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I was following the doctor to get Ambi's discharge papers signed up, spinning on his heels the doctor stops and looks at us, “one more thing seeing that this is her second attack she may have nightmares and want to keep to herself. Don’t take it personally, just keep her comfortable.”

I ask the doctor, “will we have to get her therapy?”

The doctor replies, “Ambi is a very strong willed person she was cracking jokes in the room. She might be scared for the first few days but no need to worry as with all traumatic experiences it takes the patient time to recover.”

The doctor gave me some medication for pain to administer if need be and some ointment for the bruises on her back. I thank the doctor for taking care of Ambi. Walking off I notice they are wheeling Ambi out of her room. They handed Mira a bag with Ambi’s clothes as she was in hospital scrubs. We are all seated in the limo everyone silent, I have Ambi leaned into me until we arrive at the house. Everyone gets out Izzy and I take Ambi up to the room. “I’m going to make you something to eat OK babe,” Izzy and I head back downstairs leaving Mira, Alexi and Elena to help her out of her clothes and get her shower and changed.

We get to the kitchen Andi already started cooking, “I’m making chicken soup.”

Izzy responds, “how did you know? That is one of Ambi’s comfort food the other is broccoli soup.”

Andi laughs, “they really are made for each other that’s Gi’s favorite comfort food when he is eating that it's something serious.”

We finish making the soup, I take it up for Ambi. She is in bed, Mira and Alexi are on either side of her. Alexi gets up giving me room to sit next to Ambi. “Andi made soup for you, Izzy told him chicken soup is your favorite.”

I give Ambi a spoonful to taste she quickly swallows it, “tell Andi thank you.”

“Sure thing babe,” I continue feeding Ambi. I kiss her forehead getting up when she is finished giving Elena my spot. Rejoining the guys in the kitchen, meeting up with the rest of the guys Andi inquires, “how is she?”

I take a deep breath, “she did not say much. I noticed a few bruises on her face. She said to tell you thank you for the soup.”

I sit down on the stool at the breakfast counter I confess, “I am sorry the night ended this way. I am worried about Ambi. I think we should try and get some sleep. I’ll sleep in the office.”

Izzy narrates the story for us, “Ambi is something else I can’t believe she still has that bed. She got it before Aki got married and insisted we all spend a week with her reliving our childhood. That week was so much fun though remember Yash you Veer and Jeev were here too. Brad, Shreya and Samara joined us for the weekend. That bed was the only furniture in her house for two years she said all she needed was a bed, a stove and a fridge. She said her priorities was paying her bills, having food on the table and gas in her car. Against her protest Brad, Nish, Jeev and Shreya bought two beds and the sofa set in the living room.”

In response to Izzy, “wow I have a lot more respect for your sister.”

Izzy continues explaining, “Ambi is one of a kind.”

I add, “your sister is quite rare I must say.”

Izzy responds, “yes your future wife is very special you sure do know how to pick them.” Chuckling at me.

I add, “ok so the girls in Ambi’s room, I’m in the office, Yash and Andi in the other bedrooms Izzy you ok with sharing a bed with me? I can always bunk with Andi.”

Andi adds jokingly, “you are my brother but I don’t want to sleep with you I’m sorry.”

I smack the back of his head, “jerk. Let’s get to bed everyone is probably tired.”

We all head upstairs, checking in on Ambi all the ladies are snuggled into bed Alexi, Elena and Mira are snuggled around Ambi.
I out the light in the room leaving the door ajar with the light in the hallway on. The guys retrieve to their rooms I’m in the office, Izzy with Yash in the fourth bedroom.

I am having a hard time falling asleep, I keep replaying the scene of when we found Ambi. She was fighting with all her might to get that fuck off her. Finally I’m drifting off to sleep when I hear Ambi’s voice ringing through the house screaming, “Aki!” I leap out of bed running to the bedroom, Alexi and Elena gets off the bed allowing me to get in next to Ambi. Getting in next to Ambi. Ambi grabs hold of me with her dear life sobbing.

“Baby it’s OK I am right here, Izzy, Yash, Andi, Mira, Alexi and Elena we are all here. Jess can’t get you.” I run my hands down her back to soothe her, but she cringes as she has bruises on her back. Izzy and Yash are on the bed rubbing Ambi’s feet saying, “princess we got you. It will be ok. Nobody is going to hurt you. Aki is not here he is in Canada but we are here princess no need to worry.”

Once she calmed down I wrap Ambi up in a blanket lifting her up. I tell everyone, “I got this you all go back to sleep. I’m sorry again for all this.”

I take Ambi to the office I make sure I am comfortable and position Ambi on my chest, “are you comfy babe?” She nods I wrap my arms and legs around her pulling the blanket over us. I sing her back to sleep singing ′I am by your side’ that should help soothe her.

I had my phone on do not disturb so the alarm did not go off when I got up I check the time it was 8:30. Ambi was still sleeping, I try to fall back asleep with her. Andi and Mira peeps in on us I left the office door open, they make signs that they going to get breakfast for everyone. I fall back asleep with Ambi, Ambi starts to shift in my arms waking me up, “good morning gorgeous. How are you feeling?”

She lifts her left hand to me in her sleepy voice she says, “my hand hurts.”

Showing me the bandage over the spot where they administered the intravenous fluids. I gently kiss it, “oh my baby. It looks swollen too. Anywhere else hurts?”

She snuggle her face into my chest saying, “my jaw, my temple, my back is burning and my neck a little.” I examine her back and neck for bruises and marks.

I ask her, “you want to go shower or sleep a little longer?” She responds, “can I get a bubble bath?” I take her hair in my hand and twirl it between my fingers, “sure princess if that’s what you want. Somebody will have to sit with you. You had a concussion we have to monitor you for 72 hours doctor orders.”

She says, “I’ll just shower then. I’ll have the bath later.”

I tilt my head asking, “you sure babe?”

Ambi nods saying, “Yes! I am really hungry.”

I chuckle at her, “OK lets get you showered and fed. Andi and Mira should be back with breakfast soon.”

I have her sit up on the bed making sure she is not feeling dizzy before I take her to the bathroom. Izzy and Elena were in Ambi’s room, Yash and Alexi in one bedroom. I leave Ambi brushing her teeth and quietly retrieve clothes from her room for us. I lay the clothes out on the bed in the office.

Rejoining Ambi in the bathroom, I brush my teeth while Ambi is in the shower with the bruises she needs to be gentle and take a little longer longer. I join Ambi in the shower helping her wash her back. My heart sinks when I see the bruises and scars. They start from just below her shoulders down to her legs. A few hiss leaves Ambis lips when I start washing her back, I try to be as gentle as possible. Finishing in the shower, I help Ambi get dressed applying ointment to her cuts and bruises before she puts her clothes on. I was getting dressed when Izzy and Yash knock on the door. I tell them they can enter, on entering they inquire, “Ambi how are you doing?”

Trying to be her bubbly self, “I am hungry as a horse what’s for breakfast?”

We laugh at her, going along with her spunk Izzy says, “we were hoping you would cook how about Ambi’s jerk chicken for lunch?”

She grabs a pillow flinging it at Izzy, “is there ever a time you don’t want jerk chicken?”
Yash responds, “whatever happened to being a hospitable hostess miss and besides you our baby sister makes the best jerk chicken ever.” We continue laughing making our way downstairs.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs the door to the garage is opening. Yash helps them with the door Andi and Mira walks in with way too many bags.
Izzy and Yash help them with the bags they question, “all this for breakfast?”

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