The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Sergio ‘wtf !’
Gino ‘watch your language’
Dani ‘Ambi I am so sorry’
Daniele ‘Gi take care of her please’
Aki ′ I am with Sergio that ass will pay for hurting our Ambi’
We hear Brad’s voice in the background ‘that fucking bastard will pay dearly cub mark my words’
Nish ‘my apologies for my husband’s outburst princess are you OK?’
Gino ‘I concur Aki and Brad that fuck will pay sorry Nish, Dani and Daniele for our language’
Nish, Dani and Daniele ‘it is OK you guys said what we were thinking.’
Gi ′ Ambi needs some rest just wanted to give you all a quick call to update you all we will chat later love you guys bye’

Ending the call Ambi asks, “when do you all have to leave?”

Andi and Mira, “Wednesday, mom and dad are spoiling our kids they took the jet to Brazil on Friday they are flying back to New York with the children and grandpa today.”

Izzy, “tomorrow at 8pm.”

Yash and Alexi, “Tuesday at 8pm.”

Ambi asks, “what are the plans for the rest of the day?”

Yash, “we are in enough trouble because of you. You! are staying home. We are going out.”

Ambi gives him a puppy face, “that is not fair.”

Yash says, “the doctor said you have to rest.”

Ambi pouts, “I am fed. You all can go do whatever.”

Yash pats Ambi on the head, “aw nice doggy.”

Laughing at Ambi and Yash, Andi adds to the conversation, “Ambi needs to be on bed rest right. We want to do something fun. We’ll take the boat out. The main level deck has a bedroom, the upper deck has the luxury seating we all win. Before that the officer said he needs to see Ambi.”

I join in, “you all have thirty minutes to get ready. We will head to the station first.”
We scatter to pack up. I pack Ambi and my things, Ambi changes into the yellow dress she wore the first day I saw her. We were in the walk in getting the things together. When Ambi snapped me out of it. “What are you staring at? Are you all packed?”

I fumble for my words, “um yes, swim suits, towels, a few change of clothes, sunscreen, lotion, blankets some clean sheets for the beds.” I change into some grey slim fitting shorts and a white polo. Walking into the bedroom I grab Ambi by the waist, “seeing you in that dress I fell in love all over again.”

Ambi chuckles, “bruises and all.”

I remind her, “hey you are beautiful scars and all.” Kissing her lips.

We make our way downstairs, Izzy, Yash and Alexi were already downstairs. I shout for the rest of them to join us. I am about to call them a second time when I hear their footsteps scampering down the stairs. We first stop off at the grocery store, Izzy, Andi and I are getting drinks. Mira, Yash, Alexi, Elena and Ambi are picking up the food stuff, walking to the checkout counter again I find myself lost in a gaze staring at Ambi. Andi and Izzy snaps me out of it, “dude what is the matter with you?”

I must have blushed when I said it because they laughed at me, “that is the same dress Ambi wore the day I discovered her.” I can’t believe I just said that.

Izzi adds, “dude you look like a love sick puppy.”

Andi adds, “man I got to ask Charlie and Tyler if that was your reaction when you first laid eyes on Ambi.”

Izzy and Andi have a hearty good laugh at me. I roll my eyes at them, “ok that’s enough.”

Finishing at the grocery the next stop was the police station. Andi, Izzy and I go in with Ambi, meeting with the officer Ambi gives her statement the officer explains that Jess will be locked up no questions asked.

While the paper work was getting done Ambi says to us, “my dad advised I take the no contact order.” Izzy and I put our hand on her shoulder kissing her cheek. The officer takes pictures of the bruises along with what they received from the hospital, we are finished in about half and hour. Thanking the officer we leave the police station and head for the marina.

Arriving at the marina, everyone heads to the upper deck with Andi. I take Ambi to the bedroom to get her settled in. I stay with her a bit, I make a plea, “just rest for half an hour.” Ambi sighs, “can I go up and hang out with everyone and then come down?”

Looking at her sad eyes, “ok let’s go.”

Walking out on the upper deck we find a spot in the shade to sit. Izzy and Yash were fixing drinks.

We hang out for a bit on the upper deck. The ladies decide to start lunch. I head down with Ambi I give her a hug and kiss laying with her until she falls asleep. I walk out of the room when Ambi falls asleep. Mira, Alexi and Elena said they will keep an eye on her while they prepare lunch.

I went to the upper deck joining the guys Izzy hands me a beer, “man this is not the weekend I had planned.”

Yash pats my back, “neither did we.”

Andi, “Gi a lot of good came out of this 1. Jess is going to be sent to jail. 2. Look how our family has bonded Dani, Daniele and Sergio never met Ambi and they were so worried about her. You wanted us to get closer and we did not in the conventional way but it happened.”

Nodding, “true.”

We continue talking about different things for a little while. I leave the guys to check on Ambi, walking into the bedroom Ambi is still asleep but her body is twitching, I get into bed with her holding her. I get into bed with her, hugging her I fall asleep until Izzy wakes me, “lunch is ready.”

“Thanks Izzy. I’ll wake Ambi.”

I turn waking Ambi, “gorgeous time for lunch.”

She opens her eyes taking my hand in hers. “I love you Giovanni.”

I brush her hair from her face, “you alright princess?”

Ambi looks at me she hugs me grabbing hold of my t-shirt sobbing, “stay close to me. Before I lost conscious the last thing I remember was very faint familiar voices. Then I got your scent and I was out, knowing you were there I felt safe.”

I return Ambi’s hug trying to calm her to get her to stop crying, “shh it’s ok baby. I am here, princess I’m sorry we didn’t get to you sooner.”

I press my forehead to hers, “I am never leaving your side again princess. Time for lunch you want to go have lunch? Mira, Elena and Alexi made lunch.”

We get off the bed, freshen up, joining the gang in the dining area. When we get there everyone was just taking their seats in unison, “Ambi we missed you.”

Taking our seats Ambi addresses everyone, “Andi, Izzy, Yash, Mira, Alexi, Elena and Gi thank you all very much for everything you all did last night. I tried my best to fight Jess, I was a little terrified but I had faith you all would find me.”

Andi raises his glass, “to family, love, unity and togetherness. Always and forever.”

Everyone raise their glass, “cheers.”
We start to eat, Yash takes a picture of us eating sending it to the group chat.
Dad Wyson replies ‘nice job guys’
Aki ‘just showed everyone here they are elated to see Ambi smiling’
Gino ‘good work guys’
Sergio ‘I am missing out again’
Dani ‘awesome guys’
Nish ‘precious’

Ambi adds in, “Sergio is going to want to move closer to his brothers.”

After lunch we clear the table clean up the kitchen. Everyone changes into their swimsuits Andi announces we have anchored.

Ambi is wearing a green one-piece swimsuit with an asymmetric top stitched ruffle. With a plunging V-neck and low back, with braided ties at the waist, it flatters Ambi figure perfectly. I apply sunscreen on her back, she winches in pain I apologise but she says it was the sunscreen. Walking out of the bedroom meeting up everyone in the living room. Izzy and Andi notice the marks on Ambi’s back as we are the last to walk out.

I stop them in their tracks, “guys Ambi knows the scars are there every time she showers she is reminded they are there . She can’t lie down on her back it hurts. I am trying to no bring it up. I know it’s difficult but try.”
Izzy and Andi, “we got you bro. Lets get out before they notice we are missing.”

Yash and Alexi are already in the water, with Mira and Elena. Izzy and Andi jumps in, Ambi was waiting on me. I get in first then Ambi jumps into my arms, Ambi cringes in pain when the salt water hits her skin.

“You OK babe?” I ask .

She nods “yeah”.

I add, “if you want we can go back to the boat.”

She puts her arm around my neck wrapping her legs around my waist “no and miss all the fun.”

Smiling at Ambi, we swim out to meet the rest of them, “that’s my girl.” We play some water games, Yash will get us into trouble he keeps taking pictures and videos sending them to the group. We remain in the water for a few hours, having fun.

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