The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Family sticks together


I get out of the water with the same speed I was thrown in shivering. Everyone shouts for me to stay but it’s just too cold for my liking. I shower and change, taking a blanket out with me I sit in the living room snuggled up still feeling cold. I was talking to Kay when everyone rushes in heading for the shower.

Gi joins me all dry and fresh smelling delicious as usual. Sitting next to me, I sniffle telling him, “get away from me.”

Putting his arms around me “what happened baby? Getting a cold?”

I push his arms away, “no I am allergic to you get away.”

Gi makes his way closer to me sitting on my lap sideways with his legs supporting most of his weight, “you are heavy get off. Are you trying to break my legs?”

He tries kissing me, “give me a kiss and I’ll get off.”

I keep moving away from him, “no I don’t want to kiss you. I have a jealous fiancé he will find you and hurt you.”

Gi finally manages to kiss me but on my cheek, “now what were you saying about a jealous fiancé?”

“He is possessive, jealous, high tempered, he does not listen I am thinking about returning his ring.” I rebut.

Gi pouts at me, “baby I am sorry for throwing you into the water.”

I rebut, “I don’t care I have the sniffles now get away. Do not speak to me.”

Our flirting is interrupted as everyone is now joining us.

Alexi joins us first, “what do you all want for breakfast?”

Gi responds, “I’ll have a heaping serving of Ambi, she gives the word ‘edible’ a whole new meaning.”

Elena joins in, “I’ll pretend I did not just hear that.”

Gi confidently says, “my parents told me never lie.”

Andi adds, “lie about?”

Gi says, “nothing. Well all set to leave?”

Andi, “yes. Come on put those muscles to good use.”

Gi adds, “there is someone I would rather do to put my muscles to good use.”

Andi holds his brother in a head lock, “get your ass on the upper deck now.”

As they are walking up the steps I shout, “thank you Andi you keep your brother away from me.”

Andi yells , “you are welcome Amberline.”

The guys are with Andi on the upper deck, we are heading back to the marina. Mira and Elena made breakfast when it was ready we join the guys on the upper deck. Arriving at the marina just after eleven we head for home. Izzy and Elena has to be at the airport at six. The guys are in the family room, Mira, Elena, Alexi and I are in the office going over wedding details.

Mira starts, “Italian weddings are all about family interaction. The bridal parties in ancient times were made up of ten brides maids and ten groomsmen.”

I add, “what the hell that is crazy I want two.”

Mira continues, “Wyson tradition is all the siblings are in the bridal party.”

Ambi, “can I get a pardon since this is the second wedding for Gi?”

Mira scoffs, “no chance because some siblings got a wavier. Bianca and I were nursing. Dani and Danielle were not so lucky. Sergio had injured ankle from playing football. Charlie and Tyler well those pour souls looked so sad. Your mother in law will scold you for even bringing up that façade that never happened.”

Ambi, “thank you for the warning but I will still test her you never know I might be lucky.”

Elena, “so bridesmaids : Nish, Mira, Bianca, Dani, Danielle, Nira, Samara, myself. Anyone else?”

Ambi, “umm do you really want to be in the bridal party I mean that is the Wyson family tradition not ours. I don’t know how Nish and Samara feel about being in the bridal party either.” I tease.

Elena lets out, “well you are our doll what do you think?”

“No. That you all will just be happy I’m getting married and enjoy the party,” I let out.

I continue “Gi and I are going to elope. Not a fan of big weddings.”

Elena, “do that and we will not speak to you.”

I turn to Elena with a blank look on my face, “I’m everyone’s favorite person and I make the best jerk chicken which you all love so you all can’t stay angry with me.”

Alexi sternly add, “Ambi ! Everyone has been waiting on this day. To see you marry the man you deserve, a man that will cherish you. Your prince charming, you will not deny them that. I will not be part of the bridal party but my boys will be.”

Rolling eyes at them, “I am not making jerk chicken for anyone again. You all are beginning to stress me out.”

Mira, “when you are settled into your new home you will feel better.”

Unfazed by their words, “we will see about that. Wear whatever you all want in whatever colour you all decide on except black, brown and white.”

In unison, “how about we get same style in our colour of choice.”

Fed up with the wedding talk, “whatever you all want just ensure Gi’s suit is a graphite grey or something along that line.”

Mira, “Ambi can you be a little more enthusiastic. Oh and flowers are paid for by the groom, you won’t see it until the day of the wedding.”

What Mira said was music to my ears, “that is AWESOME anything else I get to hand over for the groom?”

I interject again, “I get that you all love weddings, but that has never been a priority for me. I love love it can be the most beautiful thing when you are with the right person but I don’t like the attention I don’t like the fuss. We had Izzy and Yash’s wedding two weeks apart you know how hectic that was I needed like a six month vacation.”

Elena jumps up, “I have a flight to catch it’s already four thirty.” She rushes to the bathroom to shower.

We decide to end wedding planning and head downstairs. The guys were in the family room watching television. Izzy leaves us to get showered and changed.

I ask, “who is taking them to the airport?”

Andi responds, “we all are.”

I add, “seriously Andi?”

Andi, “yes Ambi I don’t want to miss the water works.”

Shaking my head, “you guys are sad.”

Izzy and Elena rejoins us ready for their flight, at the airport with a few minutes to spare the group decided to have some drinks until it’s time for them to board, enjoying some laughs talking about the weekend, we hear a very high pitched sound, “Mr. Wyson.”

Following the sound we notice a tall slim blonde rushing to our table. Mira and I give each other puzzling looks, the woman darts straight for the side of the table Gi was seated at. Andi gets up from the end where he was seated making his way to Gi before she can reach him.

Andi gestures, “how can I help you?”

Rebecca, “I noticed Mr. Wyson and came over to say hi. I did not know he was still in Miami.”

Andi, “how nice of you to say hi Ms. I can’t remember your name. We are here with our family and we are about to board our flight please excuse us. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

Andi turns to us saying, “guys we should head to the gates now.”

Getting up from the table we walk off leaving the woman at our table. Andi puts his hand on my shoulders, “Ambi you don’t need to be concerned about what just happened.”

I respond, “I was scared for the woman, did you see your face? I should consider myself lucky I am liked.”

Andi chuckles, “yeah well nobody messes with my brother. I don't like you I love you like I love my brother Ambi and nobody messes with either of you.”

Reaching the departure gate Izzy hugs me burying his face in my hair, remaining there for a while, “our brave little cub. I love you more than you know kiddo. You are everything I want my daughter to be when I have one.”

Yash comes over joining our embrace, followed by everyone else. Andi trying to lighten the mood, “see Ambi you wanted us to miss all the water works.”

Breaking up the huddle with a chuckle at Andi’s comment, Izzy and Elena walks off to their gate. We took the rental as it has 3rd row seats we were all able to fit. Getting in we head for home, “why is our family so emotional?” asks Alexi.

Yash, “I blame grans and nans.”

We laugh, “yeah they have always kept us grounded.”

Arriving home we huddle in the living room, Gi plants himself next to me hugging me “princess how you doing?”

I respond, “I am OK love.”

Mira asks, “what are the plans for the next two days?”

I interject before anyone, “we have two vehicles if Gi and Andi needs to go to the office you can use my vehicle, Yash can take us to mom and dad’s so we can start fixing it up for when they arrive.”

Gi adds, “the new head office is ready we have cleaners coming in tomorrow to give us a general clean and sanitize of everything. We can meet you all up after.”

Mira interjects, “yes sounds good. We can do that.”

I get up off the sofa, “I am ready for bed. See you all in the morning. Good night.” I make my way upstairs getting into the shower. Some of my bruises and cuts are still hurting I need to be gentle.

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