The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Swimming over to Ambi, “gorgeous you want to get out now?” I ask.

Ambi puts her hand around my neck, “yes I am a bit tired I should get out now.”

I inform the group, “guys I’m going to take Ambi in.” We swim back to the boat. Ambi and I shower and change sitting out watching the guys. Ambi takes out her phone we share some good laughs at some of the pictures Yash sent to the group. The sun is starting to set, the crew finally got out of the water. I take Ambi to the upper deck to watch the sunset, we are seated at the front of the boat I pull Ambi in my arms continuing to gaze at the sunset.

The guys decided to take the boat out I had to make a stop at the police station before we got to the marina. I took a nap as I was a little tired, I kept getting flashbacks of last night and my heart started to race. I was brought to a calm when I got a whiff of Gi’s scent, I felt Gi’s arms around me and I fell back to sleep.

Gi woke me up when it was time for lunch. The incident yesterday threw me off. After I reported Jess the first time he never tried to contact me but I had moved just after so that could have been why. Gi and I remained in bed talking for a few minutes. If anyone had told me this is how the story of my life would have unfolded I would have laughed in their face. It is surreal.

Joining the crew for lunch, I must say I do love how both our families have become so close. It feels we have known each other much longer than one week. After lunch we clean up and get set to hit the water. Gi did a great job packing for us he did not forget anything. I must say I enjoy the attention Gi is giving me. I get into my swimsuit Gi insisted on putting sunscreen on. I couldn’t help but scream when he touched my back.

He apologises, “I am so sorry baby I am trying to be as gentle as possible.”

I wince, “I saw pictures. I know it is bad when I can’t even tolerate sunscreen on my skin.”

Gi and I are in the living room, everyone gathers and start jumping into the water. Yash and Alexi jumps in first. I swear Mira and Elena have known each other before me the way they get along jumping in next.

They ask, “Ambi getting in?”

I replied, “I’ll wait for Gi who supposed to be right behind me. Where are those three?”

I turn around to go look for them but I see them walking onto the deck. Andi and Izzy waste not time they jumped right in, Izzy screaming like Tarzan. Gi gets in first and waits to catch me when I get in.

The water was gentle as I waded through it, until it touch my bruises it stung like hell. I forget about the pain and focus on swimming in the beautiful turquoise water. The guys especially are keeping a very close eye on me. They are taking this 72 hour monitoring thing seriously. I had enough and was ready to get out when Gi approached me asking me if I wanted to get out. Gi and I head back to the boat we showered, changed and was sitting at the back of the main deck watching the rest of them having fun in the water. Looking at pictures Yash sent to the group chat, reading some of the comments.

I say to Gi, “we might need a small ship if all the family wants to join us.”

Gi laughs as he say , “well we can look into getting another one the family is expanding.”

The wind was cool and strong, the afternoon sun was slowly disappearing. The guys take that as their signal to get out the water. They are getting changed, Gi takes me to the upper deck to watch the sunset. It was like heaven touching earth, the sky was kissing the ocean. Gi’s arms wrapped around me we watched the sunset in the horizon. Hues of reds, oranges, purples and crimsons. The water reflecting the setting sun which looked like it was halfway in the water. It was absolutely beautiful.

The crew joins us to enjoy the sunset. Yash asks, “do we have to head back tonight?”

Everyone was on the upper deck enjoying the sunset deciding on what we were going to do for the rest of the evening when Gi smiles, “no we don’t Izzy and Elena’s flight is not until late tomorrow.”

I turn to him saying, “somebody has work tomorrow. The building needs to be ready opening is next Monday.”

Gi takes a piece of my hair in his hands twirling it saying, “my boss gave me the day off tomorrow.”

I look over to Andi with a curious look asking, “is that so?”

Andi smiles at me, “don’t look at me my boss gave me the same instructions.”

Gi interjects, “why do you think I packed sheets and blankets?”

I smile at them, “you Wyson men !”

Izzy interjects, “great we get to spend the night out at sea. What is on the agenda? Cards? Board games? Ambi making jerk chicken?”

I let out a loud laugh, “Izzy is there a time you don’t ask for jerk chicken?”

Elena adds, “yes when you are not around. We tried your recipe but it still does not taste the same. He does not ask anyone but you for jerk chicken.”

Apologetically I say, “sorry I don’t have the ingredients to make it.”

Alexi joins, “yes I picked it up at the grocery. I had your recipe saved on my phone.”

I shake my head in amusement, “you too?”

They all chime in, “all of us.” We head down to start dinner.

I’m in the kitchen getting started I shout, “Yash I need music.”

He shouts from the living room, “on it princess.” In less than five minutes I have music.

Mira and Alexi says , “so clearly dancing is the secret ingredient.” The ladies were helping me in the kitchen.

Gi joins us in the kitchen, “what do you need help with gorgeous?”

I instruct Gi, “cut the vegetables please.”

Mira is on fresh salad. Alexi is making her special rice. Yash is playing one of my favorite tunes, I grab Elena and run out to the living room I start dancing with her. Yash and Izzy joins us, followed by Alexi and Mira. Andi and Gi are standing with their arms crossed looking at us in amusement.

Andi takes his phone out taking a video and sending it to the group. I walk over to them grabbing both their hands pulling them to dance. I leave them dancing and head back to the kitchen.

Gi joins me, “hey no fair you pulled us to dance and left.”

I turn to him saying, “well that is what you get for just standing and observing.”

Gi holds me from behind and starts to grind up on me. Yash notices and starts shouting, “fire in the kitchen!“

Mira, Alexi and Elena joins us Gi takes his exit so we can finish making dinner. Finished with dinner about an hour and a half later we sit down to eat, Izzy takes a picture sharing it with the group.

Gi warns, “Gino will be livid. He loves jerk chicken and after trying Ambi’s he can’t stop talking about it.” Like clock work my phone rings.

Without checking the phone we yell ‘Gino’ answering it putting it on speaker, we hear Gino’s voice, ‘you all are in trouble 1. Ambi is supposed to be resting. 2 you all having jerk chicken without me.’

Andi’s phone starts ringing he shouts, “shit dad.”

I end the call with Gino, ‘Gino we are in trouble dad is calling Andi’s phone’

Gino starts to laugh hysterically, “told you.”

Andi ‘Hi dad’
Dad ‘don’t hi dad me Andi why was Ambi in the kitchen? I gave you and Vani strict instructions to take care of Ambi ensure that she rest and you all had the poor girl cooking? You all are not my children who raised you?’
I interject, ‘hi dad Ambi here, everyone is looking after me they did most of the work I supervised.’
Dad ′ Amberline you are covering up for those boys but I love the smile you are wearing but no more cooking missy. Love you all. Take care of the princess please.′

Andi ends the conversation with dad we engage in conversation finishing up with dinner.

A bit tired from the day, “hey guys I am ready to call it a night. Will see you all in the morning. Good night love you guys.”

Everyone, “good night Ambi thank you for dinner. We love you Ambi. Don’t worry we will clean up sleep well.”

I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth when Gi opens the bathroom door, “gorgeous you OK?”

Grabbing the hand towel I wipe my face, “yes babe. My back and head was starting to hurt I figured to call it a night I did not want to push myself.”

Gi in a concerned tone, “Ambi why didn’t you say something?”

I roll my eyes, “that’s why I told everyone good night silly.”

Gi takes out my pajamas handing them to me, “let’s get you changed and into bed.”

Gi asks jokingly, “what are the odds of me getting a little something tonight?”

I’m walking to the bed, “oh I was thinking intermittently.”

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