The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Parents Arrival


“It’s just too much, I went from being single and independent to engaged and soon to be married in a matter of weeks. I need more time to get this done. I have over twenty bedrooms I still need to furnish, multiple kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. My head is spinning. Plus all the engagement and wedding details I am drowning.” I explain.

Putting his forehead on mines, “Ambi what can I do to make you feel better? ”

Pulling away from him to check the pot, “I need some breathing space to gather my thoughts. Since I got back from Costa Rica so much has changed I am still adjusting.”

Gi grabs hold of me pulling me to his chest, “if space is what will get you back on board with getting married on Dec 29th I’ll stay with my parents until we move into our home.”

Hugging Gi I start to cry, “Giovanni I am serious I don't think I can pull off the December wedding can we do it next year?”

Kissing the top of my head, "Amberline I love you I want to marry you this year."

I finish making dinner, we sit at the breakfast counter eating. Gi in a very quiet voice, “can I stay in one of the other rooms until Gino moves into his house?”

I nod, “you don't have to. Just change the wedding date. I have too much to get done in such little time.” Unable to finish dinner I excuse myself, I put my food in a container in the fridge saying, “I’ll eat later.” I clean up the kitchen while Gi finishes his dinner. I wash up his plate, when he was finished we head upstairs. Gi is in one of the other bedrooms, I'm in the office not that I can concentrate on anything. I am just staring at the wedding folder and computer screen. Gi is on the phone with someone I can hear his voice but muffled. I take the Ipad and folder to the bed in the office looking at décor ideas for the Hindu wedding ceremony.

I am awaken by my alarm it was 8am, under my phone was a note ‘Ambi you fell asleep in the office I took you to your bed. I let you sleep in late. Breakfast is in the oven I’ll pick you up at four to collect mom and dad. Love you Gi.’

Getting out of bed, I shower and change. I am in the kitchen eating when my phone rings. Gi, ‘good morning gorgeous I miss you. How are you? Did you eat?’

I respond, ‘hey handsome thank you for breakfast it was delicious. Other than feeling like a confused idiot I’m breathing.’

Gi, ‘you are welcome babe. You are not an idiot. I understand you are feeling overwhelmed you went from being this very dependable, independent, single individual to having another person in your life in less than one month. It is new to you. You are not used to having this much sexiness in one man.’

Laughing uncontrollably, I can hear the smile in Gi’s voice as he continues speaking, ‘much better my sweets. I made you lunch it’s in the fridge. I will see you later babe enjoy your day. Love you. I miss you so much my darling.’

I end our conversation, ‘thank you Gi. You are amazing be safe I love you.’

Finishing up with breakfast I head up to the office unsure of how I am feeling, I try to get some work done. I email my mom some pictures of wedding stages for the Hindu ceremony for her to agree on one. Mom was occupied with the wedding invitations I had put a rush order on them once we had the address of the venues so they arrived. She signs off on a design for the ceremony I contacted the decorator I have to meet with them next week. Invitations and stage décor checked off the wedding list. I am beginning to feel a little better.

I found a caterer for the Hindu ceremony. My family loves to cook, they cook for all our events but I did not want them to have to be bothered about that I want them to enjoy the festivities since they were all eagerly waiting for this day. After discussing with Gi’s parents we will select a caterer for the reception following the Catholic wedding. The door bell rings I rush to get it, the wedding invitations arrived, half was sent to mom for her to invite our side of the family and this set was for Gi’s side. The invitations looked elegant in white with a pearl finish paper that adds a subtle shimmer giving it the ultimate in elegance with bronze embossing. I was able to design the card to my style incorporating both cultures and faiths.

I place the box of invitations on the table near the door to the garage. Leaving one invitation on the box with the hope that Gi notices it when he gets home. Reading the invitation somehow removed the doubts, reservations and apprehension I had about getting married so I press on.

I head to the kitchen grabbing the lunch Gi made for me from the fridge, a quinoa and veggie salad. Retrieving to the office to eat while I work. With much to do in limited time including moving into our new home I guesstimate our guest list to be 150-200 for the engagement, 300 people for the wedding. I order tables, chairs, tents for both ceremonies. Including table linens, chair ties, glasses for the bar and table wear. Bianca is doing the décor but I know what colours I wanted. When she is settled into her new home she get to her duties.

I continue making notes, eating my lunch, music playing not focusing on the time. The door to the office is flung open startling the crap out of me. In the doorway stands Gi with my cell phone in one hand and our wedding invitation in the next. Waving my phone he walks into the office, “woman do you know how many messages and missed calls you have on your phone?”

I shrug my shoulders at him, “how would I know you have MY phone in YOUR hand.”

Still standing by the door, “oh you have cheeky comebacks too.”

Walking over kissing me, “your mom, Aki, Mira, Samara, Nish, Izzy and Alexi all called me looking for you. I panicked and rushed home.”

A look of amusement on my face, I pick up my cordless phone, “you all are aware I have a landline phone right and it works. You just wanted an excuse to see me.”

Gi places his hands on the arm rest of my chair rolling his eyes at me, “maybe. You think you so smart eh.”

Sticking my tongue out, “I am smart dude. Look who is rolling eyes now.”

Gi sits on the desk, he takes the invitation out the envelope, “I felt helpless and called the family last night. I told them you wanted to change the date and they offered to talk to you. I love what you did with these cards. Does this mean you are back on board?”

I take a deep breath, “about 70% there. I got a lot done after they arrived. I reserved tables and chairs for the engagement, both wedding ceremonies and reception. I am meeting the decorator for the hindu ceremony on Wednesday. Table linens, tableware, bar ware, all booked I make the deposit on Monday. Mom is paying for the hall, decorations and food for the Hindu ceremony. You and Bianca need to sort the flowers for the décor for the Catholic ceremony.”

Gi looks at me with a pleasant smile, “you were on a roll today babe. You have money to pay for everything why is mom spending her money?”

I get up off the chair kissing him, “yes I was, in my family my parents put aside money for our education and wedding even my grandparents saved money for all their grandchildren’s wedding too. I can’t stop them they have been saving up for it since I was born so I am letting them have that especially since I did not allow them to pay for college. We just have to confirm food for the wedding reception. After thanksgiving we fly to New York to get our clothes. I can concentrate on getting the houses in order but I need your help to stay afloat Gi I need to be one step ahead.”

Gi takes my hands in his, “princess I am impressed but I have to ask how do you know how many guests?”

I shrug my shoulders, “I guesstimate 150-200 guests for the engagement and 300 for the wedding. Oh I also ordered portable restroom trailers for the engagement and wedding when I think 150 plus people trafficking through our house we need those additional restrooms.”

Gi nods his head, “wow you thought of everything. You are on top of your game today. Go get changed I’ll take the dishes downstairs.”

I leave Gi in the office while I shower and change. Gi joins me in the shower. I get out change and wait for him downstairs, I wanted a drink of water. Meeting Gi up in the living room he grabs the box of invitations from the table as we are head out, “mom and dad will be so excited to see these.”

My parents flew in with the jet, pulling up at the private airport they were exiting the jet. My dad told me they had twelve boxes and ten suitcases. I hired a small lorry to transport the boxes and luggage. The limo took the staff to the house while mom and dad rode with us.

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