The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Early Morning Surprise


Gi helps me with the tea, sitting around the breakfast counter having our tea. Mira points out, “Ambi you seem to have this wedding under control. When I was planning our wedding I swear I got my first gray hair. ”

Gi joins in, “yeah me too Andi was stressing me out. It was three weddings yours, Gino and your best man months apart it was stressful man.” A burst of laughter fills the room. We finish our tea wash up calling it a night it was just after eleven. Getting to our room Gi closes the bedroom door behind us.

He puts his arms around my waist, “babe I should have asked this last night but do you want me to sleep in another room?”

I tiptoe kissing Gi’s cheek, “we will be married soon, you will have to deal with all the different versions of me you can’t run.”

Gi crosses his arms, “why do you think our new home has a den an office and the study.” he says jokingly.

I smack Gi’s arm heading for the bathroom, I brush my teeth, shower, change and get into bed.

A few minutes Gi gets into bed he pulls me close to him putting his arms around me, “you still cold babe?”

I turn giving him a kiss rolling back to my side, “nope I am all warmed up now.”

Gi pulls me back to his side singing ‘Right here waiting’ until we fall asleep. I am awaken by my doorbell continuously ringing. I check the time on my phone it was 3am. I have no missed calls or messages, I shift to get out of bed causing Gi to wake up.

“Babe where are you going this early?” he asks.

Annoyed and anxious I respond, “someone is ringing my doorbell at this hour.”

Gi picks up his phone speaking under his breath he gestures me to remain in bed, “you stay in bed I’ll go down.”

I use the toilet and get back into bed, I am falling back asleep when I feel bodies on me I open my eyes to see Alexi, Elena, Yash and Izzy on my bed.

I scream out, “Ahhhh ! what the hell are you all dong here?” Remembering we have guests I lower my voice.
Izzy and Yash in unison, “you’ll find out later right now we need to sleep we had a very long flight. Alexi and Yash in the next bedroom Elena and I in the office.”

I raise my covers saying to them, “No. Alexi and Elena can sleep here, Izzy , Yash and Govanni just shoo. I don’t care I know Giovanni is the mastermind behind this after we just kissed and made up here he goes again.”

They all burst out laughing, Alexi and Elena get into bed with me. Izzy and Yash gets off the bed walking out, meeting up with Gi. I hear them Izzy inform Gi, “Gi you in the dog house bro. Ambi ordered us to sleep wherever she does not care.”

I hear Gi hiss, “I saw that coming.”

I fall back asleep with Alexi and Elena, getting out of bed it was 8am I shower leaving them sleeping. I make my way downstairs, Andi, Mira and Gi were in the kitchen.

I greet everyone, “good morning. Everyone slept well?”

Mira says, “yes I did, I love your home Ambi it is so charming.”

“Thank you Mira, so appliance shopping today?” I inquire.

Mira responds, “yes we are. Get as much out of the way.”

Andi intervenes, “oh I have a surprise for everyone.”

I exclaim, “OMG I see where Giovanni gets it from.” Making everyone laugh.

Izzy joins us, “namaste what are we laughing at?”

I walk towards my brother giving him a hug, “namaste Izzy, we were laughing at how similar Andi and Giovanni are. Full of surprises.”

Izzy joins in, “ah so Andi is the master and Gi the student?”

Mira chimes in, “see even Izzy knows this and he just joined the family.”

Andi chimes in, “nobody cares what the surprise is?”

“Oh right back to you, what is it? ” I ask.

Gi wanted our families to bond so some of us are spending the weekend in Miami. Mira and I arrived yesterday after I dropped Mira off at Ambi’s. Gi and I went to tend to some business. We had a wonderful night last night the beginning of a weekend of activities we have planned. Ambi’s brother and cousin joined us this morning, Izzy was downstairs with us the others were still asleep. I had a surprise for my wife, brother and by extension my family. I stand up saying, “we have to shop for another house, ours is behind yours, two houses away from mom and dad. I bought the corner house. I just love how we could walk to your home from any of our home.” Andy says pulling out a set of house keys from his pocket.

I let out a shriek hugging Mira, “OMG neighbors !”
Izzy interjects, “OK now I am jealous I want to live closer to you guys.”

Gi gets up walking over to Izzy giving him a pat on his back, “our pool house will always be yours Izzy.”

I look at Gi with confused eyes, “hello you forgot I have a say. I love my brother but what if I had plans for the pool house?”

Gi looks at me with question, “well do you have other plans for the pool house dear?”

Nonchalantly I respond, “not yet but I could.”

Izzy joins in, “great when am I going to see my new home?”

In a stern voice, “when you get back in November. Right now we need to go shopping for your house so hurry. You guys can meet up with us when the rest of them wakes up.”

Gi, “can you get me some clothes? Elena and Alexi are still sleeping.”

I retrieve to the bedroom to get clothes for Gi, “sure thing babe.”
I quietly make my way into the bedroom I keep it simple a white t-shirt and light denim slim fit jeans. I am walking out of our bedroom Gi is walking into the guest bathroom, I hand him his clothes and head back downstairs.

Mira, Andi, Izzy and I are seated in the living room talking while we wait for Gi.

I confirm, “right. Everyone is ready to head out?”

I lean back in the sofa twirling my hair, “I need this shopping to be over and done with like yesterday. I have so many fine details to iron out for the wedding.”

Gi joins us after a few minutes, “OK I’m ready.”

Andi, Mira and I get off the sofa, I give Izzy the key to the front door, ”see you later, be sure you lock up properly.”

Izzy kisses my cheek, “OK you guys head out. Just remember I am not partial to red or orange furniture or pink and yes baby sister I know how to lock-up a house bye.”

It was 11am when the rest of the gang meets up with us at the store, still shopping for furniture.

Gi walks up to me whining, “are we finished yet babe? I am exhausted.”

I reply, “not even close.”

Continuing with the whining, “how much longer?”

I sigh at him he is worse than my nieces and nephews, “we have over eleven bedrooms to shop for, the living room, family room, media room, kitchen we haven’t even scratched the surface sweetheart. We can call it a day after we get the kitchen appliances. ”

Izzy, “great and that department is that way,” pointing to the sign. I knew what I was looking for selecting was easy. The appliance I want is on back order it will arrive next week which is perfect.

Izzy, “that was easy let’s get out of here.”

Gi, “I am with you let’s get out of here. I am all shopped out Ambi can handle the rest.”

I roll my eyes at Gi, “really Giovanni Wyson? I have a home already just so you know.”

Gi looks at me smiling, “I meant we babe..”

I smack Gi’s arm, “right.”

Gi clasps his hand pleading, “what I mean is Andi, Mira, Izzy, Yash, Alexi and Elena are here for the weekend we don’t need to bore them with shopping. Let’s get out of here now please. I will shop with you later.”

I tug his shirt leading him out the store, “using the visitors as the excuse.”

Walking to the parking lot I grab the keys from Gi’s hand , “ladies with me guys with Izzy.”

Gi attempts to get the keys from me but fails miserably.

I drive off first with the guys trailing behind, I pull up at a restaurant. Parking the vehicle, “ladies we are single for lunch. When we get in we are asking for a table for four.”

Mira laughs, “Ambi the guys will be livid.”

I wink at her, “I know but I love playing with Gi. When he is angry he clenches his jaw and he looks so sexy.”

Elena with an expression of shock, “Amberline Murlani in my four years of being married this is the first time I have ever heard you talk about a man like that,” laughter fills the car.

I turn to Elena, “hello have you seen the man I am marrying? He is a FINE piece of Italian and Portuguese mix.”

Walking into the restaurant the guys were pulling into the parking lot. We ask for seating for four, seated at our table the guys walk in.

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