The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Farewell Vancouver

Wishing everyone good night, I gently lift Ambi’s feet off of me getting off the sofa. Leaving the group discussing the wedding, I pick Ambi up taking her to her mom’s room. Walking into mom’s room I put Ambi down she tosses a little but does not wake up. Ambi must really be tired she did not budge at all while I changed her. I took her dress off and put on her sleep shirt. Gathering all our things I pack the bags. I take the garment bag with her dress it had my jacket and tie. All the worn clothes was neatly folded in one pile next to her luggage, we’ll do laundry when we get back home. I continue with the packing ensuring I have everything. I put my suit with Ambi’s dress in one carry one and the other dirty laundry along with our shoes that we won’t be needing in the next. I leave out my clothes to sleep in and clothes for the morning. I doubt Ambi will wear that shoe again but I still retrieve it from the family room. I don’t know what Ambi is wearing in the morning so I leave an outfit out for Ambi to wear.

It’s a little after 9pm by the time I rejoin everyone in the porch. It was mostly the siblings and cousins. Aki notices me, “Gi where were you and Ambi hiding all the time?”
I inform them, “Ambi fell asleep while resting her feet, standing on her feet doing the baking, the pumps she wore last night as well as today’s four inch pumps were a bad combination her feet were swollen, which left me to pack the bags, we have to be in the airport at 8:30.”

Izzy joins in, “oh damn and here we were thinking you all were going over to my place tonight.”

Taking a seat, making myself comfortable I say, “you can’t be more disappointed than me. Not for the sex I just like having Ambi next to me she has become my comfort. She is like my serotonin. She calms me down it’s like I finally found my happy.”

Taking a deep breath, “you guys think Ambi is going to run?”

Nish, “she won’t give you back the ring she loves you too much I see it in her eyes but she might want to back out of having the wedding this year.”

Aki, “yeah I can see cub wanting to change the date.”

I chuckle, “this morning I told her she was bossy and she told me I could change my mind. I felt like I was being stabbed.”

Izzy comes over placing his hand on my shoulder, “we are here for you Gi. Ambi is strong and independent she is her own person once she feels she is being controlled she will flip.”

Andi joins in, “don’t worry bro we got your back.”

We remain hanging out in the porch. I can’t help but smile internally at these siblings Ambi has. They were placing bets on who was going to cry first when Ambi and I leave for the airport in the morning.

Elena & Izzy has their money on Grans

Nish & Samara on Mom

Aki on naan
Brad and I on Ambi.

We continue talking until eleven.

Aki ,“OK time to get these babies to bed. We’ll meet back up here at 8am to take you and Ambi to the airport we have had two long days.”

Gi responds, “we can go in Andi’s rental we don’t want to inconvenience anyone.”

“Nonsense I want to see you all off remember we have a bet.” Aki responds.

Aki and Nish help with locking up before they leave. I pour a drink of water taking the lights off walking into the office. I grab my clothes take a quick shower and head to bed in the office. The pull out couch was not uncomfortable I just miss Ambi in my arms. I set my alarm for 6:30am and I am off to sleep.

My alarm goes off at 6:30.a.m I send Ambi a message, ′good morning gorgeous, how are your feet?’ I also shoot Andi and Mira a message ensuring they were up. I head to the bathroom shower and change, I fix the bed back into the sofa cleaning up the room. I check my phone for messages.

Ambi replied ′morning. Feet are still sore, thank you for packing the bags babe. I love you. How did I get to bed?′

I respond ‘you’re welcome my love, the dirty clothes goes into the bags I have. One has your dress and my suit. Yes it was all me. I’m ready what about you?’

All dressed I leave my bag in the office it was 7:10 walking into the kitchen mom was there with grans, naan and some of the aunts I still can’t remember all the names. I greet them, “namaste good morning. You all up already?”

Andi replied at 7:15am, ‘hey good morning we just got up getting set.’

I am waking up when my phone chimes, I check it’s a message from Gi. I get off the bed and head to the shower, mom, naan and grans were downstairs already. I respond to Gi while I was changing.

I hear my phone chime a response from Gi. I finish getting dressed, I make the beds before heading downstairs with my bag. I put what needed to go in Gi’s bag, leaving all the bags in the office. I follow the voices to the kitchen.
I greet everyone kissing them, “Namaste.” I lean my back against the counter next to Gi after I kiss everyone, he places his arms around my shoulders kissing my cheek, “good morning sweetie.”

One of mom’s brother and two of dad’s brothers are staying back for two weeks with my mom, naan and grans. The rest of the guests are heading back after lunch, we were the only early birds. We have a quick breakfast with those that are up everyone is talking about the weekend and plans for the engagement and wedding, finished with breakfast I head to the media room to say bye to the kids but they were still asleep. I write them a note. Checking the time it was 7:50 in walks Izzy, Elena, their son, Andi and Mira. A few minutes later Aki, Samara and their children with Nish and Brad.

“What are you all doing here already? With the munchkins too,” kissing my niece and nephews.
Aki looks at me in shock, “no kiss for your brother? Ouch that just hurts my heart Amberline.”
A chuckle leaves my lips saying, “sorry brat,” kissing his cheeks I make smooching sounds. Gi retrieves to the office to get our bags.

While we are waiting, mom ensures, “you have everything baby?”
I nod telling her, “yes mom.”
Grans gets in a word in, “did you pack snacks for the plane?” I chuckle at grans she always ensures I have food, “yes grans I did.” Naan holds my hand, “stay one more day please.”
I smile at her telling her, “next time naan.”
My sibling are too funny, they are all here to take us to the airport.

Gi rejoins us starting with the goodbyes, “mom, naan, grans thank you all for the warm welcome see you all soon. Love you all take care until and remember we have a trip to Brazil to plan.” He hugs each of them, mom and grans start to cry at the same time. Izzy, Elena, Samara and Nish start to do a victory dance. Looking at them confused they tell us about the bet they made, I kiss my uncles and aunts who had joined us, holding on to both my grandmothers the water wells start all three of us crying, mom joins us water works and all.

Gi comes over placing his hands on my shoulder, “princess we’ll see them in November we have to go or we will be late.” pulling me to his chest.
Mom, naan, grans my uncle Ish and Vin walks us to the car Izzy and Aki leave their children with mom until they return, “safe flight, love you all.”
We split up between the two vehicles. Andi had Nish, Brad, Elena and Mira in the rental. I get in with Aki, Samara, Izzy and Gi, Gi pulls me in his arm kissing my forehead once were we were seated in the suv, “you OK babe?.”

I’m seated between Gi and Samara, they are both hugging me to stop crying. Aki and Izzy starts laughing at me Samara jumps to my defense, “stop it guys.” The rest of the drive my brothers try to cheer me up. Arriving at the airport Andi confirms, “OK we are all checked in, our flight leaves at 10:30, we have about an hour and a half till we have to be inside let’s grab some drinks.”

Aki, Izzy and Brad agrees, “yes lead the way.”

Shaking my head, “it’s a bit early guys.”

Izzy nudges me, “oh come on just one drink.”

We get a table that seated the ten of us, the ladies settle for mimosa, the guys lite beer. The guys are talking about plans for thanksgiving, the engagement party and the bachelor party. I interject, “no bachelor party and that is final.”

Gi kisses my neck, “thank you sweetheart you are the only woman I ever want to look at.”

Izzy shrieks, “Gi please you are talking about my baby sister.”

Gi rebuts, “you are the ones who wants your sister’s future husband to have a stripper at his bachelor party.”

Izzy puts his and in the air in surrender, “sorry no stripper. I apologise.”

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