The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Sunny Sunday

Andi and Mira in union, “yes eight omelets, we got four orders of pancakes and four orders of waffles and hash browns.”
Izzy and Yash continues, “you sure you all got enough food?”
I add, “Ambi is really hungry I am not sure if they brought enough.”
Alexi and Elena joins us, Izzy and Yash take Ambi to the sofa to sit, sitting on either side of her they both take turns feeding her having fun with her. It’s admirable how much love they have for Ambi.

Finished with breakfast I ask, “Andi do we have to take Ambi to the station or can the officer come here?”

Andi responds, “I’ll call him.”

I walk over to Izzy, Ambi and Yash handing them the phone, “call mom.”

Ambi turns her nose up saying, “yeah I better if I don’t Elena will and I’ll be in more trouble.”

Elena exclaims, “me? How?”

Ambi tells her, “when you get back mom is going to ask you how everything went, you will start to cry. Your innocence which I love sells you out.”

We join in a laugh at Ambi and Elena, which is short lived as Ambi trades her guns, “don’t get me started on the Wyson squad 5,4,3,2,1.”
Ambi points her finger to my phone it lights up my dad is calling. I put it on speaker:

Gi ‘Hi dad good morning.’
Dad ′don’t hi dad me Lucas. Where is the princess?′
Ambi ‘good morning dad I’m right here.’
Dad ‘how are you precious?’
Ambi ‘I have some pain, a few bruises and cuts. But I’m OK dad. Thank you for calling to check up on me’
Dad ‘nonsense Ambi how can you be OK. That animal is going to pay dearly’
Ambi is making faces and we are all giggling as she is being scolded by dad.
Ambi ‘sorry dad.’
Dad ‘what are you sorry for Ambi. It’s not your fault. I blame those lousy sons of mines and the security that was supposed to be watching you all.’
Mom ‘Sebastian calm down Ambi is probably in a lot of pain. She has been through enough’
Mom ‘Ambi darling how are you?’
Ambi ‘Good morning mom I have some pain but I am ok.’

Mom ′ you sure ? Don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything.’
Ambi ′ yes mom. I won’t’
Dad ‘Giovanni take me off speaker I need to speak to you and Andi alone. Ambi my dear see you next week. I don’t want you exerting yourself. Whatever is not done with the house we will do it when we get there I Love you.’
Ambi ‘love you mom and dad. Give grandpa my love.’
Dad ‘will do grandpa is quite concerned about his dance partner so you better take care of yourself.’

After dad spoke to Ambi he wanted to speak to Andi and I alone, Andi and I head out on the porch to speak to dad.

When we get back in I ask, “Ambi how did you know dad was going to call?”
Smiling at me, “your siblings are no different than mines. Andi told Gino either on his way to the hospital or this morning. Mira I love you but you and Elena are the same are you all related? When you all called to check up on the children this morning Mira would have sold out to mom and dad. Gino would have been fuming mad so when he called dad and mom like he does everyday they would have picked it up in his voice that something was bothering him.”

I chuckle, “wow babe you are good, now call your mother.” impressed at how good Ambi is I hand Ambi her phone.

Ambi dials, ‘namaste mom. How is Ashwin? How is grans and naan?’

Mom ‘namaste baby. We are all doing great I just fed Ash we going to join your grandmothers out in the garden. Your uncle and aunts are still asleep. Uncle Ish and aunt Laila were at Yash's they'll ome over later. How are you all? How was the party? ’
Ambi ‘the party was great mom we had a lot of fun until we took a bathroom break.’
Mom ‘what do you mean Amberline? Is everything ok?’
Ambi ‘Andi , Mira, Elena and I went to the washroom while the rest were getting drinks. Walking back to meet them up, Jess was there and he grabbed me from Elena’s grip we had a bit of an altercation. I was in the hospital with a mild concussion, a few bruises and cuts.’
Mom starts sobbing ‘Ambi what are you saying? Are you OK? I thought you had an order he couldn’t touch you?’
Ambi ‘yes mom the order is for lifetime unless I go to court requesting it be changed. He will be locked away for a long time. I just have to give the police a statement they will handle the rest.’
Mom ‘OK baby. The doctor did a thorough check? You are all clear?’
Ambi ‘yes mom I just have to be monitored for the next three days’
Mom ‘Izz I am disappointed in you. You were supposed to protect Elena and your sister. Get some rest Ambi I love you sweetheart.’

Ambi puts her hand over her mouth to hide her laugh.
Ambi ‘mom it was nobody’s fault.’
Mom ‘I know sweetie but it hurts to know you were out with your family and that fool was able to hurt you.’
Ambi ‘Mom it was not expected. I’ll be fine we have an engagement and a wedding to plan let’s not let this fool take away from more important things. I love you. Give everyone a hug and kiss for me.’
Mom ‘will do sweetheart. Expect a call from them later.’
Ambi ‘sure mom. Love you.’
mom ‘love you too sweetheart take care’

Ambi ends the call leaning on Izzi’s shoulder, “do we have to call anybody else?”

Yash answers, “yes my father and mother because when they go over to your mom's later they will find out and be ever more angry.”

Ambi groans, “OK dial away.” Yash pulls his phone out dialing.

Yash ‘namaste dad, how is mom and the kids?’
Dad ‘namaste son, the kids are good they just finished having breakfast. Aki was coming over for us to take us to aunty Dy’s house we will all hang out there. How was the fete?’
Yash, ‘everything was going great until nearing the end of the fete. Jess saw Ambi walking through the crowd he grabbed her away from Elena’s hand and tried to beat her up but Ambi put up a good fight until we were able to find her.’
Dad ‘what the fuck did you just tell me Yash?’
Ambi puts her hand to her forehead while Yash continues talking to his dad (uncle Ish)
We hear Aunt Laila interject the conversation, ‘Ish what is that language?’ (can’t take the Caribbean out of them)
Dad ′ you want to tell your mother what you just told me?′
Yash ′ dad Ambi is OK, she has some bruises on her back and face we have to monitor her for the next 72 hours because of the concussion.’
Dad ‘put Ambi on the phone’
Yash ‘she is right here dad go ahead’
Dad ’Ambi sweetheart how are you.′
Ambi ’namaste I have some pain I have bruises on my back and face apart from the cuts and bruises I’m OK my head is feeling OK.”
Dad ′ are you sure baby girl?′
Ambi ‘yes uncle Ish I am sure’
Dad ‘if anything changes talk to doctor Williams.’

Ambi ‘will do. Love to you, aunty Laila kiss the grand kids.’
Dad ′ Yash I will deal with you and Izzy later.′
Ambi ‘uncle it was not their fault. Nobody was expecting Jess to be there. Let us not let this fool get the best of us.’
Dad ‘don’t pick up for them. Where were they when it happened? Why did it take them that long to find you?’
Ambi ‘Uncle they did their best to find me.’
Dad ′ I will still deal with Yash and Izzy when I see them. Love you bye be safe.’

Ambi leans on Yash, ″I’m sorry Yash I got you into trouble.″

Yash puts his arms around Ambi, “not your fault Ambi, by the time we get back to Vancouver dad will calm down. Don’t worry.”

Yash puts a pillow on his lap resting Ambi’s head on the pillow, “come here princess.”

Izzy takes her feet and places it on his lap. I decide to get between Izzy and Yash so Ambi is stretched out across all of us. Andi sits on the other side of Izzy on the sofa. Mira, Elena and Alexi sit by our feet, we take a family picture and send it to a group chat we have with all our siblings and parents along with pictures from last night.

Sergio responds ‘why does Ambi have bruises on her face?’
Dani ′ yes, did we miss something? ′
Danielle ‘was she in an accident?’

Ambi blurts out, “oh great conference call them I am done repeating myself.”

I take my phone out conference calling Gino, Nish, Aki, Sergio, Dani and Danielle.
Hey guys Ambi is OK. At the fete last night Ambi was nabbed by her ex he assaulted her. She had a mild concussion and well you all saw the bruises on her face she has some on her back too.′

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