Fighting for More

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Chapter 77

Jake and his dad were sitting in the living room at Mike and Abby’s house while Emily was in the kitchen with her mom. It was 6:15 and Sammy wasn’t there yet.

“So you think we should call her?” Emily asked.

“No, she is probably driving and you know she doesn’t answer the phone when she is driving,” Jake dismissed with a wave of his hand.

Abby was getting worried and was just going to call when the back door opened and Gracie raced in throwing herself at her grandparents and Aunt. Abby went to the door as Sammy came in with Aiden, looking terrible.

“Hi Sammy,” Abby welcomed gently.

Sammy nodded as she moved Aiden to the table and took the blankets off him. Emily came over and took Aiden out of the carrier to hold him as Sammy sat at the table and accepted the glass of water that Abby offered.

She was taking small sips to calm herself.

“Hey Sammy, what took you so long? You are like 25 minutes late!” Jake asked as he came into the kitchen.

“Well Jake, your son had a total blowout in his diaper and had to be cleaned and redressed. Gracie couldn’t find her boots that she had to wear tonight and I don’t know where my cell phone is. So shit happens Jake,” Sammy replied coldly.

Jake brought up his hands in surrender. Mike raised an eyebrow at the exchange and changed the subject, “So how long til dinner Abs?”

“We can sit now. I was just keeping everything warm until Sammy got. Go to the dining room everyone!” Abby said.

They all sat down as Abby served up the piping hot dinner to everyone as they dug in, except for Sammy. She had no appetite being so tired.

“Sammy Honey, are you ok?” Mike asked a few minutes into the meal.

“She’s just tired Dad,” Jake assured him without giving Sammy a chance to answer for herself, “So Thanksgiving, how about it we have it at our house? Have everyone? Smitty, Lexi, Peaches, Vern, everyone! We have the biggest house and the most room.”

“Oh that sounds wonderful!” Abby said as the same time Sammy yelled, “Are you fucking crazy?!”

Everyone heard Sammy’s yell and were stunned.

“Sammy? You don’t want to host Thanksgiving?” Emily asked carefully.

“Not a chance in fucking hell!” Sammy spat.

“What the hell Sammy? It makes sense for us to do it! What is your problem?” Jake asked angrily.

Sammy shot up from her seat, “My problem? You want to know what my problem is? FINE! I’m exhausted! I have six year old and a three month old and NO fucking help!”

“What do you mean no help?! I am right here! What am I, chopped liver?” Jake demanded.

“You might as well be! You do nothing to help! I get up every night; I take total care of Aiden. I take total care of Gracie. You do nothing!” Sammy yelled.

“I haven’t been able to walk Samantha! Or did you forget about my accident?” Jake spat back.

“Oh how can I forget?! I am reminded of it every goddamn day! I do nothing but help you wash, dress, get up and down stairs, get you food, drinks and go to the fucking bathroom! After I do that, I go to fucking work where people ask even more of me and did I mention that I have to take the three month old with me? Then I come home where my husband can’t even turn the fucking crock pot on for dinner!” Sammy said with angry tears pouring down her face.

“So I forgot the crock pot Sammy, I’m sorry. Fuck, why do you have to make such a big deal over it?!” Jake yelled back.

“Because then I had to go out and get food to feed you and our daughter! Then I was up all night again! And what do you do first thing this morning now that you can drive? LEAVE AND LET ME HANDLE EVERYTHING AGAIN! I can’t do it anymore! I can’t!!!” She yelled.

She pushed back from the table, knocking the chair backwards, “When was the last time that any one of you asked ME how I was? You ask about the kids, you check in on Jake, but what about me? I am not bulletproof! I can’t keep taking the hits and remain standing! When is someone going to take care of me?!”

“Hey I offered to take care of you this morning!” Jake said.

Sammy glared at him, “I’m not talking about sex!! I don’t need sex!! How in the hell am I supposed to be in the mood for sex when I get no sleep, no help and you are in pain? Not to mention that you walk around the house pissed off and upset that you are no longer playing football!”

“You seemed to enjoy it the other night!” Jake yelled back.

Sammy laughed bitterly, “Shows you what you know! I faked it Jake! That was all for you, you didn’t take me into consideration at all and just demanded that we have sex! I was a vessel for your anger and release. There was nothing mutual about that!”

Sammy grabbed her coat and purse off the kitchen table and ran to her car, started it and drove away, leaving her kids and husband behind.

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