Fighting for More

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Chapter 82

Sammy was running to the building entrance sobbing when several officers stopped her. The radios were going haywire with yelling and commands. Kevin and Abby caught up with Sammy and waited as she clung to Kevin for dear life, crying hysterically. They heard more shouting on the radios of “Shots fired” and Sammy felt her heart shatter.

“I need medics up here now!” Someone on the radio called out and the paramedics went into the building. Three gurneys went in the building and they waited to see what was coming out. Mike was on the first one and had some blood on him and had oxygen on his face. Abby went up to him and grabbed his hand, following along to the ambulance, crying in happiness.

Sammy grabbed on to Kevin tighter and waited. They heard on the radio a request for the coroner. And Sammy almost collapsed and screamed for Jake as Kevin held her up. Kevin was trying to carry her to a waiting police car to sit down as he was losing control at the thought of his best friend being gone forever.

There was more commotion as the group of police parted and another gurney moved past them.

“Where is she? Sammy?!”

Sammy lifted her head and pushed past Kevin to see Jake on the rolling bed moving along, “Jake!!”

She ran to behind him and jumped in the ambulance and threw her arms around her husband’s head and sobbed. He reached up and touched her skin, feeling the warmth and softness he smiled weakly and whispered, “I love you,” and passed out.


She was asleep, curled into an uncomfortable hospital chair. Her beautiful red hair that was once pulled back in a French braid was askew and he smiled. She was so beautiful and he loved her so much that it made his heart physically ache. And the realization that he almost died tonight infuriated him so much that he could hear the heart rate monitor start to beep.

He rolled his eyes and took a few deep breaths to get his rate back down before some nurse came in and woke up the woman he loved. And she needed sleep. He looked at the clock and saw that it was a quarter past 5 and still very dark out. He hated the long winter days and how dark they could be, he always had. But Sammy was always the light in his life, the one thing that could make his day shine. Even when he was in Texas, he would think of her when he felt lonely and down. That’s when he had all their pictures made into albums that he would look at when he needed it. And now he had her and was never going to let her go.

He smiled as he looked at her still sleeping form and needed to touch her and be close to her and reached out and touched her arm and whispered, “Hey Baby…”

Sammy stirred hearing his voice and feeling his touch and blinked as she felt a kink in her neck from the way she had been sitting. Everything suddenly came back to her in one moment as she saw Jake in the hospital bed and jumped up.

“Jake! Oh shit, are you ok?” She cried and rushed to his side, hesitating before touching him.

He smiled, “Hey Baby. I’m fine,”

“Are you sure? Why did you pass out?” She asked tearfully.

“I promise! I was exhausted and tweaked my knee in the struggle for the gun, but I promise I’m ok,” He assured her, reaching out and holding her hand.

“Jake… I thought I had lost you…” She whispered.

“Hey, you didn’t Baby. I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere,” he tried to assure her and laced his fingers through hers and smiled lightly.

Sammy looked at their joined fingers and started sobbing. Jake felt himself tear up too and pulled her to his chest. Sammy melted against him, molding herself to his side, smelling his familiar scent and feeling his muscles and against hers. Jake wrapped his arms around her and pulled her even closer to him. This was the first time they had touched in weeks, since that night and he desperately missed her.

“I love you Jake and I’m so sorry I pushed you away! I miss you so much and I can’t live without you and when I heard that woman saying she was going to take you from me-I almost died! I just couldn’t bear the thought that I had lost you! Please don’t ever leave me!!” she sobbed.

Jake felt his tears dripping, “I’m so sorry too. I never meant to hurt you or take advantage of how amazing you are. I promise to do better and I will NEVER leave you!”

They lay on his hospital bed, holding each other and crying, letting the emotion guide their healing. Once they both had calmed down he told her how he had started wrestling for the gun when Mike came over to help and the gun went off, hitting the wall. That incensed Denise and she started getting the gun back and was going to shoot him when Mike slammed into her, knocking her to the ground when the gun went off again. The SWAT team burst in and she shot herself. Sammy was stunned by the story and was just so thankful that no one else was hurt.

Jake and Mike were released from the hospital that day and after giving their statements to Johan, the detective from that night, they were done and the case would be closed within the week.

Jake left the bathroom after taking the hottest shower he could stand to get her smell and touch off of him. He scrubbed his skin until he felt raw. He got out and, thankful that they took the boot off of his leg and he just had to contend with the brace and he was already bending at 55 degrees. He pulled on his sleep pants and walked into their room and saw Sammy sitting on the edge of the bed with her robe on, bouncing her knee.

She looked up and smiled, “Feel better?”

He smiled back, “So much better!” He climbed into bed after fluffing the pillows and pulled the covers up, “Hospital beds leave little to be desired. Kids all set?”

She nodded, still sitting on the edge of the bed, “Aiden should be out until about 3.”

“Good then we can get some good sleep until then!” He smiled, then looked at her, “You gonna get in bed?”

She smiled weakly then stood up and took the robe off, revealing a pale gray silk negligee as she stood watching his reaction. Jake’s eyes went wide and his mouth went dry at the site of her.

“Sammy Baby, you look…What are you…wow” Jake stuttered.

“I thought maybe… that it might be time…I wanted…” She tried to say.

Jake sat up and looked at her, “Sammy?”

Sammy walked to his side of the bed, “Jake I wanted to know if you wanted me again or if we are too far gone…”

Jake smoothed back the hair from the side of her face, “Sammy I will always want you! I LOVE YOU.”

She stared into his eyes trying to get a better read on him and could only see love swirling in them, “Can you make love to me please?”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to push you…” Jake asked.

“I’m totally sure.”

Jake leaned in and gingerly kissed her and Sammy pulled him closer wrapping her arms around his neck. The passion that was building between them was shocking. Jake pulled back to catch a breath and look at her to make sure she was ok.

“Are you still ok?” He panted, keeping his hands on her face.

She nodded, “Very ok!”

He grinned and kissed her again and started running his hands up and down her silk clad body, feeling the passion build. He laid her down carefully next to him and explored each other like it was the first time they had ever been together. He licked, sucked and nibbled down one side of her body and up of the other, bringing her to two orgasms.

Sammy’s body was tingling and she was having a hard time forming rational thoughts, and could only feel. She kept touching Jake and kissing any skin she was in close proximity to, tasting his natural essence. She knew what he liked and anytime his taut nipples were close to her mouth, she couldn’t help but bite on it, loving to hear him moan.

Jake pushed his pants down and released his throbbing member, desperate to be buried inside her. He was really praying that he didn’t finish too fast and embarrass himself! He pulled her back to his chest and lifted her leg over his as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

“I need you so bad Jake,” Sammy moaned.

“I need you too Baby,” He said and slipped inside her velvety cavern, making them both moan and gasp.

He slowly thrust into her from behind and she kept their bodies as close as humanly possible. It was so intimate and so sensual and exactly what they needed to reconnect them. Jake reached around and rub lightly on her hood and sent shockwaves throughout her body, making her breath hitch. She reached around and grabbed his leg to bring him closer to her.

He felt his end nearing and stopped rubbing her for just a second to turn her head so he could kiss her, then resumed his ministrations until they pulled away as their breath sped up and was coming in short gasps.

“I…love…you… JAKE!” Sammy panted.

“I love…you…too… Baby…I’m gonna come!” He managed.

“Me too!!” She panted again.

Jake thrust a few more times and they both finished together, pulling the other closer again as they moaned. Jake leaned over and kissed her neck and shoulders again, letting his tongue drag on her skin and whispered, “You are mine forever. No one can ever take me from you. I will always fight for you, for us! You are stuck with me forever!”

She smiled in her post-coital haze, “I love you Jake.”

They lay together a few minutes before Sammy broke the silence, “Let’s go away together. Let’s ask Peggy to come and watch the kids and go away and forget all this shit.”

“I think that sounds perfect! What about Mexico? Or the Caribbean?” He asked, kissing her shoulders some more.

“Let’s look in the morning and see what we can find and see if Peggy can manage it,” he murmured.

Sammy smiled and enjoyed the silence in the house and the feel of his lips on her skin for several minutes, “Jake Honey?”

“What Baby?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Jake stopped and sat up, “What?!”

“I’m pregnant.”

“How?” He asked, confused.

“It happened that one night…”

Jake felt horrible, “Fuck, Sammy! I am so sorry!! I –“

She turned to look at him, “Hey, it’s ok! It’s a bit of a shock and a little earlier than I planned on, but I’m not mad.”

“Are you sure?” He asked worriedly, fearing this could break them.

“I’m positive. We are going to have a baby Jake, and we are ok. I know what you are thinking, we are ok,” She assured him and kissed his lips gently.

He nodded, taking a deep breath, “So how many do you actually want?”

She smiled, “At the rate we are going, it looks like we are going to end up needing a bigger house!”

He grinned at her, “Sounds like a plan! Want to practice some more?”

She giggled, “Well I suppose practice is always good!”

He pressed his lips to hers and started a new dance with the woman he loved more than his own life.

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