Fighting for More

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Chapter 68

Sammy was standing in the bride’s room at the church and looked around at the women surrounding her; her best friend since they were in second grade, her sister in law-whom she loved just as a sister, her step sister in law-whom she was increasingly coming to love as a sister, two new best friends that she didn’t know that she needed in her life, but who she couldn’t live without and a woman who she valued more than she thought she ever could after her own mother died.

They were all here for her and Jake and that meant so much. She smiled and willed herself not to cry and ruin her make-up as they giggled and put the finishing touches on their hair and lipstick. Leslie was running a tight ship and assured the women a few minutes ago that the men were in place and ready. She handed the baskets of flower petals to Gracie and Emma and had them ready by the door. She ushered the ladies out as they all hugged Sammy and left the room.

Derek came in and smiled as he saw his sister standing in the room and looking off and daydreaming. She looked beautiful and felt a little ache in his chest knowing that he was walking her down the aisle and not their dad. He knew she missed him as he did, but at a moment like this he felt the pain deep too.

Not wanting to tear up he spoke up, “Hey Sis, you ready for this?”

She turned and looked at him, smiling, “D, you look pretty handsome!”

“This ol’ thing? But seriously Samantha, you look absolutely incredible! Jake isn’t going to know what hit him when you are walking down the aisle!”

She smiled and he came up and hugged him tightly, “I never thought I would see this day…I’m really happy that you and Jake figured this out and are together. I’m happy that Gracie has her dad. I love you Sammy and I wish you nothing but the best.”

She sniffled, “Thank you Derek. We are finally going to have our happy ending!”

“No, not ending, A Happy beginning!”

She grinned at him as Leslie came in, telling them that it was time. Derek offered her his arm as Leslie handed her the bouquet of lilies wrapped in gold and they walked to the entry of the sanctuary. They heard the organ music playing behind the closed doors and saw each of the ladies walk in. After Kate walked in, that just left Gracie and Emma to walk down the aisle with big grins on their faces and enjoying the job of throwing petals as they went. Gracie waved to the players she knew and recognized as they went. Sammy heard the chuckling as they went and she and Derek rolled their eyes together as they heard it, “She is definitely Jake’s kid!”

Sammy agreed with her brother and took a deep breath as the music changed to the song that her own parents got married to, Pachelbel’s Canon. It was a beautiful song that Sammy had always loved and thought it perfect for her wedding.

“You ready?” He asked quietly.

“For more than half my life.”

Leslie gave the nod and they started into the sanctuary, slowing walking to the love of Sammy’s life.


He was constantly watching the crowd before and waving to his friends and teammates. He was nervous and had no idea why. It was Sammy, his Sammy, the love of his life and they were getting married. And he was excited; thrilled and even ecstatic at what a life with her meant.

He watched as his dad walked down with Abby and they hugged him before they sat in the front row. Kevin was right next to him as was Smitty and three other good friends from the team, waiting for the big moment. Jake smiled at each of the lovely women as they walked down and smiled at him as they took their places. Everyone snickered and chuckled as Gracie was waving and calling out to people as her and Emma made their way down the aisle, still managing to throw flower petals.

“She really is your kid!” Kevin whispered in his ear and he laughed and nodded his head.

He was going to respond when he heard the music change and knew this was it. The big moment and he couldn’t wait to finally see her. And when she entered and the crowd rose, he stopped breathing. He had never seen her look so elegant and beautiful! But beautiful wasn’t even a good enough adjective to describe just how magical she looked. She had a glow emitting from her and he didn’t know if it was the pregnancy or just happiness but he knew he never wanted it to leave her. He wiped his eyes, getting the tears that were blurring his vision away so he could keep watching her.

He felt Kevin’s hand on his shoulder to wake him up from his awe and was ready when Derek stopped next to him and put Sammy’s hand unto Jake’s. She handed her bouquet to Kate and put her other hand in Jake’s and looked into his smiling face. She could see the love gleaming from his eyes and it made her heart almost beat out of her chest.

The minister started talking about love and devotion and how they had shared that with each other and came out stronger and better than they were before. He talked about respecting each other and showing that love to each other every day. They talked about making sure that outside forces do not get in the way of their life, one they chose for themselves. The future was theirs for the taking and only they could make it as good or great as they wanted.

They recited the vows they had agreed on, with deep meaning and conviction. Their eyes never left the other ones the entire time. The minister blessed the rings and they placed the beautiful metal circles on each other’s fingers. Sammy couldn’t believe the simple elegance of the platinum and channel set diamond band he slipped on next to her engagement ring. They went perfectly together. She had chosen a masculine band for Jake; something that would look good with suits or on a horse and she achieved it with the platinum and black diamond band she slid on his left hand.

“…And now by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,” he proclaimed.

Jake and Sammy grinned at each other as he slowly and lovingly placed his large hands on her face and pulled her in for a soft and loving kiss. It was the most loving kiss they had ever shared and it meant so very much as it was the first time as a married couple. They heard the crowd start clapping and cheering as the kiss progressed deeper and deeper.

Jake heard his friends and the clapping as he pulled back, “I love you so much Baby!”

And before she could respond they heard, “It is with great pleasure and honor that I present to you, for the first time as man and wife, “Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Doogan!!”

And the cheering commenced louder. Jake took Sammy’s hand, kissed it then they walked back down the aisle waving as they went and their wedding party followed closely behind them. They came out as Leslie reminded them to wait there for pictures. The receiving line went by pretty quick and their guests went on to the country club for the appetizer and cocktail hour while they waited.

Jake couldn’t keep his hands off of his wife and kept whispering in her ear what they were going to do later. With the pregnancy hormones coursing through her veins and it didn’t help the fire burning in her belly. Jake knew what it was doing to her and felt bad…well only a little.

With her military precision, Leslie had almost all the pictures down within 45 minutes and then they were off to the country club. While the rest of the wedding party ate some canapes, Jake and Sammy took a few intimate shots outside with the mountains and foothills as their background. With the blue sky and the just beginning of the setting sun, Sammy was sure the pictures would be stunning and she couldn’t wait to see the finished product. They took one last picture with Gracie outside and then went in to start the dinner.


Three and a half hours later, after the speeches were made and the cake had been cut and they had their first dance together, they were dancing the night away with their friends. Gracie commanded dances with all her uncles again, her grandfather and Vern and Allen. She made her presence known to the coaches too. Jake was a little worried about how forward she was with males, but he was soon swept away by his step mother in another dance.

After throwing the garter and the bouquet, Jake and Sammy made their getaway to the hotel by the airport where they would leave for the Caribbean the next morning. The sports car that Kevin and Smitty rented for them was beautiful and sexy as they sped through the streets.

“I think I should get one of these when we get back. What do you think?”

“No room for car seats is there?”

He chuckled, “Not really, maybe this is a ‘mommy and daddy’ only car. We can use it for date night.”

“Hmmm, that sounds good! Maybe we can park at the outlook like in high school and I could ride you while you sit in the front seat!”

Jake’s crotch twitched and he took in a sharp breath, “Baby, I have to get us safely to the hotel. You making comments about that aren’t helping!”

Sammy leaned over and rubbed the front of his growing bulge, “Jake, I can’t wait until you get me out of this dress! I want you to put your giant co-“

Jake pulled the car over to the side, threw it into park and kissed her possessively, thrusting his tongue in her mouth, probing and robbing them both of breath.

He pulled back panting and growling, “Now stop! We will be at the hotel in 10 minutes and then I’m going to fuck you so hard!”

She grinned and blushed at his words. They made it to the hotel with no further interruptions. Jake was glad that the penthouse suite was only 10 floors up and they barely made it to the room before clothes were flying off and heated kisses on all exposed flesh were being given.

When all their clothes were off and they were on the bed, Jake was devouring her with everything he had in him. He left no patch of skin untouched with his tongue or lips. He had her panting and moaning as he licked and sucked her heated core. She bucked against him as she was thrown over the edge in pleasure, screaming his name.

Jake’s erection was so hard and painful and he couldn’t take it anymore. He quickly got on his knees and thrusted into her with no finesse or ease. She clawed at his back, calling out in ecstasy. She had never felt so much emotion and primal power come from him before, or her own body for that matter. It was by far the most intense union they had ever shared. And they had some damn intense moments over the last year. And with a final cry of pleasure they came together for the first time as man and wife in the most basic and elemental form. It was something neither of them would ever forge

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