Fighting for More

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Chapter 81

Sammy was making cookies after dinner with Gracie as Aiden sat in the swing while Peggy was packing up.

“Thanks Peggy for your help today. I really appreciate it!” Sammy said.

“No problem Sammy. Aiden and I had a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Peggy asked, getting her coat on.

“That’s perfect! I have some more orders coming in for the new building permits,” Sammy answered as she walked her to the door.

Sammy opened the front door just as Joey was ready to knock on the huge wooden door still in uniform.

“Joey! What brings you here!” Sammy asked, smiling.

“Sammy we need to talk,” Joey said urgently.

Sammy swallowed, “What’s wrong Joey?”

“Let’s go inside Sammy,” he insisted.

Sammy could do nothing but be led by him into the office area as Peggy followed.

“Is it Kate or Emma? Are they ok?” Sammy asked nervously.

Joey led her to the couch, “Sammy they are fine. It’s something else. It’s Jake and Mike.”

“What about them? They are working at Mike’s tonight,” Sammy answered, confused.

“I know. That’s the problem. They have been taken hostage,” Joey said.

Sammy laughed, “What they hell are you talking about?!”

“That woman, Denise, has them in Mike’s office with a gun,” Joey said gently.

Peggy gasped and grabbed Sammy’s hand, “No, there is a restraining order against her. She can’t be here.”

“Well she had broken it. And they are there with her. She is pretty unhinged from what they are saying,” Joey said.

“How do you know this?” Sammy whispered.

“She let Trish go, but not before hitting her in the head with the gun. Trish ran to her car, drove around the corner and called 911. The SWAT team is staging now. We should go be there Sammy, “ Joey explained.

“No they are fine. Watch,” Sammy stood up abruptly and called Jake’s number from the land line. It rang until voicemail picked. Sammy slammed the phone down, then picked up and dialed Mike’s number with the same result.

Sammy turned and looked at Peggy and Joey, “Oh my god…”

Peggy took her coat off, “Take her Joey, I’ll stay with the kids.”

Nodding Joey directed Sammy to the front door where he put her coat on her and grabbed her phone that he saw on the entryway table. He put her in his unmarked vehicle and left for Mike’s office building.

Sammy was numb the whole drive not being able to think about anything. Joey was talking about the situation and she didn’t hear a damn word. They pulled up and were led to an area on the side of the building. Sammy was ushered inside a RV where Abby, Emily and Kevin were inside talking. They all jumped up and hugged Sammy and had her sit next to them.

“Mrs. Doogan, I need you to ask you a few questions,” The detective said.

For the next 20 minutes Sammy was peppered with questions about Denise and Jake’s relationship and other things in their life. Sammy couldn’t answer much, Kevin had to fill in the missing pieces, which there were quite a few of. She just didn’t know much.

They just had to sit and wait now.

Denise ate the food while Jake and Mike picked at it while she talked and babbled on with the future, according to her. She wanted three kids and a destination wedding. She wanted Jake to gut and redo the house to her tastes. And she was demanding that Sammy move away from the area and take Gracie with her.

“Our children will fill the space from the older one. You don’t need her Jake,” Denise assured her.

“But Denise, I love her! She is my child!” Jake tried to reason.

“It won’t matter when we have another girl. Then you will have a real Daddy’s girl. Although I will still be your number one special girl,” She said, rubbing up to him, “You know the things I like to do, Jakey. How much I love it when you fill ALL my holes!”

Mike was desperately trying to figure out some way to disarm her and was unsuccessful without risking both of their lives. But he couldn’t listen to much more of her slamming Gracie and Sammy or listen to her reminisce about their sexual escapades when they were together!

Jake’s leg was starting to bother him and he moved to the couch and propped it up on the coffee table. Denise seemed to take this as a sign that Jake wanted to be more intimate and sat on his lap and started kissing him. Jake tried to push her off and get her to stop but she wasn’t moving. She took the gun and pointed it at his chest with a sadistic smile.

“Oh if you want Daddy dearest to not start bleeding you WILL do what I want. Do I make myself clear?” She asked.

Jake nodded as Mike paled and moved to the windows. He saw the cops set up on the south side of the building and knew they were watching them, but what could they do? This was worse than some damn movie! Mike could do nothing but sit in his chair and turn away from the scene on the couch and think of something other than the woman straddling his son, kissing him and basically forcing him into this.

As the time drug on, Denise was getting more vocal about her pleasure and demands. Jake had managed to get her off him so he could go to the bathroom and try and figure out a way out of this. He washed his mouth out with the mouthwash his dad kept in the small cabinet to get her taste off him. He was nauseous and wanted his wife, not the psycho in the other room!

He had just come out of the bathroom when the landline in the office rang.

“Denise I need to answer this,” Mike said, and Denise waved him on. She was lounging on the couch with her skirt bunched up higher on her legs to reveal her garter belt and thigh high stockings and her blouse totally unbuttoned, revealing her ample breasts and lacy bra.

Jake was on edge as he watched his dad answer the phone. He needed to come up with something to get them out of this before she wanted him to have sex with her. He couldn’t stomach that and refused to cheat on Sammy.

His mind was going a mile a minute before he heard his dad say, “Ok Hold on a minute.”

Mike pushed a button, then set the handle down, “Ok go ahead, you’re on speaker.”

“This is Detective Jonah Dominic. Jake are you ok?” the voice asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Is Trish ok?” He asked.

“Trish is fine. She had some stitches, but is fine.” Jonah replied, “How are you Denise?”

“I’m perfect! I have my Jakey here and we are just getting reacquainted after our time apart. We have talked about the future and how in love we are! I am getting to know my new Father-in-Law and he is going to handle the divorce. So things are looking great from my point of view!” Denise said getting up and sitting on the edge of Mike’s desk.

“Well Denise, if things are going well, then how about if we end this and everyone comes on out.”

“Well I don’t think we can do that right now. Jake and I still have some catching up to do. I think we are going to need to start our family tonight!” Denise exclaimed.

“Like hell we are!” Jake yelled and she swung out her hand and hit him in the head with her gun. Jake grunted and saw stars as the room spun a little.

“JAKE! Are you ok?” Mike asked.

“What just happened?!” Jonah asked.

“I just reminded Jakey who is in charge!” Denise explained.

“I’m ok…” Jake said blinking the stars away. He touched his temple and was happy that there was no blood, but felt the bump rising quickly under his skin.

“Of course he is!” Denise said then pulled him in for another kiss, then pushed him back, “And remember Jake your Daddy gets a bullet unless you do what I say! Now let’s get back to the couch Baby.”

Denise maneuvered Jake back to the couch and straddled him again, plunging her tongue into his mouth. Mike hit the mute button on the phone like he was instructed before so they could hear what was going on but they couldn’t hear what the police were saying.

Sammy was freaking out at hearing what was happening. Jake was being blackmailed to have sex with that bitch or she would kill his father! This was insanity and she told Jonah that.

“I know Sammy, we need to just wait and see what happens. We-“ He started.

“So I get to listen to my husband have sex with another woman against his will! That’s fucking awesome!” Sammy yelled and burst into tears.

Abby took her in her arms, trying to get her to calm down and reassure her, “Jake loves you and only you! You know that, he isn’t going to sleep with her! Mike won’t allow that!”

Kevin had never felt so helpless as he watched the scene before him. How could this have gone so wrong? He was sending updates to everyone to keep them up to speed and was exhausted and he hadn’t done anything at this point. He had told them everything he knew about Denise and that wasn’t really much except how she was fixated on Jake from the day she met him. Smitty agreed with what Kevin had said and wasn’t much help either.

They were listening to Denise moan and Mike say things to try and keep them up to speed.

“Damn it!” They heard Jake yell, “My leg keeps cramping! I have to walk around, I can’t do this!”

They could hear him stumbling around the room then breathing heavy on the desktop and they heard Mike whisper, “It’s muted, they can hear us.”

Jake whispered, “0817”

“What does that mean?” Jonah asked, confused.

“It’s the day we met!” Sammy gasped, “He has always told me that was the best day of his life!”

Jonah nodded his head in understanding, feeling sorry for the woman. He had seen lots of odd things in his line of work, but this seemed to take the cake! The time ticked on and it was after midnight. They had no idea why Denise was letting this drag on and on. Mike and Jake must have been exhausted by that point, Sammy was at this point and her emotions were stretched to the breaking point and didn’t know how much longer she could take.

The three in the building were arguing back and forth, and they could tell that Denise was losing patience with the whole situation in the tone of her voice. Mike was asking her to put her clothes back on and she kept refusing. Jonah was losing patience and had a team outside the office ready to breach when they heard an opening.

“Jake, I’m done waiting! We need to consummate our relationship! Mike has the divorce papers and the custody papers ready to be filed in the morning! We need to be a family and I want that thing out of my house!! Now you either drop your pants and make love to me or,” they heard the click of the gun being cocked, “or Mike gets a bullet to the chest!” She was screaming at them with a desperate tone in her voice.

Sammy jumped up, her chest heaving with her rapid heart rate, “No, no, no, no!”

They heard Denise talking as she moved closer to Jake and then kissing again.

“No Jake don’t do this!” Mike yelled and then Denise screaming “SHUT UP!!”

Then there was scuffling and Jake yelled, “STOP! NO!! Denis- me! Not my Dad!”

“I hate that it comes to this Jake!” She screamed and then more scuffling and a gunshot went off.

Sammy screamed, “NO!!! JAKE!!!” then ran out of the RV command center.

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