Fighting for More

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Chapter 67

Everyone slept in on Saturday, relaxing as Jake made waffles and bacon. They got dressed and Sammy was going to just make some soup on the cold morning when Jake asked if they would go with a drive with him, he had an errand to run. The girls agreed and got on some coats and shoes, hoping in the car with him.

“We really need to get another car, Baby. I can’t keep using yours. And now that the season is over, this will be very inconvenient.”

Sammy agreed and he drove around for a little bit as they talked and listened to music. Sammy realized they had started driving into a neighborhood right next to Ashley and Kevin’s house. It was an exclusive community, with very large lots and even bigger houses. Jake pulled into a large circle drive that had a gorgeous home at the apex of the circle.

Sammy was confused as they pulled up and Jake turned off the car. She got out when Jake did, telling Gracie to unbuckle and to come with him. Gracie scrambled out and went over to him; Sammy stood outside the house and looked around.

It was a beautiful home, with a rounded almost turret in the middle. It had varying shades of cream and beige colored stones, lots of windows and perfect landscaping out front. Even though there was a fine layer of snow on the grass, you could just tell it was done well.

Jake picked up Gracie, grabbed Sammy’s hand and walked them to the double front doors and rang the bell. Sammy was so confused, but before she could ask where they were, the door opened.

“Hi Samantha! Hi Jake! Find it ok?” Nan asked.

“Found it just fine Nan. Thanks,” Jake said smiling.

“Ok, I’m totally confused. What are we doing here?” Sammy asked.

Jake whispered in Gracie’s ear to go look around before he stood up and smiled at Sammy, “Let’s just go take a look around ok?”

And before she could say anything, He took her hand and started walking her around the massive house; the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, game room, totally finished basement, seven bedrooms upstairs all with their own bathroom, and bathrooms on the main floor and basement. The house was finished in well-coordinated colors and materials, showcasing its professional décor. The rounded section that could be seen out front was a kind of bonus room on the third floor. It was odd how it was the only room there, but was an intriguing addition.

They slowly made their way back down where Nan was talking with Gracie as they looked out to the massive patio, complete with an outdoor kitchen area.

“So what do you think?” Jake asked Sammy.

“It’s beautiful Jake. But why are we here? Whose house is it?”

“Well, it’s my wedding present to you if you like it.”

Sammy’s jaw dropped, “Are you serious?”

“Only if you love it.”

“Oh my god! Holy fuck Jake! How much is this house?”

“We can afford it.”

“I know that! But I want to know how much it is!”

He sighed, “$6.75 million…”

Sammy suddenly felt dizzy, “Are you fucking crazy?”

“Not at all. You deserve this and so much more. So do Gracie and I want to give this to you and our children. You know damn well that the cottage is going to be crowded as soon as this baby is born.”

She didn’t say anything to contradict him, but he saw in her eyes that she knew it was true.

“Isn’t this all the things you said you wanted in a house? Lots of space outside; a large dining room to have family dinners, a bathroom that makes movie stars weep and a special room just for you. This house has everything you have ever wanted! I love you and want to give this to you. Please!”

Sammy was stunned. He was right, though. It had everything she ever wanted. And that circular room was incredible and would allow her to make it into somewhere she could dabble into some hobbies she wanted to get started in. The master bathroom was perfect. The huge tub could fit a small army and the glass and marble shower was beautiful. The dining room would fit a very large table and she couldn’t wait to shop for one and have everyone over. And the backyard was perfect for summer bbq’s and parties. And maybe a pool!

“Ok…” She whispered.

“Really? Don’t tease me Sammy!”

“No, you’re right. It’s perfect for us.”

He grinned at her and picked her up in his arms, swinging her around and kissing her deeply. He set her down and looked deep into her eyes and saw the love she had for him reflect back. It made his heart skip every time he saw it and it made him feel like he could conquer the world.

“I love you!!” He whispered.

“I love you too. Let’s tell Nan that we want to put in an offer.”

Jake smirked, “I already did about three weeks ago. We close and sign the papers when we get back from our Honeymoon. I have movers ready for the next day. We can unpack when we get back from our family vacation.”

“You are such a conniving ass!”

“I prefer to think of it as resourceful and full of surprises!”

She rolled her eyes at him and moved around him to Gracie and Nan and talked with them. Jake watched them walk away and grinned. He couldn’t wait to move here and make this a home; his life was better than he could have thought and hoped for three years ago and couldn’t wait for the next 50 years with this woman.


The next few weeks were very busy. Gracie had a very small birthday party with just a few friends at the movies, pizza and cake. Mike and Jake got Gracie a pony and she was thrilled. He was a spotted horse about 2 ½ years old and sweet as could be. She named him Professor Lupin from Harry Potter, as much as Jake and Mike wanted to give him more manly names. Gracie threw down the “he’s mine and I can do what I want’ card and being wrapped around her finger the way they were, agreed and backed down.

Sammy was so happy that she had hired a wedding coordinator as soon as she found out she was pregnant. Leslie was perfect and kept all the details together and just told Sammy what to do and when. Jake was pleased that she arranged the help and didn’t stress herself out with the wedding.

And what a wedding it was turning out to be! Almost all of the team was coming as well as half the town. The final head count was 424 and the country club would be bursting at the seams and had to add the massive heated tent for dancing and the dessert tables. The main dining room would be for the sit down dinner.

As Sammy was in for her final dress fitting, the seamstress had to take out the bodice as her boob size had increased with the pregnancy. She wasn’t showing yet, but knew it wouldn’t be long. She had a little bit of room in the waist and she was going to keep it, just in case she blew up in the next eight days.

As she stood there and looked in the mirror wearing her dress, she couldn’t believe it was finally happening. She was marrying the man who stole her heart 13 years ago when she was just 14. They both had changed so much in some ways, but were still the same in others. Life was funny that way, and as much as she hurt all those years ago, she now realized that it needed to happen.

They both needed to grow some and experience a different type of life without the other. They had been together for so long at that point and knew too much about each other. They were together every day since they met and had experienced everything together. And while they didn’t experience the same things, they had time to grow up without the other. And when they came back to each, all those years later they found they were still meant to be together. They had a few bumps in the last year, but they learned how to weather the storm and grew back together.

She changed and went back home to make dinner for her family. She hummed along as she put the casserole in the oven as Jake and Sammy came in, laughing and giggling.

“Mommy, Daddy’s new car talks to his phone and listens to us. It’s so much fun to make it change songs all the time!”

Sammy rolled her eyes at her husband when he smirked at her, “It is a great car. We could get you a new one…”

“NO! With what you just spent on a house?! Plus, the last car you bought me is not even a year old!”

“Just let me know Baby if you change your mind!” He said as he came closer and wrapped his arms around her, “You want to go upstairs for a little adult time?”

“No! Gracie is home and I have dinner in the oven!”

He groaned, “But Baby, it’s been like eight hours!”

“You are insane! We will be on our honeymoon in five days. We will be in the Caribbean for 10 days and can have unlimited sex the whole time! But now we have to eat dinner in 35 minutes then make sure that everything is ready for all our friends coming in for our wedding!”

“You promise? Unlimited sex?”

She smiled and gently rubbed the front of his pants, “I promise!”

He growled and kissed her, “You are such a tease!”

She giggled and hugged him, taking a deep breath of his unique and masculine scent. He kissed the top of her head as they stood together until Gracie came down and asked for someone to look over her math homework. Jake went on homework duty and Sammy finished dinner.

They finalized the agenda for the next few days with Smitty and Lexi coming in as well as both of their parents and then the rest of the team. Emily was coming in Thursday after a big test. They all were excited when she told them that she got the internship in Denver Children’s Hospital and would be back at the end of May. It was perfect timing and Sammy made everything even better by letting her and a good friend of hers stay in the cottage. Sammy didn’t have the heart to sell it and Jake paid it off for her.

Life was really just becoming perfect for them and their ever growing family.

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