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Chapter 66

The big game. The Super Bowl, the game to end all games. It was every football players’ dream to be here and Jake was lucky enough to be going back for hopefully another win. Back to Back wins, that was even rarer and Jake wanted that to cement his legacy on the field. He knew it was selfish, but he really wanted to be great; Great at the career he had chosen and risked everything for. He had told this to Tom, the therapist and worked through that particular issue.

Jake had listened to the pep talks and last minute speeches and felt he was ready. The only thing left was to actually play. That wait was always the worst part of the game; the time when he felt the most nerves. He hated nerves and the little second thoughts it gave him. But the second that the coin toss and National Anthem was over, he was pumped and ready. This game was made all the sweeter as he looked into the stands he saw his daughter and soon to be wife wearing his jersey and surrounded by their family and friends. This was what was missing last year. He didn’t have this support system around him. But now, with them behind him, he knew he would be unstoppable.

And after the second throw of the game resulting in the first touchdown of the game and him scoring it, he knew it was going to be an incredible day! Everything clicked, his vision was perfect and by half time, they were up by 27 points. The other team had only scored a field goal and was seriously exhausted. 30 more minutes and hopefully the night would end with a win.

Sammy couldn’t believe the energy that she felt in that dome. Every person in that dome was cheering with every fiber of their being. It was so much different than a regular football game or even a playoff game; it was Christmas, Easter, your birthday and the 4th of July all rolled into one and then add in about a million pounds of dynamite for a little more bang.

As the time clicked down closer and closer to :00, the noise only increased exponentially. Lexi told Sammy and Kate to bring special headphones for Gracie and Emma because the decibel levels would be outrageous and it was.

Jake had scored again from a pass the defense had intercepted. They had held their opposites to only another field goal and the other team was just done with the game and wanted to leave the field. And with a final score of 34 to 6, they had won!

The confetti falling was blinding and then everyone around them was hugging, screaming and giving high fives. Their group was allowed to go to the field to greet Jake and he found them quickly; they congratulated him as the team came around and joined in. Jake was named MVP again and was dragged up to the stage for the ceremony. He took Sammy and Gracie with them. The microphones were shoved in his face and he still had Gracie in his arms as he answered their questions.

Jake was just so thrilled to not be injured, he told the audience, laughing. Sammy was just so proud of him and had a hard time not crying. A few stray ones kept creeping out as she watched and would wipe them away impatiently. They moved to the side and the coveted trophy was brought in and everyone went crazy again. The team touched it as if it was the most precious item on the planet and Sammy watched the pride in their eyes as they did. She had never seen it from this angle or perspective and she knew it would change her view from then on.

Finally the team was ushered into the locker room and champagne was sprayed everywhere and over everyone. They were soaked and laughing like little kids as they ran around and shook the bottle getting last drop out and either in their mouths or on their friends’ heads.

Kevin stayed and celebrated with them, but everyone went back to their hotel. Jake, Sammy and Gracie were leaving very early for Disney World. As the MVP, he was in the commercial that’s where he was going and Gracie was in it with him, wearing a champion hat that was too big and tilted to the side.

Luckily, Gracie was so exhausted from the excitement and fell asleep as soon as Sammy turned out the lights. Jake had texted and told her that he had gotten permission and tickets for Joe, Kate and Emma to go with them in the morning to Disney and they quickly got their things together before they fell into bed. Sammy never heard Jake stumble in and fall asleep beside her.


Arriving back home Wednesday after the whirlwind adventure was a welcomed feeling. The day at Disney was fun, but exhausting. Then they went back to Texas where they went to the victory celebration, riding on top of a huge fire truck and seeing almost one million people screaming at you was something one doesn’t forget easily. Jake cleaned out his locker, packed up some more clothes and they flew back to get ready for their wedding.

Jake still had some publicity spots to do and would be traveling some over the next week. His agent warned him that there would be lots of questions about him and Sammy. Their story, the one that played in the pre-game coverage, went over very well and people wanted to know more. Sammy was nervous still, not wanting to expose Gracie to so much, but Jake promised to keep her minimal. Gracie loved the attention she was getting at school of being famous and Sammy just prayed that it wouldn’t go to her head and she would be a snot to the kids around.

Friday night Jake game out of the shower and ran his hands through his wet hair as Sammy was sitting on the bed, watching him.

“Jake, I have a surprise for you.”

“Really? I have had so much excitement this week, I’m not sure I could handle any more!”

Sammy’s heart dropped, “Oh…Ok…” She repositioned her body and lay down on her pillow away from him, willing the tears not to start falling.

Jake could see he had hurt her deeply and felt terrible. He had a surprise on his own and was actually just joking.

“Sammy, Baby, I’m just messing with you! I would love any surprise you have to give me!” He said sitting next to her on the bed and forcing her to turn over and look at him.

He felt even worse when he saw the tears, “Samantha, Honey, I’m sorry! I really was just playing. Please tell me!”

She tried to turn back over, but he wouldn’t let her and started kissing her softly and whispering how much he loved her. She sniffled and wiped her face, taking a few deep breaths.

“Are you sure?”


She reached over and pulled a wrapped package out from her nightstand and gave it to him. He looked at it and started unwrapping it as she sat up again. He unwrapped a small box and opened it to see a picture frame inside. He read the words at the top and then looked stunned at the photo inside. He just sat there in awe for several seconds, before he looked up at her and with wide eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Jake, you are holding the picture in your hands.”

“I know…But is everything ok?”

“Yes. I didn’t say anything to anyone. I had to make sure that everything was ok this time…”

“A baby…We are really having another baby?”

She smiled, nodding her head, “Everything progressing very well. I am almost 12 weeks.”

“12 weeks?! When did this happen?”


He grinned at her, “Probably after that first day with that damn bathing suit!”

Sammy laughed, “So are you happy?”

“Sammy Baby, happy doesn’t even begin to describe it! This blows everything that has happened this week out of the water! I love you so much and am THRILLED that we are having a baby!”

Feeling such relief, Sammy released a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and smiled.

Before she could say anything else, “Let me show you how happy I am about this,” he said, pulling her close to him and started kissing her.

She pulled the towel off of him and grabbed his firm and tight ass. He grinned as he kissed down her neck and shoulders. They had a round of quick and hot sex. They lay together, panting.

“So you’re that happy?” She said tracing her finger on the contours of his six pack.

“Oh hell yes!” He chuckled.

“I am going to warn you, I was horny all the time with Gracie and couldn’t do much about it, but now? You are going to do me as much as I want!”

“It will be my pleasure to be your sex slave Baby!”

“Good!” She said and kissed him again, “Let’s keep this to ourselves until we get back from our honeymoon. Ok?”

“Our little secret-sounds good to me! I’m glad I got a private bungalow for our honeymoon if you are going to be jumping me all the time!”

She laughed and told him to go to sleep.

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