Fighting for More

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Chapter 74

Sammy awoke about 7:40 with her breasts on fire. She had slept through Aiden’s 2:00 feeding and was completely engorged. She sat up and made her way to the rocking chair and pulled out the breast pump to help. They were so tender that she teared up as she tried to get a good seal.

“FUCK!” She moaned as she finally got one to release the milk she was holding. She pumped for 20 minutes until she felt relief then moved to the other side and repeated the process. She went down stairs to see Emily holding Aiden and sitting next to Gracie as she ate.

They talked, then went to dress to go up to the hospital. Sammy didn’t make Gracie go to school today, she hadn’t even seen Jake yet and she deserved to see him before going back to school. They dressed, thankful that someone had the thought to get their cars back from the stadium and delivered. Sammy loaded up the kids and left, dropping Emily at her house and promised someone would give an update.

Sammy parked where Steve had told her in a text. They met a security guard and entered the back way in with the press still out front waiting for an update on Jake. They went up to the floor and heard Jake yelled and growled before they even entered the door.

“SHIT!!” They heard and Gracie giggled not really hearing her dad use that language before.

They opened the door and saw a man in scrubs with Steve repositioning Jake on the bed and the traction. Jake was panting and gritting his teeth as they maneuvered him around. Sammy felt Gracie squeeze her hand as they watched beads of sweat on Jake’s forehead form. The two females stayed by the door until Jake was back on the pillows and trying to breathe through the pain.

“I think it’s time for those pain meds you promised Calvin,” Jake said, eyeing the man in scrubs.

“You earned it, Mr. Doogan. I will let your nurse know. Remember what I said,” he added, clapping Jake’s hand.

He left and Jake finally turned to the side and saw them and put on a small smile, “There are my ladies!”

“Hi Daddy,” Gracie said cautiously, “Are you ok? Your leg is in the air!”

Jake chuckled as he and Steve tried to explain everything that had happened. It was good for Sammy to hear it all again, not remembering much from the day before. She has several nightmares replaying those few moments and couldn’t wake up from it.

Satisfied with the explanation, Gracie took her bag of games and homework to the side of the room and got out some things to do as well as the IPAD to watch movies.

Sammy moved closer to his head after sitting Aidan in a chair and he took her hand, “Hey Baby…”

She leaned in to kiss him softly, “Hey Jake. How are you doing?”

“Needing that pain medication after Calvin made me move my ankle and leg for a few exercises. But I’m ok, really,” He said touching her face.

Not sure if she believed him, she just nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. Just as she was going to ask more questions, the nurse came in and gave him a menu and two pills and a shot of something in the IV. She told him to eat; he would need it to recover.

The day continued with a slew of visitors in and out all day. Everyone came up and sat with him and talked about everything from the game to politics to the weather. But no one ever brought up the big question of if he would return. After Jake had eaten dinner, Sammy packed up the kids and promised to be back in the morning after she dropped Gracie at school. Kissing him goodbye, she had the list of things Jake wanted from home and would bring a bag.

After getting Gracie ready for school the next morning, Sammy drove back to the hospital, waving to the guard and met up with Cliff, Jake’s agent who flew in at Jake’s request and together they went up to the private floor and went to the door but could hear some odd noises from instead and a “No!” Confused Sammy and Cliff opened the door and gasped at the sight.

Jake was on the bed trying to push off Denise as she had her hands on under his blankets! “Get the fuck away from me!” He growled, unable to move how he needed to get away from her.

“Oh Jakey, you know you want this! Now let me help you recover!” She said with an odd look in her eyes.

“Get the hell away from my husband!” Sammy yelled as Cliff ran to the crazy woman and pulled her back, pinning her arms to her side.

Two nurses heard the commotion and ran in to see the scene.

“What are you doing sir? That is Mr. Doogan’s wife you are holding!” the new nurse yelled.

“No she is not!” the other nurse said, “Who let her in?”

“She told me she was Mr. Doogan’s wife!” the new nurse sputtered.

“I AM HIS WIFE!!” Sammy growled.

Jake was on the bed, shaking with anger and pain, “I need a police officer here NOW. She assaulted me and I am DONE! Cliff ,get her out of here. You know what needs to be done!”

Cliff nodded and half dragged her out of the room with the two nurses following and the door closed.

“Jake what the hell just happened?” Sammy asked, starting to cry again.

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