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The Date has Been Set

Hello dear readers a huge thank you for supporting my books. I trust you all are enjoying the read. I started writing these books while being was stuck at home during the covid-19 lockdown. I have done some editing along the way. Happy reading...... join us as we continue the love story of this stunning couple.

I got dressed in a red skater dress my mom bought for me and four inch gold pumps Nish got me. My sister knows the max height I can manage is three inches I don’t know what she was thinking. I managed to make it safely down the stairs I check on Gi he was getting dressed. Mom had Elena, Samara and Nish get Gi a shirt to match the dress she got me sometime yesterday, a red athletic fit shirt with black microdots paired with his slim fitting black jeans.

"Wow you look hot babe. Those legs are looking sexy I can't wait to wrap those legs around my hips later." Gi exclaims.

I blush, "thank you. You look handsomely delicious. I am glad you think I look sexy I could barely walk in these shoes."

Grabbing my hand, "that's why you got me babe. Let me help you."

I smile at him kissing his cheek, "ah now I know the secret to walking in these things."

Gi chuckles, "I think having a boyfriend is a pre-requirement to wear four inch heels."

Kissing me again before we walk out to the patio, everyone had arrived and helped mom with setting up for dinner. The food was laid out buffet style after we piled our plates with our food, we take our seats in order of age, my grandmothers, my mom, my uncles and aunts, the cousins according to ages then the children. Some of the men were on bartending duties ensuring everyone had a drink.

Seated in the back porch, starting with Ambi’s grandmothers then her mom followed by the uncles and aunts. They thank everyone for making the effort to come together and for our family including the new additions. We go around the tables everyone saying their piece. Nish and Brad were happy Ambi is finally in a serious committed relationship. Brad insisted he had to further interrogate me later even though Ambi was already engaged. Aki got a bit emotional, giving thanks to me for being there for Ambi as he was always concerned about her living on her own. Yash and Izzy as well they were not as emotional. Ambi’s cousins thanked all their family for sticking together and being supportive through everything. Andi and Mira thanked everyone for their warm hospitality. The children were thankful for the food, their aunt Ambi who spoils them rotten and the holiday.

Finally it was my turn, I stand grabbing Ambi’s hand to stand with me. I start, “on behalf of my beautiful fiancé and I. Firstly I would like to say I am thankful for this beauty standing next to me and this wonderful family I have now joined. You all helped to mold Ambi into the amazing woman she is today. I proudly get to make her my wife. I am a part of Ambi’s family as she is a part of mines. It is no longer her family and my family but our family. With that being said I would like to announce that we have decided on a wedding date. I don’t want this year to end without making this union legal. I need my smart and beautiful wife by my side, I want to step into the New Year a happily married man with that being said we have decided on December 29th.”

The tables were silent for about thirty seconds. Andi the first to react stands raising his glass, “thank you Gi and Ambi I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present, cheers to December 29th, uncles you got your wish they have set a date and soon better polish up those dancing shoes. Your days are numbered bro.”

The tables starts to clap and cheer I notice Ambi’s mom , grans and naan look serious. I walk over to them very assertive I reassure them, “mom, grans, naan you don’t have to worry, the wedding will take place in Miami at our home that we have yet to purchase. All you have to do is the inviting and tell us what we need to get done. This wedding will be stress free I give you my word.” Ambi's mom gives me a slight eye roll, "are you sure Giovanni?"

Taking hold of mom's hand, "yes mom. Trust me Ambi and I have this covered."

My words seem to help as I got them to smile, finally they are on board. Taking my seat next to Ambi she inquires, “everything ok?”

I have a sip of my drink then reassure her, “they seemed a bit apprehensive about the date but I provided some comfort to them saying that they have very little to stress about.” Kissing Ambi on her forehead. She shakes her head, "you just made me very nervous." Placing my hand on her leg, I lean in to her, "babe with you by my side we got this."

We settle back down and have our Thanksgiving dinner. During dinner the family share jokes and stories. Even though there were over forty people gathered it felt very intimate and private as everyone here were family. After dinner we all help to clear the tables. Some of the ladies were in the kitchen packing away all the leftovers. The gents were clearing and moving out the tables and chairs we no longer needed, the kids retrieved to the media room. Once everything was under control Ambi and I head to the family room planting ourselves on the sofa. I take Ambi’s knees placing them on my lap. I slide her pumps off, “oh damn princess your feet are swollen.”

“I don’t know who got me four inch heels my max height has always been 3.” Ambi bawls out in agony.

I am massaging Ambi’s feet her head is on the armrest of the sofa, her eyes are closed she looks so relaxed.

Aunt Laila walks in with naan and grans she says, “you taking appointments? I could do with one too.”

I love grans sass I see where Ambi get’s it from. She tells aunt Laila, “get your own. Ambi had to go to Costa Rica to find him.”

We chuckle at grans sass. Ambi says, “you tell them grans.”

Mom and all of Ambi’s aunts, some of her uncles and Nish have joined us in the family room.

“Nish thanks to you my fiancé has swollen feet.” I jokingly say to Nish smiling as I said the word fiancé.

Nish adds, “if she wore them more often that would not happen.”

“She does not need to wear four inch heels I love my little short stuff. She is not short but the shortest in all the siblings and their spouses.” I joke.

"She needs the height to reach you." Nish rebuts.

The talk switches to the wedding as the main planners are in the living room. Grans starts, “ok settle down. We don’t have much time to invite people we better start calling the guests informing them of the wedding date, where it will be and stress on Ambi is not pregnant because that’s the first thing everyone will ask. We can extend invitations to family for the engagement too for those who missed this one.”

Ambi belts out, “like I really care if they say that. They will be terribly shocked when they don’t get invited to the baby shower.”

Grans, “true but some family are just curious and look for idle gossip.”

Mom joins, “Gi your parents will be OK with you taking part in a Hindu ceremony?”

I tell her ,“yes we have done this twice already one of my sisters and my younger brother.”

Mom responds in a matter of fact expression, “great then once you all have a venue and the address we can work on sending out the invitations. December 29th is about two and a half months away.”

Apologetically, “I did not mean to spring this on you in such a short time. Please do not worry about a single thing. My sister in law Bianca is an events manager she has her own company. Ambi and I will not give you anything to worry about.”

Mom, “Gi son no need to apologize. Everyone is ecstatic Ambi is getting married. My only concern is that I am here and she is in Miami. Your sister in law will definitely come in handy, you are sticking to your word and not giving me much to stress about thank you Giovanni. I just need to gather a list of everything we will need for the ceremony that Ambi will have to get.”

Aunt Laila, “Giovanni you and Ambi need to ensure that wherever the venue is hotels are close by for all the out of town family we have plenty of those.”

Aunt Nina, “yes as we will all have to fly down for the wedding.”

Putting my hand on Ambi’s knees, “certainly aunts, our home will have enough room for all the immediate family. We guarantee you this wedding will be stress free right princess.”

I nudge Ambi’s knee again but she does not budge. Grans says, “it looks like Ambi fell asleep. Gi you go put Ambi in the office to sleep. When she gets up she can go up to the room, no need to strain yourself taking her up the stairs.”

Hesitantly I say, “it’s no trouble grans. We have to be in the airport by 8:30am. I should ensure our bags are packed since the princess fell asleep. I’ll take her up and get started on that.”

Aunt Laila gestures, “grans you see Ambi already has him trained.”

I acknowledge aunt Laila saying, “have you ever seen Ambi roll her eyes? That is scary. The first time Ambi rolled her eyes for me I was scared really scared. Heck even my brothers Andi and Gino were as well when they saw it for the first time.”

Aunt Laila burst out in a hearty laugh, “her eye rolling is on another level I don’t know who she got that from.”

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