The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Flirting or Not


At the restaurant Gi comes over to our table, “I thought we were having lunch together?”

Mira replies with, “excuse me sir do we know you?”

Giving Gi stares with straight faces, placing his hands on his hips clenching his jaw walking off he spits, “fine whatever.”

Mira giggles once Gi was far away, “OMG Ambi you were right he does look sexy. I never noticed it before. I have to try that on Andi.”

Alexi and Elena were laughing like teenagers, “damn Ambi how do you control yourself around him? I would want to jump him even when I’m mad. How do you think I got pregnant with kid number two?” Alexi asks.

I smile at them shaking my head, “trust me it’s very difficult. Anybody else need to use the ladies room?”

Mira joins me, exiting the washroom we are accosted by Andi, “care to explain what’s going on here ladies?”

We smile making our way pass him saying, “ we are having lunch.”

Meanwhile at our table Yash is busy drilling Elena and Alexi, they are having so much fun with Yash. Elena and Alexi are still with their girly giggles hard to believe those two are lawyers.

I roll my eyes at Yash, “excuse me sir you are in my seat.”

He looks at me very confused, “Ambi what is going on?”

I cross my arms, “I’m sorry sir but I am not Ambi.”

He squints his eyebrows getting up from my seat. I take my seat the waiter arrived at the same time to take our order.

Mira and I order for everyone while Elena and Alexi excuse themselves to the washroom.

Izzy comes over sitting next to me, “hey brat what is going on?”

I shrug him saying, “I’m sorry sir you have the wrong person.”

He turns to Mira, “Mira what are you all doing?”

Mira is good at this, she extends her hand to him , “hi good afternoon sir I’m Siara and you are?”

Izzy extends his hand to Mira, “I’m Fonzie.”

We had hoped these guy would try to flirt with us but that was unsuccessful they were annoyed.

Mira chuckles a bit, “wasn’t that show before your time?” she asks.

Izzy now a little furious his cheeks are turning pink he gets up saying, “if that is how it’s going to be well fine.”

Mira and I wave saying, “bye Fonzie, enjoy your lunch.”

Alexi and Elena rejoins us, filling them in on what happened again our table burst out in laughter. Our food and drinks arrive and we start eating. The waiter comes over with four drinks. Each drink is the favorite for each person it was ordered for. Mira a mojito, Alexi sangria, Elena a mai tai and a fruit punch for me as I was the driver. I politely inform the waiter, “we don’t usually accept drinks from strangers but you’re cute so we’ll accept these.”

Finished with our lunch, the guys were still having their lunch, leaving the restaurant Alexi and Elena insisted we go shopping no one has spilled the beans on why they are all here I’m just going with the flow at this point. Walking into the mall, Mira gets the call first she put her phone on speaker it was Andi asking where we were. She tells them, 'we are shopping babe want to join us?'

Andi , 'no after you ditched us for lunch you want you to spend our money shopping no thank you.' Ending the call.

Elena phone rings next she responds, 'we are at the mall Izzy.'

Izzy , 'ok enjoy.'

Then Alexi , 'we are spending money babe.'

Yash, 'ok enjoy.'

Ending their calls the ladies are focused on me waiting for my phone to ring next. I smirk at them , “Gi knows better. He is not going to call me. I am sure security was on our tail the minute we left the restaurant.”

Mira laughs out, “Ambi I am surprised at how well you know this family.”

I ask, “so what are we shopping for ladies?”

Alexi suggests, “rompers.” I’m a bit skeptical but everyone else is on board, I go along with it. We get the same style in different colours. Sleeveless, classic, short jumpsuit romper with two side front pockets, shirt collar with v neck, button down until the waist, with a white belt. Mira got wild orchid, Elena a crimson, Alexi cobalt and I got sea green. We decide to get matching shorts for the guys with white polos. We had the clothes steamed while at the mall while we shop for shoes.

All shopped out we head for home, pulling up to the house my garage is a two car garage Yash was parked in the garage. I drive into the garage getting out, Alexi has all the clothes she heads upstairs with them. The rest of us make our way to the kitchen, the guys are in the back porch. Mira walks out to greet them she returns saying, “they ignored me every single one of them.”

I shrug my shoulders, “tea? coffee?”

Mira responds, “I’ll take tea.”

Elena, “coffee for me.”

Alexi rejoins us, “tea for me please.”

Alexi is filled in on what the guys did, Alexi jumps off her seat saying, “oh no not in your own home. I am going to deal with them.”

She storms out to the porch, “good afternoon gentlemen,” we hear her say. She continues, “may I remind you gentlemen that you can’t give us the silent treatment. You just might have to spend the night exactly where you all are. This is Ambi’s home and I am certain your mama’s brought you up with manners. You all need to be nice to your hospitable host.”

They continue to ignore her, she rejoins us, “I locked them out there. Let’s see how long it takes them to realise that they are locked out ”

I laugh at Alexi walking over unlocking the door, poking my head out, “good afternoon you fine gentlemen can I interest any of you in a cup of tea or coffee?”

Gi and Izzy responds, “tea please.”

I return to the kitchen, “two out of two ladies. I think they just wanted tea though.”

When the tea was finished I took it out to them, Gi and Izzy took the tea not even saying thank you. I rejoin my girls in the kitchen, “I told you all it’s only because they wanted tea, not even a thank you.”
Leaving the kitchen spotless we sit in the living room having our drinks.

I’m afraid to ask, “what are the plans for later?”

Alexi says, “I think it’s clubbing. We can take a nap until it's time.”

I get up off the sofa, “sounds great, you can all sleep in my room. At least we can lock them out of there.”

I lock the door to my bedroom, all four of us fit on the bed, I’m drifting off to sleep when my phone pings.

Gi ′Are you still single?′
I respond ′you are horrible at flirting and let's not talk about your boys. You sure you want them to be your groomsmen?′
Gi responds ′lol ! you are funny. Sorry we don’t flirt with strange women. My boys are all happily married and I will be soon. Thank you for the tea it always taste better when you make it′

I reply, ‘Your fiancé is one lucky woman, we are taking a nap. You’re welcome’

I drift off to sleep, our phones go off simultaneously, with instructions, ′Be ready by nine dress code sexy’.

Getting out of bed, “let’s get ready ladies.”

Elena, Alexi and Mira hit the bathrooms first. I message the guys to let them know which is theirs as they were still downstairs. Elena was using my bathroom when she came out I got in. We used my room to get dressed. Dressed we make our way downstairs the guys are in the kitchen all decked off waiting for us, they look up at us when we walk in. Their jaw dropping at the sight, the guys walk over to their lady kissing them. Izzy and Yash protest, “what is Ambi wearing?”

I chuckle at them, “the same outfit your smoking hot wives are wearing only in Gi's favorite colour.”

They look at Gi, “are you going to let her leave the house like that?”

I sigh, “I can’t believe you guys. Do you all notice how HOT your wives look? What is the problem?.”

Izzy interjects, “our wives can look hot why you think we married them? Not my baby sister.”

I take a deep breath, “Izzy , Yash I am 36 years old, I am engaged. I am not a baby anymore. Yes you all grew up protecting me but I am going out with my family and fiancé come on guys behave.”

They both kiss their wife apologising to them saying, “I am sorry sweetheart.”

Then walk over to me on either side they hug me, kissing my cheek. “Sorry Ambi. We love you.”

I hold both their faces, “love you guys more. Thank you for being such great big brothers.”

Andi interrupts, “I hate to break up this family moment, the limo is outside. Unless Giovanni has a problem with Ambi’s outfit can we please leave?”

Gi responds, “I have respect for Mira, Elena, Alexi, Yash and Izzy I have a problem but I can’t say what it is.”

Andi smacks the back of his head, “what about me?”

Gi responds, “you know what my problem is you are probably having the same problem.”

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