The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Looking at me confused, “huh? Come on I have been a good boy. I don’t deserve some loving?” Gi pleads

Looking at him, “I don’t know about going to bed with boys I could get charged for that, besides I am a little tired.”

Gi rushes to me grabbing me lifting me he gently tosses me on the bed, he tickles me while repeatedly asking, “what did you just say?”

I am out of breath from laughing, I can barely speak. Gi finally stops tickling me. He is now positioned on top of me. I wrap my legs around him, lacing my fingers through his hair I pull him into me kissing him. Gi puts his hand under my top trailing his fingers up to my breast. Pulling away from our kiss, he asks “we all clear here?”

I shake my head, “yes but I am tired.”

Gi lets out a sigh rolling over on his back. I straddle him, “but I have something you will enjoy I hope you do. Fingers crossed I know what I’m doing.”

Gi looks at me with a puzzled look on his face, “Amberline Aishwaria Muralni soon to be Wyson what is going on in that pretty head of yours?”

I glance him a naughty grin saying, “you’ll see my dear.” I pull off my top unclasping my bra. I take his shirt off, undo his pants and briefs. His intromittent organ springs to life, “hmm somebody is excited.” I wet the tip with my tongue, I get off the bed grabbing my body butter it’s all I have. I get back on the bed, Gi’s eyes fixed on me still puzzled as to what I am going to do. I massage the body butter onto my breast.

Gi is looking at me with intense passion. Satisfied my boobs are lubricated I squeeze my boobs together telling Gi, “get in between these girls.”

Gi looks at me with an excited grin on his face, “really!?”

I nod my head, “yes baby.” Gi’s eyes lit up flashing me his panty dropping smile.
I am on the bed waiting for Gi to make his move. In his sexy voice Go says, “oh Ambi I love you !” he positions himself over me. He grabs hold of my boobs and slides his cock between them. Gi is sliding his cock up and down between my boobs. With alternating thrust I stick my tongue out licking the tip of his dipstick. Gi is hissing in pleasure, he continues sliding up and down my boobs. Gi lets out a groan as he is ready to cum, he spills on my boobs and chin.

I take my index finger wiping a bit from my chin I suck it off my finger, “mmh delicious.” Gi gets off the bed grabs a towel and wipes me up. He tosses the towel on the floor, hugging me, “woman you are every man’s dream. You are fucking amazing. That has always been one of my fantasies.”

We use the bathroom get cleaned up and get back into bed I am on my side as laying on my back hurts still. Facing Gi he is playing with my hair he starts singing, ‘hero’ and we drift off to sleep.

I am awaken by Gi pressing his hand against my stomach shaking me, “princess wake up.” I open my eyes I grab my phone that was beside the bed.

“Baby it’s only 5:30,” I exclaim.

“Yeah I know come on, we are missing it.” Grabbing my hand.

I get off the bed use the bathroom, Gi opens the door while I’m wiping my face. “Hurry !”

Gi leads me out the bedroom up the stairs to the upper deck. It was like we were walking into the sky. The blended colours was flawless, there was no definitive horizon line. It was very subtle, at first. Bit by bit, the morning sky opened into a breathtaking display of brilliant colors. Bright streaks of red, orange even some pink overtaking the dark twilight sky. The sun’s brilliant rays shining brightly warming the air. I stood in awe as the sun’s reflection sparkled in the ocean. As luck would have it dolphins were waking up and surrounded the boat it was such a lovely sight.

Gi wraps his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my left shoulder, lacing his fingers between mines. “Enjoying it?”

I pull my left hand from his grip, placing it on his cheek, “it is amazing my love. Thank you I love it.”

Gi kiss my cheek, “good morning gorgeous.”

I hadn’t notice that everyone was up. They were all coupled off in their own corner enjoying the same view.

I spot Mira she was walking over to the bar, the percolator and the kettle were on. Gi goes over to the bar retrieving a cup, he returns handing it to me, “freshly brewed no sugar a little milk.”

I take it from his hand, “perfect like everything else this morning. Thank you.” taking a sip from the cup.

Gi takes the cup from my hand taking a sip, “you make everything perfect.”

I smile at him, “Gi thank you for everything. Yash, Izzy, Andi, Mira, Alexi and Elena are here because of you. I have everything I will ever need. My family and the love of my life, this weekend was amazing.”

Taking another sip, “I wanted everyone to be here but these were the only ones that could have taken time off on such a short notice. FYI spending the night on the boat was part of the surprise.”

“Giovanni Lucas Wyson what am I going to do with you? You are truly full of surprises“, I take the cup from his hand taking a sip.

“All you have to do is marry me” he says

I stick my tongue out at him, “I’ll think about it.”

Gi bites my cheek, “what did you say?”

I chuckle, “I am already engaged but I’ll see if I could get out of it.”

Gi bites my cheek again, “what’s that Mrs. Wyson?”

“Hey stop.” I reply wiping his saliva off my cheek.

Gi and I join the rest of the crew on the sofas on the upper deck while we finish our tea and coffee.

Izzy raises his cup, “thank you to Gi for planning this surprise for my sister and for including us. Here is to a great weekend well 90% and to family cheers.”

Gi raises his, “thank you guys for being here and helping me with this weekend. It was a task trying to keep it a secret from Inquisitive Ambi over here.”

Yash, “trust me it’s easier to pull a tooth out from a tiger than surprise her.”

I rebut, “I have an inquisitive mind I question and analyze everything.”

Izzy chimes in, “yeah our smarty pants. It was not easy having you as a sister, but mom and dad handled it like a pro. Ambi was placed in special schooling because of her sharp mind she graduated school three years before me but mom and dad kept reassuring me that Ambi was a special child and that nothing was wrong with me thank goodness for Yash and Veer we got through having a brainy younger sister together.”

Gi joined in, “wow our own little smarty pants.”

Andi jumps out off his seat, “ok so who is up for an early morning swim?”

I am the first to respond, “not me.” Pulling Gi’s arms around me.

Izzy and Yash simultaneously, “oh yeah we are in.”

The ladies say, “it’s too early.”

Gi adds, “you guys ready to go in?”

Izzy runs off to change while we relocate to the main deck. We are seated outside on the main deck the guys were waiting for Izzy. Gi sits on my lap, “can I convince you to join me for a morning swim beautiful?”

I laugh at him, “sorry. I love you but that water is going to be too cold for my liking.”

Izzy is back up, “ready?”

Gi takes his shirt off handing it to me he dives in. Andi, Izzy and Yash fling their shirts at their wives jumping in. Laughing at the sight and sound they make getting into the water.

I say to the ladies, “hell no it’s way too early for that water.”

Mira, “this morning is not one of those I am willing to go in.”

Elena and Alexi decide they want to go in and excuse themselves to go change.

Mira asks, “Ambi how are you doing?.”

“I am great thanks for asking Mira. Having Gi and you all around me made it easier.” I say to Mira leaning on her shoulder. Alexi and Elena return all changed and ready to get in. Hitting the cold water they scream out, Mira and I chuckle at them. Gi gets out of the water and heads straight for me I get behind Mira on the seat we are on trying to hide which results in both of us getting wet from the water dripping off of Gi.

I grab on to Mira wrapping my arms and legs around her to prevent Gi from getting me. Andi decides to come to Gi’s aid with Gi trying to pry my body from the grip around Mira Andi trys to get Mira away from me. I try screaming, pleading even crying but to no avail. Mira and I are eventually tossed into the water by Andi and Gi.

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