Fighting for More

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Chapter 69

They never actually went to sleep that night. They made love all night long and enjoyed each other’s body; every square inch of the other was rediscovered. They showered together and were dressing when room service brought in their breakfast. They ate together, laughing and feeding each other. They packed up their wedding clothes, leaving them for Ashley and Lexi to get them later in the afternoon. When they zipped up their last bag, Jake turned and looked at Sammy and smirked.

“What? What are you looking at me that way for?” Sammy asked.

“We have 18 minutes until we need to leave for the airport,” He replied.

“Yes I know…What does that mean?”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to his body, “That’s just enough time for me to have a roll in the sheets with my wife!”

She smiled as she pulled his lips into hers, “I like the sound of that, my Husband!!”

With just a few scraps of material moved, they were panting and fully engrossed in each other. Jake knew time was short and started rubbing her swollen nub and within just a few seconds Sammy was clenching and squeezing him and screaming out his name. Just seeing her come undone, Jake followed behind her with a few deep thrusts. They kissed deeply, helping the other clean up a little and get dressed again.

They held hands the entire ride to the airport, through check in, security and while they waited to board the plane. They stayed in the first class lounge, away from the general public and cameras. Clint texted Jake when they got to the airport telling him that the photo and press release was out and he was already getting inquiries about interviews and for more photos. He replied that they would think about it when they got back.

The lack of sleep was catching up to Sammy and she was fighting to keep her eyes open and was thankful when their flight was called and they were able to board. Sammy took a small glass of orange juice from the flight attendant and settled in and pulled the blanket over her legs and rested her head on Jake’s shoulder and that was the last thing she remembered until Jake was kissing her forehead, waking her up.

She was reclining in the seat and couldn’t believe that she had slept the entire flight. They landed, found the chauffeur holding the sign for them in the code name Jake had set up, sat in the back of the luxury SUV and drove them to the five star resort and checked in. Their bags would be delivered later from the concierge. Jake had Sammy pack some necessities in their carry-on bags so they didn’t have to worry about it.

They got to their private villa on the back end of the property on the island of St. Kitts and looked out at the magic of the ocean. It was more beautiful than Sammy had ever imagined and she couldn’t believe that she was sharing with Jake. Just a year ago, she was thinking of planning something with Kate and he was nowhere on her radar. And just 12 months later, they were married and having another baby.

They pulled their swimsuits on and went to the private pool on their balcony and swam together as the sun was darkening in the late afternoon. Sammy knew it was going to be a very special nine days exploring the surrounding islands and each other.


Jake and Sammy arrived back in Colorado tan, happy and very much in love. As soon as they got back to the cottage, Sammy took a shower while Jake started laundry and pulled out the presents they got for Gracie. She had been staying with Mike and Abby so they could get her to school. Abby would bring her home after school and they couldn’t wait to see her. Sammy was starting to show and it was time to tell everyone about the baby, but they wanted to tell Gracie separately.

Kevin and Ashley were having a welcome home dinner for them that night and they would drop their little bomb. Jake smiled as he remembered how yesterday at the pool when Sammy had a bump showing while she wore her bikini. Jake loved to rub and kiss her belly. Sammy loved how attentive he was and tried not to think about what it would have been like when she was pregnant with Gracie. She vowed not to let the past get in the way and just focus on the future. There was no good that could come from dwelling on that.

Gracie was screaming when she ran in to hug and kiss her parents, telling them how much she missed them. Abby hugged them, and then went out for an appointment, promising to see them at dinner. Jake and Sammy gave Gracie her presents and sat on the couch with them talking about her week. When she had told them everything she had on her mind, Jake smiled and pulled her in his lap.

“Gracie, sweetie, you mom and I have some exciting news to share with you. And we want you to be the first one to know this big news!”

“Oh Daddy! What is it?!” she pleaded with her father.

“Well, at the end of the summer, Mommy is going to have a baby! You are going to be a big sister!”

Gracie’s eyes went wide, “Oh really?! Mommy you are going to have a baby?!”

“Yes Baby, I am!” Sammy smiled and stood up and showed her the growing bump.

Gracie squealed and jumped up and down thanking them. They both were thrilled at her reaction and hugged her tightly.

“Will I have a brother or a sister?”

Thankfully, Jake and Sammy had talked about this and agreed, “We don’t know Gracie. We won’t know until the baby is born,” Sammy explained.

She seemed to accept that and went on talking about the baby. They had a good few hours before they went off to dinner and as soon as they sat down to eat with their friends, Gracie all but screamed the news to everyone in her excitement. They were all excited for them and Jake was happy that Lexi and Smitty were still in town on vacation to hear the news first hand.

When the men were outside watching the older kids play, Smitty clapped Jake on the back, “I’m proud of you JD. You have come a long way in the last year. You were out whoring around with that bitch Denise and now look at you; married to a great woman, have an amazing daughter, fixed your relationship with your dad and now you have another on the way. You have really got it together man.”

Jake blushed and took a drink from his beer, “Thanks Smitty. I appreciate that… I feel really different than last year…More complete.”

Mike was so proud of his son. He was really becoming the great man that he and Grace always knew he would be. Life was becoming all he knew it could be.

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