The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Mira, “great. You need a satin pouch to keep all the money people will be giving you throughout the wedding reception. You have to get something green to wear the night before the wedding tradition again.”

I respond curiously, “how much more traditions the Italians got? I thought Hindu weddings had a lot of traditions.”

Mira continues, “the veil is supposed to be one meter for every year engaged.”

I flop down on the bed in a sigh, “I thought this was going to be easy.”

Mira continues, “don’t buy Gi an expensive tie. The confetti has to be in odd numbers.”

"Hey Mir's why are you so excited about this wedding? Is something wrong with me?" I inquire.

Mira joins me on the bed hugging me, "when I joined this family Giovanni has always stood out as the most caring and considerate one more than the rest he would go above and beyond for the people dear to him. I always wanted the best for him especially because he deserved it and you could not be more perfect for him. Nothing is wrong with you while we are concerned about the little things you are focused on the bigger picture and that is your life with Gi." Mira and I remained talking I fell asleep as I am awaked by my 6am alarm I snooze it going back to sleep. Gi stretches his hand over to me, “gorgeous are you going to work out?” Already in sleep mode I don’t respond.

I am reawakened by Gi standing on the side of the bed, showered and dressed in slim fitting blue trousers and a white shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, the first two buttons undone. Smelling crisp and clean I want to pull him back to bed. “Gorgeous it’s seven thirty, Andi and I are taking your suv to work you. Here is the driver’s number, call him when you are ready he will come get you and Mira.”

I stretch out when Gi kisses my forehead, “bye princess I love you enjoy your day.”

Remembering I am giving them the silent treatment, I blow him a kiss waving bye to him. He turns diving into bed straddling me he starts to tickle me, my laughs uncontrollable he is saying, “you still going to give me the silent treatment.” I am now gasping for breath. Gi stops holding my hands above my head, “it’s a bed.”

I look at him confused, “what?”

Gi replies, “the secret is a specially ordered bed we went to get you.”

I chuckle, “liar the bed was bought on Friday Mr. Wyson. Now get off me I need to shower, thanks for bringing me to bed last night.”

Gi adds getting up off the bed he adjusts his clothes, “you’re welcome love. You know I can’t sleep without you in my arms.”

I make my way to the bathroom, “you and Andi are still getting the silent treatment because you lied and Andi is refusing to let the secret out.”

I hear Gi shout while I was in the bathroom, “sure babe love you. See you later.”

I finish up in the bathroom and head downstairs Mira had my breakfast dished out in a plate waiting for me while she cleaned the kitchen up. “Good morning sleeping beauty.”

I chime in, “good morning Mira, how are you?”

Mira gestures for me to sit and eat, sitting down I start, “I am good my back is still a little sore. The other three beds are arriving today. The rest of furniture mom and dad could select it is their home after all.”

Adding in Mira says, “I concur. I already called the driver to come get us. Should we go to the grocery today?”

Mira, “yes some basic stuff they will need when they get here. The help will stock up when they settle in.”

The door bell rings I grab the house keys and handbags heading out. Mira and I greet the driver, “good morning I am Mrs. Mira Wyson and this is Mrs. Amberline Wyson.” Mira looks at me, “what? it’s a done deal Ambi.”

The driver extends his hands, “good morning Mrs. Wyson times two I am Marcus Rivers at your service. I am not only a driver but a bodyguard which is why I was selected for the job I do have a licensed firearm that I carry on me at all times, please don’t be alarmed if you see it. Anything else you need to know you can ask me. All my information was sent to I believe it is Mr. Andino Wyson and Sebastian Wyson they have all the details on me. Where are we off to this morning?”

Mira, “this is the address of the house this is dad a.k.a. Sebastian Wyson the head of the company but we need to stop at the grocery before.”

Marcus, “Mrs. Wyson how about I drop you and Mrs. Wyson Jr. to the house you give me the grocery list. I can do the shopping for you. It is part of my job description.”

Mira, “that sounds great Mr. Rivers thank you. I will send the list to your phone.”

Marcus, “call me Marcus please. Sure thing ma’am.”

Joining in the conversation, “well since we are on a first name basis you can call me Amberline or Ambi.”

Marcus, “sure thing Mrs. Ambi.”

Arriving at the house we wait out front for the delivery driver as two of the beds were going in to the cottage. The delivery drivers help us and mount the beds for us, all Mira and I had to do was make the beds in the cottage. Marcus was out getting the groceries, we are locking the cottage when we see Marcus making his way up the driveway. Meeting up with him we help him take the groceries inside. I check my phone for messages when inside.

Gi ′We have so much to get done, but all I want to do is be with you’

I respond ′How does it feel being the sexiest man who’s ever been inside me?′ that will definitely drive him crazy.

I put my phone back in my bag and start to work on the last bedroom doing just the basic making the beds, setting up the side tables Gi’s mom will add the personal touches. Marcus helped us by packing away the groceries. We are finished just after noon, grabbing lunch at a restaurant instead of going home to cook.

We ordered ahead just to pick up, seated in the car Mira and I take our phones out, Gi and Andi sent the group chat pictures of the office. Mira and I share laughs while going over some of the pictures that they sent of them being silly. After picking up the food, Marcus drops us off at my home, we invite Marcus to have lunch with us as he is finished but he declined saying, “thank you Mrs. Wyson sorry Mrs. Mira and Ambi I’ll eat on my way to the office Mr. Wyson asked me to stop by once I was finished with what you all needed me for. I’ll see you ladies around.”

After we had our lunch we are in the office, Mira and I are doing more wedding talks while I start to pack up some of the things I don’t need from the office. The new house has a huge office Gi will occupy and a library that will be my office. The furniture remains in my old home, guests will be staying here for the engagement and wedding. Still in the office when the guys arrive, Gi shouting from downstairs, “gorgeous where you and Mira at?”

I call out, “in the office.”

Gi and Andi are making their way up the stairs talking, Andi was asking Gi, “Ambi talking to you now?”

Gi responds, “yes I told her it was the bed, but she knows I am lying as the bed was bought on Friday.”

Andi says, “I am going to mess with her head and tell her it is something else.”

Reaching the office Andi and Gi are chuckling Ambi inquires, “what’s so funny?”

Gi responds, “nothing sweets.”

Andi adds, “Ambi packing already?”

Still not speaking to him Ambi looks at him while she moves an empty box. Andi puts his hand up, “I give up I will tell you, it is a rose garden.”

Ambi stares at Andi, he was prepared for whatever cheeky comeback she hits him with, “a rose garden? Giovanni needed you and Yash to help him with a rose garden? Don’t they have gardeners that would be better qualified for that job?”

Ambi glances across at Gi he had his right hand crossed to his left and his left hand pinching his nose bridge his head down trying to hide a smile, lifting his head smiling, “Andi what time is your flight?” Gi asks.

Andi adds, “Ambi you are by far the most brilliant woman my brother ever dated. I am not going back to New York with Ambi not talking to me I have to tell her the truth.”

Gi responds, “and what exactly is the truth?”

Andi takes a deep breath exhaling he says, “Ambi this is the truth, Gi bought you something really special it is something you can’t cook if you don’t have.”

Ambi’s reply, “I know what it is. ”

Andi and Gi looks at each other surprised, “you do?”

Ambi gleefully responds, “yup it’s not a stove/oven/pots/pans. What time do you have to check in?”

Mira joins us, “eight and it is four thirty, let us finish up here and shower, we have nothing to pack up. You think we can have dinner before our flight?”

Gi instructs, “yes if everyone gets ready quickly we can leave home in 30 minutes.”

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