The Love We Choose

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Chapter 13

Sitting in the elegantly decorated reception area of Dr. Ulias’s office in Midtown, Lynne was trying to will her stomach to calm down. “I’m so nauseous, I can feel my heart beating in my stomach. I don’t think I’m going to make it through this appointment without puking at least once. Plus, they instructed that I have a full bladder. So I’m either gonna piss myself, puke, or both,” she whispered to Huan as she leaned her head back against the wall behind her.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I don’t think so. Unless you can have the morning sickness for the next few months instead of me.”

“I’m sorry Lyndy. Ah-choo.” He sneezed into the crook of his arm.

“God bless you. Don’t be. I signed up for this remember?” She handed him a tissue from her purse. He nodded back in thanks before blowing his nose. “And it’s not for forever. I get to pee soon at least. Eventually, me and the parasite will come to some sort of agreement and the constant nausea will disappear.”

Throwing out the tissue in the nearby trashcan, and sitting back down, Huan covered her hand with his and pulled it toward his chest.

“What are you doing, Huan?” She asked him with a skeptical look on his face. Granted, they were the only people seated in the waiting area, but this meant that the receptionist was probably listening to every bit of their conversation.

“Just bare with me for a moment. Close your eyes.” Holding her wrist, he turned her palm upwards and placed his left thumb on a spot a few inches below her wrist while his right hand held her hand in place. Feeling around on her inner arm with his left thumb, he located her two tendons and gently pressed against them. “Deep breaths in and out, Lynne.” He continued to massage against the same spot for a couple of minutes before switching to her other arm and repeating the process. Lynne visibly relaxed and opened her eyes.

“What sorcery is this?” She asked him, shocked.

“You feel better?” He asked her with a small smile on his lips.

“Much. Seriously, what magic did you just do to my body?”

“Not magic, acupressure. That was your Pericardium 6 or PC6 pressure point. It alleviates nausea. Only temporarily though, but you should be able to make it through your appointment if you press that spot on both your wrists when your nausea acts up again.”

“I still think it’s magic. Not only are you a superhero, but a wizard too. You are magnificent.” She leaned over and pecked his cheek before resting her head on his shoulder.


“Just a little bit. I mean, I’ve done my research, you’ve got the list of questions, plus the Head of the OB/GYN department recommended this doctor. Things can’t be outlined much better, but I still have a couple butterflies floating around my insides.”

“That’s only natural for a first-time mom. Plus, you are a habitual worrier. So, I’m not shocked.” Lacing his fingers through hers, he gave them a firm squeeze. “But we’re doing this together, so you don’t have to be so worried.”

The door opened next to the reception desk and a medium-height, red-haired nurse in pale pink scrubs called out Lynne’s name. “You can come through to the back now.”

Taking a deep breath, Lynne stood up, straightened her skirt and blouse and walked toward the door. Huan followed behind quietly.

“Excuse me sir, we only allow,” the nurse began, but was cut off by Lynne.

“It’s ok, he’s the father.”

A brief look of doubt flashed across the nurse’s face as she looked from Lynne to Huan, before she turned around and led them to the exam room. Behind her back, Lynne faced Huan and quickly signed the word, ‘rude’ with disgust. In response, Huan sent her back an equally displeased, ‘I know, right?’

Both of them plastered fake smiles on their face when the nurse led them into the room. Huan helped Lynne hop up onto the paper-covered exam bed. The nurse, who told them her name was Patty, proceeded to take Lynne’s vitals and several vials of her blood for testing. Before she left the room, Nurse Patty gave Lynne a plastic specimen cup to provide a urine sample and a paper gown. She then let her know that the bathroom was two doors down to the right and instructed her to put on the gown so the doctor could do a full examination. Finally, Nurse Patty informed her that the doctor would knock before entering the room to make sure she was ready in a few minutes before leaving the room.

“Ok, seriously, what was up with that look she gave us? It’s not that far fetched that we would be having a kid together right?” She asked him as she got off the exam table and turned her back on him. Resting her hands on the table, she balanced herself as she slipped out of her shoes. Recently, she had been having a few issues with balance and she did not want to take any chances.

“That was quite unprofessional of her. However, maybe she was trying to figure out how we fit together? I mean, you are a tiny woman and I am a tall man.”

“I’m not that tiny. I’ll let you know that five foot five is a normal height for women. You’re the obnoxiously tall one,” she stated, sticking her tongue out at him over her shoulder before she resumed undressing.

“My height is not obnoxious, you’re just jealous that I don’t need help reaching items on the top shelves of supermarkets.” She promptly gave him the finger in retaliation. Watching her twist her skirt around to get a better access to the clasp before starting to pull down the zipper on her skirt, Huan asked her, “do you want me to leave the room; give you some privacy?”

“Naw. I mean, you’ve seen it all before haven’t you? What’s another peek going to do? Get me more pregnant?” Shimmying the fabric down her hips and eventually letting it drop to the floor, she kicked it to the side before moving on to her blouse.

Mesmerized by her outline from the back, Huan took in the sensual curves of her petite frame, the lean muscle of her thighs and calves, the pert ass the gods had blessed her with, and the small waist. A small flush began to creep up the back of his neck as she removed the blouse over her head. Although there was nothing sexy with the setting of an exam room with diagrams of developing fetuses and women’s reproductive systems on the wall, he couldn’t stop his blood from heading toward his cock. When she hooked her thumbs under the sides of her panties and bent forward slightly, he had to look away to prevent himself from reacting any further. He snapped back to reality when Lynne grumbled out, “they don’t make these things comfortable do they?” When she bent over to pick up her clothes, he caught a glimpse of her naked back-side.

He grunted out a quick, “no” before crossing one leg over the other.

Folding her clothes and placing them on the chair next to Huan, she jumped back up onto the exam table. A sequence of three knocks could be heard on the other side of the door.

“I’m changed. You can come in.” Lynne answered.

The door opened and a middle-aged woman with a cheery disposition, wearing light green scrubs and a lab coat walked into the room. A pair of rimless eyeglasses hung on a chain around her neck. Her mass of curly blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail that fell to the top of her shoulders. “Hi Lynne, I’m Dr. Ulias. What seems to be the problem today?”

“Ah-ah. Umm. I’m pregnant?” Lynne was momentarily perplexed by her question and looked over at Huan. Didn’t he say this woman was at the top of the list the Head of his hospital’s OB/GYN department had gone over for them? What sort of place is he working at?

“I’m just messing with you, darling. I know why you’re here. I like to throw my patients a little off their game. Take the edge off of coming into an OB/GYN’s office. You know, the stirrups and all don’t exactly create a relaxing environment.” She grabbed the rolling stool and placed it next to the exam bed before plopping onto it and turning to Huan. “And who are you, handsome?”

“I’m Huan Zhang. Dr. Foster recommended you to us.”

“Nice to meet you Huan. It’s nice that you came along to support your friend today.”

Lynne spoke up, “he’s not just my supportive friend; he’s the father.”

“My apologies, you know what they say when you assume things. Well then, congratulations to you both! Let’s get things started then, shall we. To start I’ll give you a Pap smear, do a bit of a physical examination to check out the state of your cervix, breasts, thyroid, heart, and lungs. Then, we’ll do an ultrasound, get you some pictures of your baby. After that we’ll head into my office and discuss your medical history, birth plan, your follow-up schedule, and answer any questions either of you have. Sounds good?”

It sounded like a lot to do at a first appointment, but Lynne had to trust that this was normal because she was the doctor. Both Lynne and Huan nodded their heads in agreement. Lynne dug into her purse and pulled out copies of her health history from her primary physician along with a copy of the blood work she did at the clinic to confirm her pregnancy over to Dr. Ulias.

Taking a quick lookover the documents she let out an “excellent. You come prepared.” Looking at the empty specimen cup on the bed next to Lynne. “However, I see you haven’t submitted your urine sample yet. I’m going to need you to do that before I can do your Pap smear.”

“Right,” Lynne said, slapping her palm to her forehead. “I forgot to do that. Who would have thought when I have to pee like a racehorse?”

“It happens. Once you exit this room, the bathroom is two doors down to the right. When you’re done, you can give it to the receptionist. We’ll be waiting for you here.”

Hopping off the bed with Huan’s help, Lynne exited the room with the labeled specimen cup in hand.

“So, you must be the infamous Dr. Zhang that Clarissa was gushing to me about. Dr. Foster had nothing but great things to say about you. Though, from the fact that she told me you were recommending me to a friend, I take it she doesn’t know that the friend in question is your girlfriend?”

“Umm...Lynne and I aren’t dating. To be frank, this is more of a happy accident between friends.” He told her with a slight hint of redness at his ears. “We haven’t told anyone yet since she is still early on in the pregnancy. That’s why Dr. Foster doesn’t know yet.”

“Aha. Don’t worry. Anything said between us in this appointment is strictly confidential.”

“I know. I wouldn’t expect anything less of someone that Dr. Foster trusted. She taught me a lot when I was on rotation in her department. I am grateful for all she was willing to share with me.”

The two fell into a relaxed conversation, sharing stories about Dr. Foster.

“Leave you two alone and of course you’d do nothing other than talk shop,” Lynne stated when she walked back into the room and hopped back up on the exam bed.

“It’s hard not to compare battle scars from OB/GYN rotations with Dr. Foster when I meet someone else who survived it. It’s like meeting a long-lost cousin. Forgive us. Let’s get down to business.”

After completing all the parts of the physical exam, Dr. Ulias brought a machine with a screen attached to it on a rolling cart closer to the examination bed. “Lynne, since you’re rather early on in your pregnancy, we’re going to do a transvaginal ultrasound instead of the traditional 2-D abdominal ultrasound that rolls over your stomach. It will give us a more accurate picture of your baby since it’s still early on in your pregnancy. If you could put your legs back up in the stirrups, please.”

Lying back, Lynne situated herself as instructed. Dr. Ulias picked up the ultrasound wand, placed a condom over it, and lubricated it before positioning it between Lynne’s legs. As she watched the doctor prep the device, Lynne let out a breathy chuckle. “Nerves?” Dr. Ulias asked her.

“No, it’s juvenile. But I was just thinking that if we had followed the same safety precautions you had when prepping the ultrasound wand, we wouldn’t be here today. Sorry, ignore me.” She took a deep breath and blew the air out her mouth. “Ok, continue.”

With a cheshire-cat smile on her face, Dr. Ulias continued, “Let me know if this is at all uncomfortable. You should feel some pressure.” Slowly she inserted the wand and Lynne tried to maintain an even breathing pattern. Sensing her unease, Huan stood next to her and laced his fingers through hers and gave her hand a squeeze. Turning her head to focus on Huan’s face, Lynne was able to calm herself down.

“Relax, Lynne, you’re doing great,” he told her, bringing her hand up to his mouth and kissing the back of her knuckles. Scrunching up his face, he turned around to sneeze.

“Bless you. What, are you allergic to me or something?” Lynne asked, cocking her eyebrow at him. Dr. Ulias smirked while she continued to configure things on the screen.

“Aah. Thank you. Maybe it’s something you’re wearing.” Huan countered.

“Alright you two, ready to hear your baby’s heartbeat?” Dr. Ulias asked them.


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