Fighting for More

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Chapter 9

Gracie went to the little table in the office and picked up a book to read while she waited. Sammy watched her daughter and shook her head, still amazed that she was there doing this. Dr. Wertz watched them interact and liked what she saw. The emotional part of this was just as important as the intelligence the child had.

Sammy was a nervous wreck, but went to the car dealership and looked at the SUV’s that she liked. They had come a long way from the jeep that she currently drove or used to. It used to be her dad’s and was several years old by the time she got to drive it. She talked with the salesman that Derek recommended and they sat down to talk numbers. Damn, she thought that was more than she wanted to spend every month!

She wasn’t poor by any means. She and her brother were set for life just with the life insurance money they received from their parent’s deaths. Plus the ranch did very well. Derek and Sammy ran it frugally; they liked to make sure they wouldn’t be in trouble in lean years or for emergencies. They kept a large sum in the operating budget and they were still able to give themselves decent salaries. The house, land and equipment were paid for, and their dad taught them to be careful and not blow the whole thing on something pretty.

Sammy took care of the books for the ranch as well as all the front office stuff; paperwork, scheduling, billing, ordering, supplies, the whole nine yards. She also took care of the books for Lynn’s bakery and she insisted on paying Sammy a wage like she would any other accountant.

Sammy lived still in the ranch house with Derek and Lynn, but she wanted a house for her and Gracie and was saving like crazy for a large down payment. And she was almost there, just a few more weeks. She was still so thankful that Mike offered to pay for the tuition at the Stevens School if she wanted Gracie to go there. If he hadn’t, that would have taken all of her savings just to pay for kindergarten through 5th grade. She didn’t want to dip into her trust fund. That was for emergencies and special things, like the trip to Disney World with Gracie, or for Gracie’s college education. She wanted it to mean something when she spent out of it. She didn’t want it to be because she couldn’t manage money and got herself in trouble.

The salesman gave her his card and told her to think about it. She did like the shiny black one with the tan leather interior. It looked so sharp and it was fully loaded, so she didn’t have to worry about any maintenance for years. She looked and saw it had been two hours and Gracie would be almost done. She thanked him and was on her way.

She pulled back at Dr. Wertz’ office and sat reading a magazine until the door opened and Gracie came and ran up to her.

“Hi Mommy! It was so much fun! I got to show Dr. Abby how I can read and she asked me if I knew different stories and if I could spell. I showed her I can spell all the words she told to me. Did you know I can do math? I can do multiplercation! I will show you when we get home, then I drew you a picture. Look!”

Sammy was stunned. Did she just say multiplication? WHAT? Sammy looked at Dr. Wertz and she nodded asking her to come into her office.

“Jen, can you watch Gracie. I would like to talk to her mom for just a moment.”

Jen the receptionist got up and took Gracie by the hand to show her the coloring books and got her a juice box and animal crackers. Dr. Wertz closed the door behind Sammy and showed her a chair. She sat next to her and smiled.

“First, Samantha, you are to be commended. You have a wonderful, sweet, compassionate, very intelligent daughter. She is very well adjusted and an absolute delight to be around.”

“Thank you, Dr. Wertz, she is the light of my life and I would do anything for her.”

“That is my second point. She loves and adores her family. She talked about you,” she checked her notes, “her Uncle Derek, Auntie Lynn, the new baby and her Grampy. She would do anything for any of you. I am not going to lie; I want to be part of your family just so I can be around her!”

They both laughed as Dr. Wertz continued to talk about the testing, her results and her observations. Sammy was dumbfounded with all the things she was being told. She did indeed have a high IQ and she would need schooling and the challenge that the Stevens School could give her. Dr. Wertz agreed that it was a good choice.

“There is one thing that Gracie mentioned that I wanted to bring up to you. She mentioned that she was going to see her Daddy. Is that true?”

Sammy sighed, “She brought that up for the first time this morning, asking why she didn’t ever see her Daddy. She mentioned that she would like to and told her I would try and work on that…”

“And are you going to work on that? Is it possible that she could?”

“I just found out the other day that her father is in town visiting his dad, Grampy. Jake, her dad, doesn’t know about her…”


“More than you can ever know!”

She smiled at the young woman, “Why are you scared? Are you afraid that he will take her from you?”

“No, I don’t think he would do that. He isn’t like that. He has a career in another state, so I don’t think he will be around much.”

“Are you scared that he will hurt her, by seeing her this time and then not be around for a long time?”

Sammy nodded and looked down.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Do you still love him?”


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