The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Making a new Home

Seated with Yash and Andi, “guys I am nervous. I did not feel this way about my first wedding. My stomach is in knots thinking about everything I want to do to make Ambi happy.”

Andi states, “that is because the first was exactly what you said, a wedding not a marriage. You are getting married for the first time.”

Yash adds, “that is when you know it’s the right one. You are nervous because you want to make sure you don’t fuck up.”

I laugh out, “thanks for this weekend guys. Ambi is my everything. Yash we will be having lots of parties at our house. How about you ditch the girls and we go shopping for a music system tomorrow we can store it in the attic. After all you are our official d.j and I notice Ambi loves to listen to music while she cooks so maybe we can look into a system for the house.”

Yash adds, “sure. Don’t tell Ambi but Izzy and I have a surprise for them.” Yash continues telling us their plans.

Gi, “ah so I’m not the only one with surprises. I will reschedule the cleaners for Wednesday. We leave at nine. I’m off to bed good night guys.”

Yash, “right behind you.”

Andi, “me too.”

It’s Tuesday morning, we are downstairs in the kitchen having breakfast talking.

Alexi, “we have to be at the airport for seven.”

Ambi, “great we can get a lot done at mom and dad’s home.”

Andi, ”you ladies are on your own. Yash, Gi and I have plans. We’ll meet up with you ladies around noon, lunch is on us.”

Mira sarcastically, “oh wow thank you sweetheart all we have to do is some moving and light lifting us girls could more than handle that on our own.”

Gi, “it is nine time to head out. We are with Yash, babe you have your suv back just for today. You ok to drive?”

Ambi, “if I start to feel dizzy I will let one of them take over.”

Gi, “as we are on that topic of vehicles. The company has two limos and a town car for personal use, the contract starts tomorrow.”

Andi, “great! time to go people.”

We head out using the garage exit. Gi ensures I am seated in the drivers seat. He buckles me in, “be safe gorgeous. I love you.”

I lean in kissing Gi, “be safe love you too.”

In my suv with Mira and Alexi we plan our day, “the furniture delivery is scheduled for eleven. We have time to go pick up some stuff they will need for their first couple days.” Mira suggest.

I concur, “yes we can. It is on the way.”

Pulling up to the store parking lot, “ladies we have one and a half hours to shop.” Exiting the vehicle, walking towards the store.

Satisfied with the shopping we head for the parent’s house. Arriving at the development passing Gino's home then the driveway leading to our home we pull onto mom and dad's. I love how all the properties are separated by fully grown, small, medium and large sized trees giving a bit of privacy. The first thing noticeable is the two bedroom cottage where the help will be staying, they will be arriving with Gi’s parents from Brazil. Parking in the two car garage, we enter the house from the garage walking into the home from the garage the laundry and mudroom is to the left. To the right is the family room. Just off the family room is a hallway leading to three bedrooms one en suit the other two are shared bathrooms and the half bath. Stepping further in we are in the concept kitchen and eating area that opens out onto the back patio. To the left there is the formal dining room, the living room opposite the dining room.

Off the dining room is the main entry which leads out to the front porch. Just off the foyer is a den/study that will be set up for grandpa’s room as it has a full bathroom. Walking back into the great room there is a door to the left leading to the master bedroom. Extending off the great room is another porch with an enclosed breakfast area with sliding doors that connects both porch. It’s a downsized home but it still gives mom and dad lot of space for entertaining and they have enough rooms for when guests visit, which they will love.

The delivery truck arrived while were doing the walkthrough of the house. The kitchen appliances were installed with the kitchen as well as the washing machine and dryer. What arrived today was the sofa set for the family room, a television, some lamps, a few rugs, the breakfast area furniture, and three beds. The rest of the furniture will arrive tomorrow, we set up the breakfast area then move to the kitchen.

We had the doors locked after the movers left, we were in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Mira rushes to answer it saying, “must be the guys,“ heading for the front door.

From the kitchen we hear the guys voice echoing, walking to the foyer to meet up with them. In the foyer Gi walks over to me kissing my lips, “hey babe. I missed you. How is your back?”

I reply, “they not making me do much so I’m ok.”

Andi adds, “the place is starting to look great.”

In unison we reply, “thanks.”

Andi continues, “you ladies deserve to be treated to lunch.”

Yash gets into the driver seat taking the rental, Alexi in the front passenger, Andi and Mira in the middle seats, Gi and I get into the back. At the restaurant we are talking my inquisitiveness always gets the better of me. I ask, “so what was so important you guys ditched us this morning?”

Gi lets out a laugh, “oh precious you are too inquisitive.”

I plead, “come on tell me please !”

Yash joins in, “nope.”

Alexi adds, “come on tell us.”

Andi concludes, “you all will find out in November end of discussion.”

I make faces at Andi, “fine well I guess that will be the next time I speak to the three of you all.”

Andi says, “we are still not telling you.”

I remain silent only talking to Mira and Alexi, finished with lunch we head back to Gi’s parents home. We bought new sheets for the beds while the guys were mounting the beds we wash and dry the sheets. Four bathrooms were set up with everything needed, after making the beds we call it a day. Yash and Alexi has to be in the airport for seven and it was four thirty.

Locking up the house, we head for home ladies with me the guys with Yash. Mira asks, “how long are you going to give them the silent treatment?”

I reply, “until they tell me what they were up to today. I do research for a living I can’t help it I need to know.”

Mira chuckles, “Ambi you are too much.”

Arriving home, Yash and Alexi are taking a shower. I pack them snacks for the flight. Alexi comes down first hugging me from behind, “I don’t want to leave you.”

I take her hands, “want to move to Miami”

Her eyes sparkle with excitement, “that’s not a bad idea.”

Just like Izzy and Yash are close so is Alexi and Elena they are cousins Elena’s and Alexi’s mom are sisters Alexi’s dad is from Spain Elena’s dad Portugal. Yash and Izzy did everything together down to getting married two weeks apart it was way too hectic for everyone.

Mira joins us, “OMG that will be so much fun.”

I nod my head, “I like that idea. My kids will need all their cousins to grow up with.” Hugging Alexi.

Yash make his way down with the bags, “babe you ready to go?”

Alexi, “yes. Can we move to Miami?”

Yash adds, “Ambi is not speaking to me why would I move to Miami?”

Alexi responds, “only until November babe after that you two will go back to being peanut butter and jelly.”

Yash jokes, “no Izz and I are peanut butter and jelly. Ambi is just the ants we attract.”

Yash comes over hugging me, “even though I am getting the silent treatment I love.” Whispering in my ear, “we bought a massive music system for all the parties we will be having at your house it’s in the attic.”

I whisper in his ear, “I love you too safe flight. See you in November.”

We break from our embrace I walk over to the counter picking up the snack box I packed and hand it to Alexi, “I packed snacks for you and Yash.” Giving Alexi another hug, Yash joins us followed by Mira, again with the water works Gi joins our hug. We hear Andi say, “what the heck I feel left out.”

Yash breaks up the huddle saying, “we need to go. Gi, Ambi, Andi and Mira thank you guys for this fun weekend.” Heading out the door with the bags, Alexi following him. Gi and I walk out with them waiting for them to drive off before going back inside. When inside I ask Mira, “project wedding?”

Mira answers, “yeah sure.”

Mira and I head upstairs to the office to work on wedding plans. Mira pulls out the sketch I sent her for my dress, “Ambi the dress is beautiful are you going to change dresses for the dance?”

I think about it for a bit before answering, “no after all the time I spent on designing this one I am not going to change.”

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