

Jake came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist as he kissed her neck, “You like it?”

“It’s perfect! Thank you,” She kissed him and squeezed his hands.

She watched as he picked up his trunks and yelled out the door to the room, “Change Gracie! We are going to the pool!”

She yelled in delight and Sammy laughed. Father and daughter grabbed some towels and ran down. Sammy followed closing behind them in the bikini that she wore in Vegas. Jake loved that one and grinned at her when she came down, making the dimples pop out and Sammy knees weak. They played in the pool with a few other families and had a great time until they needed to dress for dinner. Gracie was almost asleep in her father’s arms on the short walk back and Sammy took off her wet suit and slipped a long t-shirt over her and let her take a nap while they showered. Sammy entered the master and closed the door only to be picked up and pushed against the wall as Jake assaulted her mouth with his.

“Do you know what that bathing suit does to me?” He moaned into her as he kissed and sucked on her neck, shoulders and upper chest.

“I can feel what it does to you,” Kate whispered back as he lit a fire all over her body.

Jake grinned as he continued kissing her and then slipped a finger under the material of her bottom, finding her wet and warm. She moaned into his mouth as he gently thrust into her, making her arch to meet him.

Jake felt her start to tighten around his finger and pulled out, making her whine. She looked at him and saw the full desire and lust in his eyes as they breathed raggedly. She felt him push his swim trunks down and felt him roll on a condom, not sure where he was keeping that. Not even putting her down, he just moved the suit material aside and plunged into her. Jake swallowed her moan as they came together in a hot and rapid coupling.

Kate loved every second of the hot and dirty ride and yelled out his name twice as she reached her peaks. He followed right behind her pumping faster until they both stopped moving and were just panting.

“I love you Jake,” She smiled at him.

“I love you too, Baby. Was that as good as the first time in the bathroom?”

“Oh so much better Jake!” She smirked back at him as he kissed her nose and set her down gently.

“I’m going to shower, care to join me?” He asked.

“Hell yes!” She grinned back at her and they went into the hot water, washing each other and getting very dirty before they got cleaned up for dinner.

They dressed together laughing and kissing until Gracie woke. Sammy got her cleaned up and in a new sundress that Sammy had bought before they left. She was thrilled and held both her parents hands as they walked to the main building where the restaurant was. They ate together then walked on the private beach in the moonlight, enjoying the atmosphere and listening to Gracie laugh as she played in the waves.

The next two days continued on in bliss. Jake and Sammy took Gracie out on boats, played in the sand and waves and in the pool. And when she was asleep, Jake and Sammy were wrapped up in each other, making up for the last few months that they couldn’t.

Before they knew it, it was Monday morning and they were flying back, Jake to Texas and Sammy and Gracie to Colorado. They said a sweet goodbye, kissing each other tenderly as they went to their separate gates.

“Bye Daddy! I love you!” he heard her sweet voice call out.

“I love you too, sweet girl. I love you too,” He said as he waved to them. The season was almost over and they could be together, as a family.

Jake landed first, drove home and turned the key into the lock on his door. He was tired and wanted a nap before his meetings tonight at the facility and immediately went to his room. He stopped short as he saw the person on his bed and was stunned, then pissed off.

“How the FUCK did you get into my house?!!” He growled.

“Hi Stud. I have been waiting for you!” She said as she started kneading her large breasts and spread her legs open wider.

“Again, How did you get in my house?!! I’m losing my patience Denise!”

She sat up and kneeled on his bed in front of him provocatively, “I paid the nice new doorman a little extra to let me pass and come up. I know you have been missing me and my little bag of tricks, Baby.”

“God, well that man won’t have a job for long! Get up and get dressed and GET OUT!! If you are here when I get back, I will call the cops! If you ever do this again, I will call the cops!”

She stood up, her smile falling a little, “You don’t mean that Baby. You miss me and you need me! We have an amazing time together Jake. I know that little bitch doesn’t give you-“

“DON’T talk about her like that!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!” He reached for his phone and took a few pictures of her as evidence. He put his phone away, grabbed his bags and went back downstairs.

He went out to the garage, got in his SUV and drove to a café to rest before his meeting. He called the manager on duty, telling him what had happened and that there was a crazed fan in his apartment. He apologized and promised that all staff would be dealt with and no one put his approved people would be let through ever again. He called a locksmith to be out first thing tomorrow to replace the lock on the door with a keyless entry lock.

He finished the iced tea and sandwich that he bought and went to his vehicle and drove to a park close to the facility. Thankful for tinted windows, he laid his seat back and hit Sammy’s number and left a message telling her that he needed to tell her something had happened and would call her after practice. He set an alarm on his phone and closed his eyes, quickly drifting off to nap.

Sammy heard his message a few hours later and was worried. He assured her he was fine and tried not to let her imagination run away with her. She got Gracie fed, her book bag ready for school the next day, bathed and in bed early. She showered and was in bed watching TV waiting for his call.

Finally at 9:04 his time, he called and told her the story of finding that woman in his apartment and what he was doing about it.

“Jake I’m worried! She sounds unhinged and crazy!”

“I am thinking she might be! But I’m staying at Smitty and Lexi’s tonight. Coach knows and has made some calls. The lock will be changed tomorrow and the code is the day I asked you out freshman year.”

“Ok, but I’m still worried Jake…”

“I know Baby. But I promise I will be safe. I love you,” He tried to ease her fears.

“I love you too Jake…Call me tomorrow when you get home and are safe.”

He promised he would and ended the call, falling into the guest room bed, exhausted.

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