Fighting for More

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Chapter 80

Mike came up behind him and whispered, “Don’t piss her off so she hurts Trish!”

“Hi Jakey, I have missed you!” Denise cooed at him

“Denise, why don’t you put the gun away and we can talk,” Jake said.

“Oh we are going to talk, Jake Baby, but I call the shots. Now, why is this woman still here? She usually leaves at 5,” Denise said.

Jake felt a gut punch to know she had been watching him. FUCK-what if she had done something to Sammy or the kids?!

“Hello Denise, I am Mike Doogan, Jake’s Father,” Mike started.

“Oh Hi! You are going to be my Father-in-Law! I’m so excited to meet you!” Denise gushed.

Trish couldn’t believe the delusion of the woman behind her! Did she really believe that Jake would leave Sammy? No one could be that crazy!! Trish snorted. Denise dug the gun into her back.

“Do you have something to say old lady?” Denise demanded.

Mike shot a glare at Trish and silently pleaded with her silently with his face and Trish understood it, “No, just clearing my throat.”

“That’s what I thought! Now Jake Baby, we have a lot to plan! I’m so excited. Since your Dad is a lawyer and you are almost a lawyer the divorce from that thing that is currently in MY house will go very fast!” Denise bubbled.

“I have kids you know Denise, what about my kids?” Jake said hoping to buy time to figure this out.

“Well I did some thinking. And the older one is too old and would never follow my rules so she should just go stay with her mother. The baby is young enough to never know about her. As soon as we leave here, we can start on the rest of our family! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?” She gushed.

Jake smiled weakly, “Sure, just great. Now I think we should talk privately. How about we let my Dad and Trish go so we can get down to business?”

“NO Jake! The old lady will tell the bitch in your house!” Denise gasped.

“No, Trish won’t say anything to Sammy, will you Trish?” Jake insisted.

Trish shook her head, “No, I promise! I can see you and Jake are meant to be together. I won’t do anything!”

Denise stood there for a few minutes thinking as everyone held their breath. They heard a knock on the front office door and they all jumped.

“That’s the food we ordered,” Mike assured the woman with the gun.

“Oh Good! I’m hungry. Ok, so this is a test lady! I’m going to stand by the door while old Trish here is going to pay the delivery guy and take the food. If she can do it nicely without letting on to the man that I am here, then I will let her go. If she makes any move that alerts the man, she gets shot and so does he. Simple as that! Does everyone understand?” Denise instructed.

Not wanting to tempt fate, they all nodded. Trish turned to the door as Denise followed right behind with the gun still in the other woman’s back. She grabbed the petty cash wallet and moved to the locked door as Jake and Mike watched helplessly.

“What the fuck is going on Jake?” Mike whispered as they watched.

“I don’t know! She has a restraining order against her!” Jake whispered back.

“Has she contacted you at all?” Mike asked.

Jake shook his head, “Nothing. The only thing I can think is that she saw the interviews and it triggered something.”

Mike nodded and watched as Trish opened the door that Denise was hiding behind with the gun still pointed at her. Trish was as bubbly as she always was and continued the transactions. She closed the door and locked it again, taking the large bag and moving back to Mike’s large office conference table. Denise instructed Trish to open the bag and take everything out. Trish did everything exactly as asked, then waited. Denise sat down at the table and waited for everyone to join her.

“Well? It’s rude to not eat together as a family,” Denise started with scorn, “I can see now that I’m going to have some work to do on manners! The thing in my house hasn’t been doing her job! She has no southern manners!”

“Trish isn’t part of the family, how about we let her go and then we can talk and eat. As a family,” Mike said.

“Good point Dad! Ok lady, let’s go. Oh and you remember you promised not to call that thing and tip her off as to what’s going to happen! I WILL make sure that you pay if you do!!” Denise said standing up and pushing Trish out. She grabbed her purse and coat as she made her way to the door with Denise close on her heels.

Denise unlocked the door, then stopped, “And just so you know that I mean business lady,” she took the gun and hit Trish on the head hard.

Trish gasped as Mike and Jake both yelled, “NO!”

They could see the blood start flowing from underneath Trish’s hand before Denise shoved her out of the door and locked it behind her.

“Now let’s get back to dinner!” Denise said, walking back to the office, then yelled when they didn’t follow, “Gentlemen, I’m hungry!”

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