The Love We Choose

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Chapter 5

“Is it gone yet?” Lynne yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah, she is. You can change the song now.” He walked back into the room and saw she was plating a mixed-veggie omelet next to toast with avocado slices. The sausage was draining on a plate next to the stove. “Thanks for that.”

“Sometimes we just need saving from our own primal instincts.” She shook her head in disgust. “She is so self-absorbed she didn’t even wish you a Happy Birthday.” He reached out to grab a piece of sausage and she slapped his hand away. “Now, your makeshift birthday brunch is ready. Go put clothing on and come eat.”

“As you said, this is my birthday brunch, what is more appropriate attire than my birthday suit?”

“Did you hear that question as it left your lips? Or do your thoughts not pass by your brain before they exit your lips anymore?”

“I did and am ashamed at the level of ‘bad dad jokes’ it attained.”

Once he was properly clothed in sweatpants and a t-shirt with his hair pulled back from his face, he joined her at the kitchen island, digging into his plate. “Lynne, in your next chapter of life, when you decide that using your brain power for numbers isn’t for you anymore, can you please open a restaurant. This shit is so fucking good.”

“Yeah, sure. As long as you will be bank-rolling me with your high-falutin doctor salary, I’m all for it. Though I’d have to work on a more focused menu. I tend to cook all over the palate-spectrum. We’d never be able to market it.”

“Maybe you ask your mom for some pointers. She seems to have a focus with her catering business and all.”

“This could possibly work, but knowing me and my luck I would probably devote every living second of my time and energy into it and slowly turn myself into an egotistical chef that gets arrested for impaling my sous chef with a filleting knife when they don’t properly plate a crostini or something. That is not an extremely appealing thought. I think I’ll stick to making myself dinner and special occasion meals for my friends and loved ones. And leave the professional aspect of the kitchen to my mother and Elisa.”

“That can work too. As long as I stay on that list for eternity. Deal?”

She smirked at his request, but obliged him all the same. “Deal.”

Placing his empty plate on the table, he cleared his throat and a confused look appeared on his face. “So umm, why were we having a cuddle session in my bed this morning? Not that I’m complaining or anything, you are quite squishy. But wasn’t the original plan for you to come back this morning and we head out to brunch and ice cream before our annual WW2 and horror movie fest?” He asked, grabbing the cup of coffee she made him and taking a long sip.

Rolling her eyes, she passed him a napkin and indicated that he needed to wipe the crumbs off his face. “That was shot to shit for two reasons. One, we stayed out till 3 in the morning and in your drunken stupor you mistook me for a life-sized teddy bear, so I never made it home. And two, we didn’t wake up until after 12:15pm. So there was no way we were gonna make it uptown for our 1pm brunch reservation.”

“How did I mistake you for a teddy bear?” He took the napkin from her and wiped at the corners of his mouth.

“I was tucking you in for the night, making sure you wouldn’t choke on your own vomit like a good best friend, and you pulled me into your chest like a four-year-old with his favorite stuffed animal. Against your super-drunk strength, I couldn’t compete and then all attempts to wake you were futile, so I just counted the dots on your ceiling until I fell asleep. I didn’t even get to turn off the lights. I am now regretting that I didn’t try harder. If your drool stains don’t come out, you’re buying me a new dress.” She sipped deeply from her mug of green tea, closing her eyes and sighing in satisfaction.

“Mea culpa. Mea culpa,” he apologized, placing a hand over his heart in a gesture of apology. “I guess I can afford a $15 Target clearance-rack dress on my measly resident salary.”

Her eyes cut in his direction and she glared at him menacingly. “Just for that comment right there, I’m not taking you for ice cream anymore.”

Shock covered his face, “nooo!! Us going to Big Gay Ice Cream is a tradition. I need my Salty Pimp! You can’t deny me that, woman!”

“Nope. I’m taking a shower and then I’m going back to Jersey. It’s been fun. Happy Birthday. See you next year.” She quipped, feigning hurt, flipping her braids over her shoulder as she got up from her seat, put her dishes in the sink, and walked towards the bathroom.

“Wait. Wait. Wait! I take it back. You don’t buy your clothes off the clearance rack at Target.” She paused, turning to look at him as he grabbed her hand. He had turned on his signature puppy dog eyes. His mouth curved up into a sly smile. “Your cheap ass buys them out of the bins at the Dollar Store.”

Lynne’s face drained of all mirth and was replaced with momentary rage. “YOU ARE DEAD MEAT!” She yanked her hand out of his grip and chased him out into the living room, punching his torso when she could reach him. “I. Hate. Your. Stupid. Face.” Each word was punctuated with a hit to his chest. He found himself laughing uncontrollably at her feeble attempt to attack him. “Stay still so I can pummel you!”

“It’s like getting attacked by a pomeranian.” He said between sniggers, dodging her around the table. Backing up around the side of it, his foot got caught on the rug and he fell backwards onto the sofa. “Ooof!”

“Yes! Your ass is mine Huanny-boy!” She exclaimed as she hopped on top of him, straddling his hips. She grabbed a pillow from behind her and started to pound his head with it. “Take! It! Back!”

“Never!” He reached up with both of his hands and started to tickle her sides. “I will not be defeated!” Nearly twenty years of friendship had given him knowledge of her weak spots.

“Eek! No-no. Stah-Staaaahhppp!” She squeaked out before she broke out in a fit of laughter, dropping the pillow on the floor. “HUAN!!”

Continuing his assault on her flesh, he effortlessly flipped her over so she was beneath him, pinned down by his hips. With one hand he caught both her wrists and held them over her head, while his other hand poked at her rib cage under her shirt. “Please...please...stop” she panted as her body writhed in response to his actions causing the fabric of her shirt to rise over her belly until it was just below her bra. He looked down at her, taking in the light pink flush that had come over her cheeks, highlighting the dimples in her cheeks. Her braids fanned out on the pillow behind her, giving her a wanton appearance.

His tickles turned into caresses as his hand traveled further up her torso and underneath her bra, gently rubbing his fingers over her nipple before cupping, then squeezing her breast. She stopped giggling as her breathing became ragged and her core began to pulse in response to his touch. Naturally, her body slowly reacted below him, rocking her hips as her nipples turned to hard peaks. His body answered in kind and she stopped her movement as she felt him hardening against her thighs.

With her face flushed and her heartbeat rising she panted out, “we...should...stop.” However, she found that his hand on her wrists and the pressure on her hips were keeping her rooted in place. Locking her eyes with his, she saw them darken with a smoldering desire. She tried hard to get her breathing under control, but the short, quick pants caused her chest to rise and fall in sync beneath the thin t-shirt. Her mind flipped into overdrive, fighting a losing battle with her sex-starved body. She hadn’t had a real relationship in over three years. More often than not, on the nights she ached for release she had to accomplish it from her own fingers or with the aid of her battery-operated boyfriend. She yearned to be touched, worshipped, and filled by a man. If only for one night. Deep down in her soul, she knew she could trust Huan to help her scratch that itch. He probably was feeling the same pull, stressed out and horny as Hell. In the end, she trusted him with her soul as she always had. They could do this. Hell, they had had casual hookups before. Her body’s desire overpowered her mind’s rationale. She didn’t just want this, she needed this. Maintaining her own lust-filled eye-contact, she raised her hips up and ground them against his sweatpants covered-stiff cock.

This was the action that snapped Huan’s resolve. He let loose a feral groan as he lowered himself down and captured her lips in his with a fierce passion. When his tongue brushed the seam of her lips, she opened her mouth, receiving him willingly with a light whimper. Their tongues slid back and forth in a small-battle for dominance before she acquiesced to his lead. She would let him take control, yielding since it was his birthday. His hand let go of her wrists as he snaked it around the back of her head, grabbing a fistful of her braids as he lightly pulled, arching her head back. He took the opportunity to leave a trail of hot, fevery kisses down her exposed neck to her collarbone. He stopped momentarily and sucked on the flesh, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body.

He nuzzled into her neck, inhaling her heady scent of lavender, coconut oil, lingering traces of cooked vegetables, and her own feminine musk as his large hands found their way under the hem of the t-shirt she was wearing, traipsing up her sides before pulling the garment over her head, discarding it onto the floor. His eyes settled on the purple lace strapless-bra encasing her medium-sized breasts, rising and falling in sync with her breath. Her eyes were half-lidded and her hands threaded through his hair that had fallen out of its topknot, as he nipped down from her neck to the cavern between her breasts. With deft hands he lifted her up slightly, unclasped her bra, and released her cinnamon-colored breasts from their hold. She moaned out loud as he took a dusky nipple into his mouth and sucked on her breast. Shockwaves of pleasure radiated from her breasts to her core, releasing a rush of dampness between her thighs. Soon the scent of her arousal was released into the air. She couldn’t take much more, she needed him to fill the aching space within her and she needed him to do it sooner rather than later.

“Bedroom,” she breathed out, drawing him out of his trance. If they were going to do this, they were going to at least do this comfortably.

Taking her direction he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, and hurriedly walked them into his bedroom. Gently, he deposited her back against the pillows of his unmade bed before pulling his shirt up over his head and depositing it next to his bed. He climbed up the bed, blanketing her body with his as he captured her mouth with his while his hands worked their way down her sides before digging into the flesh of her ample hips. Lightly dancing his fingers over her purple lace covered mound, he found she was wet with anticipation. Moving the fabric to the side, he dipped two fingers inside to make sure she would be ready for him. She took a sharp inhale when she felt him crook them inside of her, causing her thighs to involuntarily clench around them. He repeated the motion at a slow pace, adding the circling of his thumb to her engorged clit. He was dragging it out, causing her to go wild. The air became scented with her potent arousal. “Damn! Soaking wet already, huh?” He teased.

Closing her eyes, a red flush of slight embarrassment appearing on her cheeks, she nodded her head, “yes” as she roped her arms around his neck. Pulling him closer, a whimper of need escaped her lips. Her lithe body trembled below his. Her hands worked their way down to the sides of his sweatpants, tugging them over his hips. Removing his hand from her lace-covered pussy, he helped her by pulling her panties off, tossing them near his discarded shirt.

The bulge in his boxers was straining for relief against the red cotton fabric. Reaching out a confident hand, she slipped it beneath the waistband and attempted to circle his warm shaft. Pulling the top down on his boxers with her free hand, his member sprang forth. He was wider than Lynne remembered, but his longer than average length was still as impressive as ever. Firmly, she worked both of her hands up and down, using the beads of pre-cum at the tip to ease her motions, repeatedly, bringing his already hardened cock to full-mast. His skin is so soft. She was so focused on her ministrations that she did not notice Huan’s strained breathing or that he was bucking his hips up into her hands.

If she doesn’t stop, I’m going to cum in my boxers like a teenager. Grasping her wrist to stop her before he exploded, he pushed her back against the bed, pinning her arms over her head. He kissed the insides of her thighs, drawing soft mews from her, before spreading her legs obscenely wide open. Shucking his boxers off, he nestled himself at her entrance, the tip of his vascular, ramrod-stiff cock just barely caressing her slit. With painstaking control, he slowly slid into her wet tunnel. He elicited a throaty “yes” from her when he was fully sheathed inside her warm core. He paused briefly to let her body get accustomed to his size. When she crossed her ankles behind his back and drew him closer, he took that as his cue to continue.

Moving his hands to her hips to keep her rooted in place, he pulled back until only the tip of his cock was inside her, then plunged himself back to the hilt. Pulsing his hips, he repeated this act in a smooth motion.

She matched his movements, rolling her hips to match his rhythm, letting out soft moans of pleasure. Her knees butterflied open further as his thrusts to hit that sweet spot of nerves within her tunnel.

“God, you feel so good.” He grunted out between clenched teeth before dropping his head down to suckle her neck.

“Don’t. Don’t. Don’t stop,” came her breathy reply. Raking her nails down his back, she felt a need building within her core that intensified ten-fold when he dropped his head down to her breast, drew her peaked nipple into his mouth, and sucked it hard. The lightning bolt of satisfaction radiated throughout her body. Feeling herself reach her crux, his name burst through her lips as she felt a tidal wave of pleasure flow over her. Her whole body shuddered as she felt herself release around his cock.

Still chasing his own release, he placed her left leg over his shoulder as he continued to pound into her core. He rammed in and out of her with the focus and intensity of a man crazed. He was quickly bringing her to the precipice again in this new position and she hadn’t finished riding out her first orgasm. Reaching between them he stroked her clit as he slowed down, nearing his own end. His thrusts were becoming sloppy as he ground his hips into her warm, slick center. After three more thrusts a loud groan escaped his throat as his body tensed up, his testicles clenched, and he spilled himself deep inside of her. The warm release flowed through him, sapping his energy, but leaving him feeling fulfilled. Once his body finished trembling, he lowered himself beside her, nuzzling her neck, kissing below her left ear. “Wow.”

“Umm...Happy Birthday, Huan.” She told him, casually. He lifted his head up and locked eyes with her, before they both dissolved into a round of loud laughter.

Shaking his head at her, he placed his hands on her hips before rolling her on top of him, content to just hold her against his chest. “Thanks.” Once their breathing patterns finally returned to normal, Huan was lazily tracing circles with his fingers on Lynne’s back as she lay on top of him with her eyes closed. “So....does this still mean no ice cream?”

Her eyes fluttered open, she picked her head up off of his chest and stared him in the eyes, cocking her eyebrow. “I guess you’ve earned it.” She rolled off of him, and grabbed the discarded articles of clothing she had been wearing. “But first, I need to shower and you need to wash the dishes.”

“Still my birthday, not doing the dishes.”

“It’s your apartment and I’m your best friend, not your maid. At least put them in the dishwasher so you don’t get creepy crawly houseguests.” She called to him as she closed the door to the bathroom behind her.

“You are still not the boss of me.” He muttered, putting his boxers and sweatpants back on before walking into the kitchen.

Once they completed their trip to go get ice cream, Lynne’s treat as promised, and leisurely walk through the park to people-watch, they returned back to the apartment. After deciding to get dinner delivered from a local Mexican-food joint, they eagerly chowed down with a couple of beers and watched, “The Dirty Dozen,” Huan’s favorite movie before they started their horror-movie fest. Once the final movie was over, Lynne changed back into her now-dry dress. She hugged Huan, wished him a Happy Birthday once more, and drove back home to Jersey. She needed to prepare herself mentally for work in the morning. Neither of them spoke about what had happened between them hours earlier.


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