The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Journey Begins

Lost in each others gaze, oblivious to the guests gathered to celebrate with us. We continue dancing, the medley comes to an end I signal to the d.j. (my cousin) to play the song I refer to as the initiation song Bonnie & Clyde. During the dance Gi so entranced by the music Gi takes his jacket off, flinging it in the air I don’t know where it went.

For the next song I invite Gi's brothers, my two brothers and sister with their significant others. Some of my cousins also joins us. We dance to Blaxx Leh Go ! After the siblings dance. Gi’s parents, Gi dances with my mom, my brothers dance with my grand moms and I dance with Gi’s grandpa. I choose a mellow soca from back in the 80's. I’m surprised at Gi’s grandpa for his age he can still party.

After that dance we announce the dance floor is officially open and the party starts ! My cousin Yash the d.j. gives us a good mix of soca, chutney, reggae and 80′s (we grew up in the Caribbean it’s in our DNA). About one hour into partying Andi and Mira leaves, taking grandpa and Gi's parents back to the hotel and to get their bags.

My family and I shows Gino and Bianca a good time ensuring they enj.
Gino puts his arm on my shoulder,“Ambi I love your family. You all are so much fun. I can’t wait to do this again in November. Everybody is coming right?”
Looking at Gino in amusement,“Gino can you handle all my family?”
Gino exclaim, “they just as loud and crazy. You all got Italian in your blood.” walking off to get a drink.
Gi joins us putting his hands around my hips,“hey sexy having fun?”
I lean into Gi’s chest, his tie is gone and his first two buttons undone.“Yes what about you?”
Gi uncovers the the bottle of water I had in my hand, taking it from my hand having a few sips before handing it back to me saying, “yes I’m changing citizenship I’m no longer Brazilian I’m Caribbean.”

Suddenly there is a break in the music, we look at the d.j. station. “Hi I’m Gino, sorry for the interruption I won't be long I promise. I'm Gi’s second half of his older brother. On behalf of my family, we are inviting everyone of you all to our home in Miami for thanksgiving this November. For the second leg of this party. Thank you d.j. back to the music.”
Gi, Bianca and I look at each other and laugh. Andi and Mira are back, we fill them in on what they missed. We party for about two more hours before Gino hesitantly calls it a night as they need to get back to the hotel. They have to be in the airport at 6 am. I feel bad grandpa has to be up so early but grandpa said he is OK.

Gi and I offer to take them to the hotel as we get into the car.
Gino starts, “Ambi I love your family, I want to be part of it.”
Gi and I look at each other laughing, I turn to Gino, “but you are Gino. I think you had too much to drink.”
Bianca in agreeance, “yes I think he did. Ambi I am so sorry we can’t get to spend more time with you. I did not want to leave I was having such a good time.”
I say to Bianca,“don’t worry we’ll have a lot more parties in Miami.” Bianca agrees, “hell yeah !”
Gino nudges Bianca,“honey was I wrong?”
Bianca looks at him, “what do you mean?”
Gino says “didn’t I tell you Ambi was a special one.”
Bianca nods, “yes I'm happy we get another doll to spoil."

We get to the hotel, Gino and Bianca gets out of the car.
Gino says, “thanks for the lift, you guys don’t need to come out, get back to the party have fun for us. Be careful on the road. Love you guys.”
Gi and I, “thank you safe flight. Get some sleep. Love you.”

We get back to the house, half of the family is partying half is cleaning. Clean up was a breeze though, the tables and chairs remain for tomorrow. We have lots of room on the dance floor. Andi and Mira made themselves so comfortable with the family. Abi and Amara are dancing with Andi and Mira I don’t know why they are still up. Grans and naan are already asleep. I’m not tired but I had enough of this dress, I need to get out of it. Which reminds me I have to look for Gi's jacket and tie.

I walk inside mom hands me the pieces of Gi’s suit, “thanks mom, I didn’t see where it went. I was worried that I’d have to go on a scavenger hunt to find them.”
Mom responds, "the jacket fell on aunt Laila's table and the tie was on our table I saw it when we were cleaning up."
Mom and some of my aunts head to the living room talking, “can somebody unzip me? I need to get out this dress,” my aunt Anna unzips me enough so my hand can undo the rest.
I head up to shower and change. I put on some sweats and a v-neck t-shirt and head back down.

The d.j is winding down when Yash sees me,"hey Ambi I wanted to play a special song for you and Gi. Where is Gi?".
Izzi, "he said he was gong to take a shower."
Yash says,"ok well when he gets back I have to play the song for you all."
Everyone is talking, Izzi gestures, “Ambi we have an extra room if you and Gi want. You two can sleep over.”
I interject, “Gi can go, his room is the office/study I’m not sure how comfortable it is. I’ll stay here.”
Izzi adds, “Ambi you are so spoiled, go grab Gi and your things you all sleeping over at my place. Yash and Alexi are staying come on it will be fun.”
I protest, “I have rugrats sleeping in the media room.”
Izzi rebuts, “the kids are not going to be up before 8 am, I am 5 minutes from here even if you get up at 7:30 you’ll be here before they wake up.”
I am adamant,“no Izzi I’m fine staying here.”

Izzi still insisting he summons, “Aki, Samara, Elena, Nish, Brad, can you all come here please.”
“Yeah what is it Izzi?” they all ask.
Izzi “our beautiful, smart, sweet, sister here who got engaged less than 6 hours ago wants her fiance to sleep on an air mattress hugging up her mommy. What do we do with her?”
“Tell mom” they all say in unison.
Izzi with some encouragement, “oh yeah I forgot I have to pass it by mom first.” By this time Gi is back and they fill him in on the discussion.
Aki adds in, "Gi! Izzi is trying to get you all to sleep over at his place, but Ambi is suggesting you can go without her."
Yash jumps in, "yo Izzi what's the rush to have them share a bed? Gi hasn't passed my test yet. I let him get engaged to Ambi but I'm not sure if I like him enough to keep him in the family."

We all burst out laughing at Yash's comments as he is giving Gi a hard time. Yash and Izzi are two weeks apart they were inseparable while growing up I had three brothers.

Izzi to Yash, "you remember when she demanded equal rights for the girls? Nish wasn't that brave and she is the lawyer."
Yash, "yeah true. That does not mean I'm ready to know what she is going to be doing, especially in the same house. "
Izzi punches Yash in the chest, "dude I'm sending them to the pool house, it's finally finished. We won't hear a thing."

Andi questions, "equal rights? sounds like Ambi".
Yash responds, "oh when we were younger and our parents were having the sex talk with us. Ambi interjected with her nosey self making a very valid point. That they were being bias and unfair. Here they were telling their sons go ahead have sex just protect themselves but were telling the girls to wait until marriage. Ambi stood her ground saying the same rules applies. Making Ambi the most loved & favored niece/daughter/ grandchild. For being blunt, fearless, fair, thoughtful , straightforward, loving, caring and helpful. "

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