Fighting for More

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Chapter 76

Jake came down the stairs, slowly clomping as he went, feeling off. He didn’t know what it was and was trying to figure it out as he followed the noise into the kitchen. Aidan was crying as Sammy bounced him and Gracie was putting her dishes away getting ready for school.

“Hi Daddy!” She sang.

“Hi Baby Girl. Almost ready for school?” He asked, watching Sammy out of the corner of his eye.

“Yep! Oh I forgot my library book in my room. Be right back Momma!” She yelled as she ran out of the room.

Aiden was gurgling happily now that Sammy had him on her shoulder.

“Sleep good Baby?” He asked.

Sammy turned and looked at him and he saw the circles under her eyes and the redness in them, “Not really.”

“Why?” He asked feeling a pit in his stomach start to grow.

“I don’t have time for this today Jake!” She said tiredly.

“Time for what?” He asked, confused.

“Time to have a long drawn out conversation with you. I have to get Gracie to school and get to the ranch to run payroll and pay the bills. Plus I haven’t figured out what to do with Aiden yet, I can’t keep taking him to the office with me. I get nothing done and I can’t keep asking Ashley!” She said feeling the emotions start to swirl.

“Why are you pissed at me?! I didn’t do anything!” He said defensively.

She laughed a little, “Don’t worry about it Jake. I’ll take care of it. Justin will be here in 45 minutes for your PT.”

Sammy sat in the office at the ranch several hours later, an emotional mess. Aiden was finally sleeping and she was backed up. The printer wasn’t working, she had three invoices that she had made mistakes on and her computer was not responding. She turned it off and laid her head on the desk and sobbed.

“Sammy Honey, what’s wrong?” Abby asked, coming into the office.

Sammy sat up and wiped her face, “Nothing. Just didn’t sleep well last night and it’s catching up with me.”

Abby looked at her and didn’t believe her in the least bit, “How is Jake? How are the kids?”

Feeling anger building in her gut, “All fine.”

Anny pursed her lips together and stared at her for a minute, “Hmmm…Ok. I was driving by and I thought I would stop and see if you all wanted to come over for dinner tomorrow night? I thought we could talk about Thanksgiving. It’s only about three weeks away. “

“Fine. What time?” Sammy asked, trying to not let the anger show through in her tone.

“Let’s say 6:00? I know Mike and Jake are doing something tomorrow so you can just bring the kids when you can,” She said.

“Since when are they doing something?” Sammy asked, feeling the anger building.

“Um I guess they just decided this morning…Mike texted me a little bit ago…” Abby said, starting to feel uncomfortable with the situation.

“Great. OK. I will see you then. I have work to do. I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner,” Sammy said and turned back to her computer.

“Bye Sammy…” Abby said and left, wondering what was going on with her daughter-in-law.

Sammy came back home after picking Gracie up from tennis lessons to find Jake on the couch with a different brace on and doing some other exercises. Gracie ran up and hugged him before going to change clothes. She put Aiden in his swing and looked at him.

“New brace?”

He grinned at her, “Yeah! I can bend 30 degrees now! I can even drive! Justin took me out and while it takes me a few minutes, I can get in and drive!”

“Great, maybe you can hel-“

“Dad and I are going out tomorrow! I’m so excited to get out and be free!” He said standing up and walking to the swing to look at Aiden, then picked him up.

Sammy was stunned at him as she watched him limp away. She was fuming and stalked into the kitchen to see the crock pot she had set up wasn’t on like she had asked Jake to do. Now they had no dinner and she was super pissed.

She went back to see Jake playing with the kids in the family room, “You didn’t turn the crock pot on like I asked?”

Jake looked up, “Oh shit, I must have forgot to do that with all excitement today!”

“Great. What about dinner?” Sammy asked.

“Just go get something, It’s not a big deal Baby.” He said furrowing his brow.

“Awesome, yeah, I’ll just go get something,” Sammy gritted out and turned to leave. She grabbed her purse and put her coat back on and slammed the door behind her as she got in the car and drove off for dinner.

Sammy was standing in the shower, letting the hot water rush over her as she cried. She was burnt out and overwhelmed. She just couldn’t do it anymore with no help. She felt about 80 years old and totally lost. She turned the water off when she was wrinkly and the water had cooled. She got out and spread lotion all over, taking her time. She wrapped her robe around her and dried her hair with the blow dryer, taking her time and letting the loud sound drown out her thoughts.

Sammy entered the room and Jake was already in bed, turned on his side with the new brace and snoring. Just then Aiden decided that he needed her and she sighed and walked down the hallway muttering, “convenient.”

It was a long night with Sammy pacing the floors with Aiden. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong and wondered if he was catching something. She was exhausted after her second night of no sleep and the fourth cup of coffee wasn’t doing it for her. Aiden was sleeping in the swing and Sammy was at the table sipping the hot liquid. Gracie came down and wanted some breakfast. Sammy usually did something big for breakfasts on Saturdays but just didn’t have it in her and just put out some cereal and milk.

“But Momma, I wanted pancakes!” Gracie whined.

“Please don’t whine Sweetie. I’m really tired. Aiden was up all night and I’m exhausted,” Sammy responded.

Gracie pouted, “Fine. I’ll just have cereal. What are we doing today?”

“Nothing. It’s a lazy day. We are going to Grammy and Grampy’s for dinner tonight,” Sammy replied.

“But can’t I go play with Tara and Emma? Please?!” Gracie begged.

“Gracie, I don’t know if either of them can do anything today. I am so tired I don’t want to drive you anywhere. Please Gracie, just not today,” Sammy pleaded.

“FINE! I’ll just be by myself!” She huffed.

Satisfied, Sammy ate a piece of peanut butter toast and finished her coffee when Jake came down in sweats and a hoodie, kissing Gracie on the head and moving to try and kiss Sammy too. Sammy stood up and walked away before his lips could touch her.

Jake mumbled, “Ok, never mind,” And walked to the coffee.

“So now that I can drive, I’m going to meet my Dad and do a run through on the Bar. So I guess I’ll just meet you at their house for dinner,” Jake said, while drinking his coffee.

Sammy tried hard not to scream and released a soothing breath, “Fine.”

Gracie put her bowl in the sink and ran upstairs to get dressed.

“What’s the problem Sammy?” Jake asked.

“I’m tired Jake. I haven’t slept in two nights.”

“Well I know what would put you right out,” He hinted with a sexy smirk and walked over to run his hands up her body.

She shrugged him off, “That’s the last thing I need!”

“God, what’s your problem?!” Jake demanded.

“I already told you Jake!” Sammy said sighed.

“Whatever Sammy. I have to go, I’ll see you later,” he dismissed and left. Sammy stood there until she heard his SUV drive away a few minutes later. She stood by the kitchen sink and breathed deeply for several minutes willing herself not to cry. Something had to give and soon!

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