The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Time Alone


Halfway through my shower when Gi joined me, I leave him to finish up. Getting dressed in the walk in Gi joins me, he grabs me kissing me, “I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.”

I chuckle at him, “we need to go or they will be late.”

Gi shrugs, “not our problem.”

I roll my eyes at him buttoning my dress, “Giovanni Wyson behave.”

In his whiny voice, “Why? You already rolling your eyes at me what you going to do next? Withhold sex? Too late sweetheart you already doing that too.”

I can’t help but giggle at him, “well you were going to get something tonight but thanks to your whining I changed my mind. ”

Gi walks up behind me, he slides his hand under my dress pushing my underwear aside he inserts two fingers into my pussy. “Hmm somebody is already wet.” A soft moan leaves my lips as he continues slowly gliding his fingers into me. I bite down on my lip hissing in pleasure. Our little session is interrupted by Andi shouting asking if we are ready, I glace Gi my evil eye look.

Gi sighs, “I was enjoying it too blame your brother in law.” We quickly retrieve to the bathroom before heading downstairs. Meeting up with Andi and Mira we head out. Arriving at the restaurant Gi sits next to me. While we are waiting on the food, Gi slides the side of my dress up gliding his fingers smoothly over my legs in no particular direction sending me wild. I put my hands on his to stop him, he responds with a look that will kill, I reply with a smirk.

I gesture to Andi, “hey Andi do you mind switching with me the draft is hitting me, I am feeling cold.”

Gi puts his arms around me hugging me kissing my cheek, “princess I could warm you up if you are cold.”

Andi, “see Ambi problem solved,” our food arrives we start eating, after eating we drop Andi and Mira off at the airport. Hugging Mira, “thank you for everything see you in November, love you.” I am not sure if it’s an Italian or Indian thing but we sure do love group hugs. Andi and Gi joins us, Andi starts, “thank you Ambi for introducing me to the waterworks farewell.” Wiping tears from his eyes.

Gi smacks the back of Andi’s head ,“clown.”

Saying our farewells we head for home, arriving home Gi waste no time locking the door to the garage behind us. He smashes his lips against mines, I react by unbuttoning his shirt, he turns his head giving me a naughty grin. We make our way up stairs undoing each other’s clothing on the way. Standing in my bedroom I push down Gi’s jeans, he steps out of it. Gi unclasps my bra and pushes down my underwear.

Both naked, I look up at Giovanni his green eyes staring back at me. Gi grabs my hips, I wrap my legs around him. Gi making his way to the bed with me, he lays me down on the bed getting on his knees, Gi unwraps my legs from around him. With my legs parted he gets in the middle of me. His cock rock hard and ready to charge, my back arches of the bed when Gi slams into me. I scream out digging my toes into the sheets. Gi leans down kissing my lips, sitting back up taking me with him not releasing my lips.

My legs are on both sides of Gi’s hips, my hands on the back of Gi’s neck and upper part of his back. I lean my body backward, Gi holds me by my hips lifting me off him and back down again I pick up the rhythm moving on my own. Gi takes my left breast in his mouth. I let out a loud moan, I continue to grind down on Gi’s penis, he sucks down harder on my breast. I let out a moaning scream. Gi releases my breast and starts kissing my lips. I am still grinding into Gi when I feel my muscles clench down around his penis. I moan out ready to cum, Gi pushes me up off of him as he releases. I drop back into the pillows while I watch Gi his hand holding his dick he finishes releasing. Gi shakes his head, “woman you are fucking amazing.”

Getting into the shower turning the water on. Pouring down cold at first I cry out but it warms up quickly. Finishing in the shower we change Gi checks in with Andi and Gino while I change the sheets on the bed. I put the dirty sheets in the wash and head to the office to do some wedding work.

Gi joins me in the office, “Andi and Mira landed safely.”

I reply, “great. When are your parents arriving?”

Gi continues, “mom and dad Friday. The help has been packing up the house. They head to Brazil tomorrow, Andi will bring grandpa down Sunday evening. Gino and gang will be here Sunday morning I am not sure if they want to stay here or at my parents.”

I add, “great. We still have to get furniture for their house.”

In his modulated tone, “we will add it to the to do list for tomorrow we have to go to the bank. Don’t forget Andi’s house as well. What you working on?”

Gi walks over to the desk as I show him on the computer, “I was looking at furniture, my mind is all over the place right now. It’s just I don’t know it’s overwhelming. Can we really pull this off in time? Your parents home is completed but we still have Gino’s, Andi’s and ours since he will be arriving the day before Thanksgiving.”

Gi wraps his arms around me kissing my neck, “Dad and Gino will be at the office from next week. I think Charlie and Tyler will be as well not sure when they will be making the move so I will be able to spend more time with you and we can do this together. Let us just get to bed. ”

I lean back in the chair, “OK let me just put the sheets in the dryer.”

Gi takes my hand pulling me up, he flicks the light switch off exiting the office stopping at the laundry room I toss the sheets in the dryer and we head to bed. My Italian stallion pulls me into his arms singing ′ Will you still love me’.

Our morning alarm goes off at six as usual. Gi snuggles me into his chest, “good morning workout today gorgeous?”

I stretch out saying, “yes ! We have a wedding to get ourselves sexy for.”

Gi gets out of bed saying, “like you really need to get more sexy?”

Walking into the bathroom I say to Gi, “oh you know you love your women sexy.”

Gi walks up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist, “I love just one woman and she is sexier than I ever imagined.”

I turn to him, “I worked hard to get this body where it is.”

We change into our workout clothes hitting the gym. After our workout we shower and change. While making breakfast Gi is checking in with all the family, his parents left for Brazil. Gi in his smooth voice, “ Oh add one more thing to the to do list we have to shop for a vehicle for Gino. They sold both their vehicles. They just want one for now they will sort the other out when they get here. So it’s the bank, car dealership, furniture and appliance shopping.”

I acknowledge him, “OK boss gotcha.”

After breakfast we tidy the kitchen before heading out, on our way to the bank. Gi takes my hand in his, “baby the money in this account is for the day to day expenses, engagement and wedding expenses. Whatever you need, clothes, invitations, favors, food. You will be the beneficiary to all my investments and trusts.”

I pull my hand away from him wiping my cheek, ”your money can never replace you.”

Pulling into a parking spot at the bank, Gi switches off the engine he turns my face to his, “I am not going anywhere this is just a formality. You are my life what is mines is yours Ambi.” About one hour at the bank and we were finished.

Heading to the dealership next we decide on a vehicle for Gino. I help Gi with the specs, luckily they had a shipment of vehicles that arrived earlier in the week we were able to get one. It will be ready on Monday, another task off the list.

Gino and Bianca’s house is a seven bedroom with a two bedroom cottage. We got five beds that will be delivered Saturday along with a living room set and their breakfast eating area. Finishing up after four we skipped lunch with all the shopping. We decide to head home and cook, on our way home when Gi informs me, “we are having dinner with my parents Saturday night to go over the engagement and wedding plans.”

In my serious tone, “I am rethinking the wedding date.”

Gi’s face now serious, “Ambi I am marrying you this year end of discussion.”

I shake my head biting my lower lip, “Giovanni we can’t pull this off I....I need more time.”

He brings out his stern voice clenching his jaw, “Amberline do not play with me.” Pulling into the garage, getting inside I head straight for the shower then start on dinner.

I am in the kitchen working on dinner dancing as usual when Gi walks in hugging me smelling all clean and delicious, “why the change in heart?”

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