Fighting for More

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Chapter 72

Video chats were not the same as in person connections and Jake was over them. He couldn’t wait until Friday when he was flying in. He got Coach’s permission to arrive a day early to see his family. He had to stay at the team hotel and not at home, and while that wasn’t ideal, he wasn’t going to complain. He just needed to see them and hold them.

Jake felt bad when he had to call Sammy at the end of August and tell her about Denise and her games. She was still sending pictures and going to every public event he went to, basically harassing him. The team helped him get a restraining order and changed his phone number so she couldn’t contact him. Sammy was pissed at that bitch, but she wasn’t mad at Jake; she trusted him. Jake was so relieved that she believed in him and it wasn’t as bad as he had pictured her wrath to be. Although he believed her when she said she would love to beat the shit out of Denise if she ever saw her again.

He was just pulling on a shirt from his shower when there was a knock on the hotel room door. He opened it to have his family swarm him. He grinned as he hugged each of them. He couldn’t believe how much Aiden had grown in the almost seven weeks since he had last seen him. He was holding him and Gracie as they sat on the couch and talked about everything that happened, including Kate getting pregnant when they never thought they could have anymore after Emma.

“Well, why don’t we go for a walk in the hotel before dinner, Gracie? I will let you push Aiden,” Abby said.

“But I want to stay with Daddy!” She protested.

“Daddy will be there very soon. He needs to have a talk with Mommy about somethings and then we will join you ok?” Jake says kneeling before her.

“Fine. But I want ice cream with dinner!” She demanded.

Mike smirked and took her hand, “I think we can manage it.”

Mike turned and looked at his son and daughter in law, “Can you make sure that another Mexico moment doesn’t happen just quite yet?”

Abby gasped and smacked him on the arm, “Let’s go Grampy! Let them be! You promised to behave!”

Mike grinned and was led away by the kids. As soon as the door closed, Sammy jumped into Jake’s arms and kissed him deeply. They fumbled to the bed and quickly took their clothes off while panting in need.

“Fuck Sammy, I need you so bad!”

“I need you too! Hurry!!”

He pushed his shorts and underwear off, releasing his rock hard member. He lifted her skirt up and just ripped the lace underwear off, throwing them to the side. Sammy gasped at hearing the material rip. She was suddenly self-conscious. about her body, still losing the baby weight and suddenly went still.

Jake sensed her change, “What? What’s wrong?”

“My body…I haven’t lost all the weight –“

“Don’t. You look beautiful and you can see what you do to me! Look at me!” He demanded, “You are still the sexiest and most amazing woman I have ever met and you turn me on so much and I need you Baby.”

He leaned over her as she lay on the bed, and kissed her deeply. He felt her relax and they enjoyed their reunion immensely, twice. They were put together and kissing back on the couch when Mike and Abby brought the kids back. Gracie went back to the couch with her father and Sammy was happy to put Aiden back in his arms as they sat around and talked, catching up.

They went down to the hotel restaurant and had a great dinner together in one of the private dining rooms, away from the press, which were hounding him and wanting pictures of Aiden and the whole family. Kate was going to watch the Aiden for the game, but everyone else was coming to watch. Emily even was able to change her shift and come.

Once Gracie was almost asleep in Jake’s arms, Mike drove them all home, much to Sammy’s displease. She wanted to stay with him, but that would mean Aiden would have to stay and nurse, which in turn would mean Gracie would have to stay since Aiden was. It would have been a huge hassle and not worth the few hours of time they got. And that was hard to admit, but Jake understood it too and agreed.

They stayed together again for a few hours on Saturday morning walking through the Children’s Museum. Sammy took endless pictures for Jake so he had something to hold onto until his bye week when he could come back. And that wasn’t for another four weeks. The only good thing was that Jake was still on his historic game play. He had smashed all records last year in the NFL and was continuing his winning ways. There was actually talk about the team three-peating at the Super Bowl, and that was unheard of!

The massive family unit was seated close to the field cheering and clapping in the third quarter. Jake was running his heart out, thankful to have his family cheering for him. It totally pumped him up and he felt like he was on cloud nine. He was taking a drink and looking over some previous plays on the tablet when the defense got an interception and they were back on the field. The quarterback called the play and if everything went according to plan, Jake would be running for the end zone with another six points.

They lined up, waited for the ‘hike!’ and then they were off and running. Jake had his eye on the ball and was reaching for the ball when he felt the hit. He wasn’t ready for it, not remembering that there was a lineman by him, he was wide open. He felt his body get shoved to the side and grunted. He saw the ground coming closer and tried to get his feet to touch the ground and just when he thought it was close, he felt another blast from a different direction and the sharp, excruciating pain shoot up his leg and he screamed out as he collided with the ground and another body.

Sammy was watching in slow motion as it seemed like Jake’s body flew through the air, like in a bad movie. The lineman hit him hard, causing him to miss the ball when another player hit the duo and they fell to the ground. It always was hard for her to watch his tackles.

But she was worried when he didn’t jump back up. In fact one of the other players ran over, and then started motioning earnestly to the side lines. Several people ran over as the two Denver players got up and they got a look at Jake finally.

Sammy gasped as she saw his leg facing the wrong way and several medical officials ran over as players dropped to take a knee since a player was down.

“Oh God!” Abby exclaimed as others in their group jumped up in horror.

Derek was in front of Sammy and turned to her, “Sammy, take a deep breath, we don’t know anything yet!”

Sammy couldn’t form words and just stared out to the field until she heard, “Mommy, why is Daddy on the ground? What’s going on?”

She tried swallowing but didn’t know what to say or do.

“Gracie, they are just checking him out to make sure he is ok,” Vern assured her, hoping desperately that the little girl didn’t hear the emotion in his voice.

Ashley and Mike were next to each other and were whispering urgently to each other and gesturing to the field. The entire group watched as Kevin ran over, talked to someone by the group then ran to the sidelines again, talking to someone. The crowd was quiet, waiting to see what was happening with the All Star Phenom. It seemed like it was talking forever and then they watched in horror as an ambulance came out of the tunnel and over to the field.

Sammy started to cry and looked around helplessly, not knowing what to do.

“Mrs. Doogan, I need you to come with me,” she heard a stadium official say several times.

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