The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Time to Fete

Gi and I ensure the door is locked while the crew makes their way to the limo. Waiting for everyone to get into the limo Gi pulls me into a kiss which is interrupted by Andi’s voice, “yo Casanova you got the rest of your life to do that let’s go.”

We get in and are off, still not knowing where we are going. Finally we get to the venue. Gi with the help of Yash and Izzy arranged for us to attend a fete that had my favorite SOCA artist performing. Making our way through the crowd at the fete Gi is holding my waist, “you like the surprise gorgeous?”

We had VIP tickets, Yash was leading the way, we find a good spot in front the stage. I turn around facing Gi I tiptoe kissing his cheek, “I love you, thank you so much. This is fantastic! I haven’t been to a fete with my family in years.”

Gi replies, “Yash and Izzy helped.”

The fete is pumping, performance after performance, each one exhilarating as the next. I am impressed with the Italian that has not left my side since we got to the fete. We are dancing away having a blast. Andi, Mira and Gi are enjoying the SOCA music. I am impressed at how they have adapted to the music and are on beat with the rhythms. Gi is getting good at the wining I must say. Gi, Yash, Izzy and Alexi leave to get us drinks. Mira needed to visit the ladies, Elena and I decide to stick with her and Andi. I am holding Elena’s hand as we maneuver through the crowd to get to the washroom area. Walking back to meet up with Gi and the rest, my hand still holding on tightly to Elena, passing through the crowd I feel I am hit on my head, I scream but the music is so loud nobody hears. I am grabbed by someone I try to loosen myself from the grip but I can’t. I glimpsed Elena looking back for me but I don’t know if she saw me.

The person holding me shouts at me, “aw poor brat can’t call the cops for me now can you?”

We are making our way through the crowd to get back to the rest of our group when I felt a yank on my hand, I turn around and Ambi was no longer holding my hand. I look back for her but it was dark I could not see anything. I pull Mira’s hand for them to stop, “Ambi is missing. I felt a yank then her grip loosened around my hand, when I turned to look for her she was gone. I am not seeing her.”

Andi takes his phone out making calls. I hear him shouting to whoever he is talking too. Gi, Izzy, Yash and Alexi joins us, Andi fills them in on what is gong on, the drinks in their hands falls to the ground in slow motion as Andi mouths the words ‘Ambi is missing’.

I can see the fear in Gi’s eyes, Gi suggests we split up but he does not want the ladies alone. I go with Izzy, Alexi with Yash and Mira with Andi, Gi goes solo. Thankfully we took pictures before we left the house so we have recent photos to show security and police.

The person that grabbed me had me in an area of the fete as I am still able to hear the music loudly, indicating we are still at the venue but it was not a crowded part of the venue.
I shout, “What do you want?” to the person that grabbed me. I try to get a better look at the person I recognise the face. A face I never thought I would see again Jess.
I close my eyes to gather my thoughts. I feel him tug on my collar, “so you dress like a slut now? Who are you here with you got a new man that has you dressing like a whore now? Your family pimping you out now? You didn’t make it as a doctor you decided to b..”

I open my eyes, I am now staring at him, “you don’t own me and I am not dressed like a slut.”

He grabs my hair, “what did you just say slut?”

I grab his hand applying force to his hands he releases his grip. He then takes both my hands holding it in one of his hand and place his other hand on my throat. I manage to knee him where it hurts stomping on his foot causing him to release me. I make a run for it, while running I stumble on something and fall to the ground face forward but avoid hitting my face bracing with my hands.

I made attempts to get up but was struck with an object on my back that has my coordination in a loop, I’m still conscious but disoriented. I am rolled over on my back and dragged by my ankles. I am dealt some slaps to my face after my ankles hit the ground. I try to defend myself against Jess, he grabs my hair slamming my head into the ground. I grab his hands applying force to make him loose his grip. I am doing my best to prevent Jess from attacking me when Jess is yanked off of me. My vision is blurred but I was able to make out the outline of Mira, Elena and Alexi I hear their voices but they it sounds distant. The last thing I was conscious off was Gi’s scent. I awake to the sound of beeping machines, the smell of a hospital and pain in my hand, back and head.

When we finally found Ambi she fighting with all her might against Jess. I pulled him off her, Izzy and Yash held on to him with their dear life. Andi tried to hold me back from attacking Jess reminding me I need to take care of Ambi. I ran to Ambi’s side where Mira, Alexi and Elena were trying to get Ambi to respond to them. I leave Andi, Izzy and Yash with Jess waiting for the police, with the help of the ladies we rush her to the hospital. The limo was already waiting for us outside the venue and the hospital was less than ten minutes away. We tried reviving Ambi but she was not responding, there were blood stains on her clothes.

Arriving at the hospital the ladies and I are in the waiting area when the guys join us. Andi informs me, “from what the police says he will be serving jail time without trial. The first mistake was touching Ambi the no contact order is still very much enforced. The police will have to interview Ambi once she is conscious. How is she doing?”

I look up to the guys, “no news yet. The doctors were doing tests so far they saw no permanent or life threatening injuries thankfully. But she is still unconscious.”

I turn to Izzy asking, “are we telling mom?”

Izzy sits down next to me, “not right now but I’m calling the siblings.”
Izzy conference calls Aki and Nish, “Izzy what’s wrong?”

Sounding as calm as possible, “what makes you think anything is wrong?”

Nish, “Izz it’s 2am what the hell happened.”

Izzy takes a deep breath I put my hand on his shoulder for support, “you guys know the plans was for us to attend the fete tonight. Well, Jess was there and he kinda nabbed Ambi from Elena’s hand and assaulted her. She got a few cuts and bruises.”

Aki, “what the fuck you mean kinda nabbed?! Did he snatch her or not? Is Ambi OK? Is Jess dead if he’s not I will fucking kill him this time!”

Izzy nervously say, “we are at the hospital, Ambi is still unconscious.”

Nish shouts, “What did this fuck do to our sister Izzy? Did you call Dr. Williams?”

I interject, “Nish, Aki it is Gi we are all very worried about Ambi.”
I continue, “As much as I wanted to kill Jess too. Ambi is our main priority, the police is dealing with Jess. She will be alright from what the doctors reported. She has no life threatening injuries.”

Nish asks, “are you sure? They did a through check?”

I reassure them, “they ran a series of tests, so far they all came back with positive results.”

Aki adds, “if anything changes let us know asap. What hospital are you all at Izzy? Do you have uncle Mark’s number?”

Izzy, “umm it is Mercy. Yes I will call him. Do we tell mom or not?”

Aki, “uncle Mark is not at that hospital but he might be able to call in some favors.”

Nish, “you can do it after sunrise we should have better results for mom by then. Because mom will not calm down unless she hears Ambi’s voice.”

Izzy, “gotcha, love you guys.”

Getting off the phone with them the doctor is walking out of Ambi’s room we rush towards him, “doctor how is Ambi?” We greet the doctor.

The doctor smiles pleasantly, “Ambi is good she is conscious. I just examined her she is in the clear. I am going to send her home now BUT she needs to be monitored for 72 hours if anything changes you get her back to the hospital as soon as possible.”

The doctor continues, “I worked with Ambi at UOM they are our parent hospital. If that hospital is closer to where you all live you can take her there everything will be on her records as both hospitals are operated by the same board. They are getting Ambi dressed someone will bring her out shortly. Take care.”

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