Fighting for More

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Chapter 83

“But Daddy!” Gracie sobbed, “You don’t understand!”

“I actually do Grace! I get it! I remember being young and in high school!” Jake fumed, “But the fact that I just walked in on you and that little piece-“

“Don’t say it Daddy! Don’t call him any names! I get you don’t like his Dad, but Quinn is not his father! Hell his mom doesn’t even like him!”

Jake grunted at the comment, could anyone like that arrogant son of a bitch? He really wished he had punched the man in the face when he had the chance and Gracie was in kindergarten. Quinn wasn’t a bad kid, he actually was a nice young man and treated his oldest daughter like a princess. But the fact of the matter was, Grace was 17 and Quinn was 18 and he just caught them on his office couch in a heavy make out session.

“Fine. But Grace, you have to understand you have younger brothers and sisters to think of! What if the twins had walked in on you? Your Mom would have killed you both right there!” Jake reasoned.

“I know Daddy, and I’m sorry! It won’t happen again. We had missed each other so much and kinda got swept away for a minute! He had been at football camp for a month and I have been at tennis camp and when he stopped by on his way to his Mom’s house. Please don’t be mad Daddy!” She pleaded.

He sighed, “I have to tell your mom, but don’t let it happen again! You two are not allowed to be in the house without an adult home too!”

“Ok I promise Daddy! Thank you!” She gushed, kissed his cheek and ran up to her room.

“Fuck parenting sucks!” he mumbled and loosed his tie as he poured two fingers of scotch, knocked them both back and flopped in his office chair. He hit the desk top and that woke his computer up and the screen saver came on. He grinned broadly as he looked at their newest family picture that was taken in the Meadow.

Sammy was standing next to him with their fingers laced together. She looked exactly the same as she did when they met. Her beautiful red hair was shorter now, just barely at her shoulders, but didn’t look anywhere near her actual 39 years old. She took exceptional care of herself. He still looked good too, just a few wrinkles from being in the sun so much coaching Aiden’s flag football team.

Grace was beautiful with her long red hair and dimpled smile. She was tall like Jake, but built like Sammy with killer curves. He was dreading boys in high school after she hit puberty. She and Quinn had been dating since their sophomore year in high school and were a good looking couple, despite Quinn’s asshole father. Thankfully his mother divorced him and married a much nicer man. Quinn had admitted that he had liked Grace since she walked into their kindergarten class all those years ago. They were both poised to start their senior year and with both of them tied to be number 1 in the class, college offers were flying in. Plus Grace had a killer backhand in tennis and was getting offers to play in college too.

Aiden was 11 and looked just like Jake and Mike, except for his eyes. Those were Sammy’s and it looked good on him. He loved to play football like his Dad, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Smitty. He was a sharp young man and had a good head on his shoulders. Jake was thankful that he wasn’t in Grace’s league and could just take honor’s classes and be satisfied with that.

Jonah was 10 and was a good blend of both of his parents. Jake and Sammy named him after the Detective that helped that fateful night when everything could have been taken away with Denise’s psychotic behavior. It got a little crazy when Emily ended up marrying Johan after meeting him at the hospital on another case. Little Jonah had a special connection with big Jonah and wanted to be a police officer and was totally obsessed with law enforcement. And every year since he was four, Jonah was a policeman for Halloween.

Jake looked at the picture again and grinned as he looked at the twins. His twins were total opposites of each other in looks with but were alike in every other way. Mackenzie looked like Sammy and Zane looked like Jake. They were joined at the hip in everything they did right down to their love and obsession with horses and the ranch. They were seven and wanted to spend every waking moment with their Uncle Derek as humanly possible.

Jake and Sammy thought they were done and their family was complete. Five kids seemed good and they had run out of bedrooms. Everything seemed perfect in their life. Peggy was a god-send and stayed with them helping after school since the ranch was booming and so was Jake’s law practice. Mike had retired and Jake took over and grew it even more. Sammy was doing the books and billing and was very busy between the ranch, law office and the kids. Then Sammy and Jake went to their Caribbean beach house for their honeymoon and they returned with a little surprise.

Hailey was now four and was just as smart as Gracie had been at that age. She was a beautiful little girl and everyone loved her, even her siblings. She was just so happy all the time and had a smile on her face whenever you saw her. She had a tender heart and hated to see anyone upset. Jake loved all his children deeply, but Hailey had a special place in his heart, there was just something about her. He couldn’t wait to see who she grew up to be.

Sammy came in with the twins running through the house, yelling about something that happened at the ranch. She came in and saw him sitting at his desk and slid in his lap and kissed him deeply.

“Hi Baby, how was your day?” Jake asked, running his hands up and down her legs.

“Hi Honey. My day was LONG! I hate this time of year! Quarterly Taxes suck!” She said with a sigh, “But I got everything filed for the ranch.”

“That’s because you are a genius!” He said and kissed her again.

“How was your day?” Sammy asked with a moan as he started kissing her neck.

“Gonna have to have a conversation with Grace. Found her and Quinn in here on my couch, on their way to recreating the time we snuck into the ranch office when we were seniors,” Jake said.

Sammy sat up and looked at him, “WHAT? Seriously?”

He nodded, “Yep!”

Sammy sighed, “I’ll have another discussion with her about privacy and safe sex. I’m going to have to do some scare tactics with the pictures that Ashley gave me of STD’s.”

“That’s mean! Those make my balls want to shrivel up!” Jake said shuttering.

“It’s either that or we are grandparents before we are 40!” Sammy said.

“Oh hell no! Scare her all you want! Scare Quinn too,” Jake relented.

Sammy chuckled then kissed him again, “Since it’s Friday how about we go for pizza for dinner. I don’t want to cook!”

“That sounds good! How many of us?” Jake asked, trying to get a handle on who was home for the night.

“Let’s see Grace is going to Emma’s to spend the night with her and Tara. Aiden is with Matthew at the ranch, Jonah is with Isaac at your Sister’s and Hailey is with Rebecca and Lexi and Peaches. So it’s just us and the twins,” Sammy recounted.

“Have I mentioned how much I love that Smitty and Lexi moved here to coach and had an oops like we did?” Jake asked.

“You have and I have to say that I will never forget the look on Smitty’s face when Lexi told him! That was priceless!” Sammy giggled.

Jake remembered how pale he went at the table when Lexi blurted it out accidently on a couples date night and grinned, then grew serious, “We aren’t having any more accidents right? We are done?”

“Yes silly! You heard Dr. Higgins say that the tubal was successful after Hailey was born. And we would know if it didn’t work by now. You really can’t seem to keep it in your pants Mr. Doogin!” Sammy chuckled, “Just like in high school and college!”

“Well it’s not my fault I can’t keep it in my pants! I have this super hot and sexy wife that drives me crazy! And I am addicted to being inside her!” Jake said, kissing her again.

Sammy pulled back, “You are terrible, but I get it. I have this incredibly sexy husband and LOVE the things he does to me. And tonight I plan on surprising him with something I bought while I was out shopping yesterday.”

She smirked at her husband as she got off his lap and walked to the door as she winked at him. Jake watched her saunter out and yelled out to the twins to get ready to go out. He took a last glance at the family photo and thought back to all the good times he and Sammy had over the years and how many more were coming in the future. He went to the stairs and stopped as he thought about how happy he was that they had found their way back to each other after he had left. Ashley was right when she told him that he just had to fight for more, just like in football; Fight for what he wanted. And Samantha Hills was what he wanted for the rest of his life.

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