Fighting for More

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Chapter 75

“That woman is fucking insane!” Jake told the officer that came back to take the report.

“So you woke up to her fondling you?” He asked.

“Yes, my Physical Therapist came in early for his round of torture that he calls exercising and the nurse gave me some pain meds and they make me a little drowsy, so I drifted off. I woke up to Denise on the bed and her hands all over my lower abdomen. She was massaging my penis, trying to initiate sex. I can’t really move and she had me sort of pinned down. I kept telling her ‘no’ and trying to push her away.

“Cliff and I walked in after hearing a ‘no’ through the door and saw her all over Jake,” Sammy added.

Mike had rushed over as soon as Cliff called him and was present when he gave his statement.

Mike and Cliff had insisted that a uniformed guard be outside the door at all times and the hospital agreed. The officer would let him know if they needed anything else, but was going to get a restraining order in place for while he was in Colorado. He would have to get one in Texas when he went back. Mike left to make sure that things were being handled here to protect Jake.

After the craziness ended and the police left, Jake had Sammy and Cliff sit down.

“So I called Cliff here because I wanted to talk to you both at the same time. I talked last night with Dr. Ringo and with Steve as well as the Physical Therapist and did a lot of thinking last night. I am retiring from the NFL. This injury is going to take at least a year to come back from in a regular person, and even longer for me to get into playing shape again. And then I have no guarantees that I will have a place in Texas or if any other team would even pick me up. I would be 30 at that point. And the odds of getting a team close by would be slim so I would see my family even less. And I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t…” He said and wiped a tear from his face, “So Cliff, I want you to call a press conference before I move to the Rehab Center Friday.”

Sammy took his hand and kissed it as she wiped tears away from her face, knowing what he was giving up. He had dreamed of being in the NFL since he was a little boy and had trained every day to get there. He had sacrificed nights out, vacations from school, family time and milestones. Football and Sammy are what kept him sane after his mom died. She took him to practices and tournaments, washed his uniform, wiped his tears when he was hurt or lost and gave him hugs and cheered when he won.

“Are you sure Jake?” Sammy asked.

He nodded and sniffed, “I am. I just want to rehab and raise our kids and be together.”

Cliff was not as stunned as he was sad; Jake had become a friend not just a client. Yes, he made a shit ton of money from him, but he was a good guy and hoped that he could work with him in the future.

“Alright Jake, I understand. I will get the press conference scheduled for Thursday. You gonna let Coach Joe know?” Cliff asked.

“I’m going to call them next,” Jake said.

Cliff shook his friends’ hand, kissed Sammy’s cheek and left pulling out his phone to get to work.

Sammy kissed Jake deeply and reminded him how much she loved him and was loved by everyone.

He knew it, but then chuckled, “You all may say that now, but wait until I’ve been around the house for six months and driving you bat shit crazy!”

“We have a big house! I’ll just go to a different part of the house,” She teased.

“Jake, what about money? I mean do we have to sell the house? Do I need to get a job?” She asked suddenly concerned.

“No Sammy. Everything is fine. I can call our accountant if you want, but we are totally set to live a ridiculous and lavish lifestyle for the rest of our lives and set the kids up lavishly as well. My last contract had guaranteed money and I invested well. Plus I have decided while I am rehabbing to start practicing with my Dad. I’m going to keep studying for the Bar and see where that takes me,” he explained.

Sammy looked at him and knew he really had thought this through and she was so proud of him. And he would be home, best of all. Not liking to be ignored, Aiden let out a cry and Sammy got him ready to eat as Jake made some calls, letting important people know what was going to change.


The week had been insane. Somehow they had gotten through the week and the press conference. Jake was emotional and Cliff had done a wonderful job of getting everything taken care of. Jake insisted that his family be with him and there were all lined up as he sat in the wheelchair with microphones surrounding him. The flashes going off were insane and it felt like being in the sun, it was so bright.

Friday, He was moved to an exclusive rehab center in Denver to learn how to navigate stairs and do routine and normal things until he was mobile again. He was only there for 10 days then finally moved back home. He had a physical therapist, Justin, coming four days a week to start getting him stronger.

Jake was exhausted most of the time and was shocked how much this had taken out of him. The weeks dragged on and not being able to drive yet was killing him. He couldn’t help Sammy pick up Gracie, carry Aiden, go to the store by himself or go to his Dad’s or Kevin’s. He was short tempered sometimes and Sammy had to kick his ass a few times over the weeks to remind him to not take his frustration out on the people in the house.

October continued and Jake felt terrible and called Tom his therapist in Texas, setting up twice weekly video calls to help him cope. He reminded Jake that this was a life altering event and to have some patience with himself. Jake felt better after talking with him and gave himself a bit more grace. After his second video call, Jake knew what he needed to do and went up to their room to bathe after the kids were in bed. Aiden was big enough and only getting up once to feed a night so he was in his own room with the baby monitor on.

Jake came out to find Sammy in bed reading a book in bed and smiled as Jake came out with his pajama shorts on and got into bed after getting the pillows just right. He hated to sleep on his back, but had to for a few more weeks, at least until the incisions healed some more and he had some more movement with the brace on. He HATED the immobilizing brace and still had another three weeks with it on.

“You ok Jake?” She asked after he got settled.

“Nope,” he simply replied.

Sammy put the book down and kneeled next to him, “What’s wrong? What can I do to help?”

“First you can kiss me.” He demanded.

She rolled her eyes and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“That wasn’t a real kiss! Try again!” Jake demanded again.

Sammy rolled her eyes again and kissed him, deepening the kiss. Jake had her right where he wanted and wove his fingers in her thick hair not letting her get away until they were breathless.

“That’s better. Now I need you to do something else for me,” Jake said running his fingers along her collar bone, making her shiver.

“What is that?” Sammy asked nervously.

“I need you to ride me Baby. I need to be in you and to feel you,” He said playing with the now protruding nipple.

“Oh Jake, are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you!”

“I didn’t have surgery on my dick! It’s my leg. You ride my dick and we will be just fine!” He said with a hint of anger.

Sammy wanted nothing less than to be with him after not for so long, but didn’t want to hurt him or cause him anymore pain. And he was pissed off. She bit her lip as she looked at him, trying to decide what to do.

“Baby, if you don’t get on my dick very soon I will stand up and take you another way!” He warned.

Sammy had heard that tone before and knew he would try so she took her shirt off and moved to straddle him, inwardly sighing. She was very cautious as she moved gingerly over him and positioned over his steel rod. She slowly went to lower down when Jake got impatient and pulled her down on him as he thrust up. Sammy gasped at the sudden invasion as Jake moaned in pleasure. Sammy wasn’t really ready for the movement and her body was not ready for this.

“Yeah just like that,” Jake moaned.

Sammy was afraid to move for fear of hurting him and because she was sore from the sudden intrusion. She didn’t know what to do and just sat there before she heard Jake growl at her, “If you don’t start moving Baby, I’m going to finish and you will get nothing! Now ride me!!”

Sammy rose up a little and lowered back down. But it still wasn’t enough for Jake and he grabbed her hips and started moving her faster, eliciting a moan of pleasure from him.

“There it is Baby! You feel so good! It’s been too long!” Jake panted.

He knew it was going to be fast after not being with Sammy for so long and kept thrusting up as Sammy started moving faster, finally getting into a rhythm.

“Hurry Baby! Hurry!” Jake pleaded, feeling his finishing racing towards him.

Sammy was not enjoying it, and still so nervous she just couldn’t get what she needed and for the first time ever in her life she faked an orgasm as Jake finished. She felt horrible as he breathed deeply coming down from his high. She moved off him and lay on the bed, next to him, feeling tears well up.

“I love you Baby,” Jake said, rubbing her arm as he closed his eyes.

“I love you too Jake,” she whispered and turned the light off. Jake was breathing regularly and she knew he was already asleep. She had no idea what was wrong with her and why she was reacting this way. Maybe because this was the first time they had been together since the accident? Maybe because there was no love in it, no emotion and it had never been like that between them before.

Sure, they had passionate encounters where they were just so physical with each other. But there was always emotion behind it. This was…this was void of anything other than him needing to find a release from his anger and frustration. She felt used and unloved and she wasn’t handling it very well. She lay in bed, feeling the tears run down her face and had no idea what to do. She finally got up after one, not able to take the thoughts in her head anymore.

She wandered the house after checking on Gracie and feeding and changing Aiden. She made a cup of tea and sat in the glow of the little lights in the kitchen, trying to figure out what to do.

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