The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Ambi the Accident Prone


Dad starts speaking getting into Ambi’s suv, “I am so happy to be here I love Brazil but I missed my pride and joy. Now I have three of them with me. Charlie and Tyler will join us soon.” Pinching my cheek.

Mom and Ambi share a chuckle from the back seat. Mom saying, “oh my darling husband no matter how old your sons get you still see them as your babies.”

Dad turns in his seat to look at mom and Ambi from the front seat, “they are my seeds and I’m mighty proud of them. I love my daughters too not just my six sons.”

I stop off at a restaurant to pick up dinner for everyone, arriving at the house mom and dad are in awe it is way smaller than what we have in Brazil but they both seem to love their new house and they love that we are just a short walk away after the wedding we will put in the footpaths.

Back in Brazil we had eight live in help, four couples who met while working with us, they eventually got married all of them in their thirties now. Mom and dad did offer to pay them off but they asked to move with them. One couple will stay with my parents, the other couple will be staying with Gino. The other couple is arriving later on they will stay with us and one couple with Andi. We give everyone a quick tour of the house before eating.

While eating mom asks, “figlio why don’t you and Ambi stay the night. Ninno’s room is free and we have all your clothes from Brazil.”

Dad joins in, “sì mio figlio you and Ambi stay the night.”

I glance to Ambi as she gives me the nod of approval, “sure we will stay.”

Ambi interjects, “I’ll just go home quickly and grab some clothes I will be back in a jiffy.” Ambi gets up walking over to the kitchen washing up her plate.

Mom pleads, “Ambi no need to go get clothes we will find things for you to wear.”

Ambi giving reassurance, “I’ll be back before you know it.”

I take my plate placing it on the counter walking Ambi to the car, “be safe sweetheart. I love you.”

We are unpacking the boxes when my phone rings it was 9:30pm I answer hearing, “good night is this Mr. Giovanni Wyson?”

I respond, “yes this is Giovanni Wyson good night.”

The voice continues, “sorry to be calling you this late Mr. Wyson this is officer Thompson from Miami police department. I am calling to inform you that your fiancé Mrs. Amberline Murlani was in an accident will you be able to come down to the scene?”

I take down the address and call Marcus to come get me. I am pacing the porch waiting for Marcus. Mom and Dad try to pacify me but it does not help, about ten minutes later Marcus arrives. Running toward the car dad shouts, “we’ll call Ambi’s mom and let her know ok son.” Getting into the car Marcus informs me the accident site is a ten minute drive. Marcus tries his best to get us there quickly, arriving at the site Ambi is on a gurney, the paramedics are attending to her.

I meet with officer Thompson and the driver that hit Ambi, the officer informs me that he already contacted his insurance company, a wrecker is on it’s way to pick up both vehicles and take it to the garage. He gave me all the particulars, I walk over to the ambulance the paramedic informs me that Ambi was in pain and they need to take her to the hospital for some tests as she may have fractured her collar bone. I retrieve Ambi’s belongings from her suv giving it to Marcus.

I ride with Ambi in the ambulance, Marcus follows us to the hospital which was a five minute ride. Ambi has a few cuts and scrapes, other than the pain in her shoulder she seems fine. Just when the scars from the incident with Jess was fading she gets fresh marks. Arriving at the hospital they take Ambi for an x-ray, waiting on the x-ray results they clean up the cuts on her face.

The doctor informs us that it is a dislocated shoulder, he has to do a reduction. Ambi will have to wear a sling for 2-3 weeks which she is not happy about. She has to ice the shoulder and some therapy. The doctor allows me to stay with Ambi while he performs the reduction. He immediately slings the arm after and allows us to go home but wants to see her Monday. We meet Marcus in the waiting room and head for my parents.

Arriving at my parents mom, dad and Maria run out to the car, dad opens the car door to take Ambi out of the car, Ambi smiles at them she walks into the house trying to hide her pain. Grandpa’s room is just off the entrance we get settled into the room. Ambi makes her way to the bed sitting up on it. Marcus walks in with Ambi’s belongings we retrieved from the SUV, “thank you Marcus sorry I called you so late. Can you be back here for eight?”

Marcus nods, “no need to apologise this is my job Mr. Wyson. Yes I can. I will see you at eight.”

Marcus continues, “I will be here at eight sharp. Please take care of Mrs. Wyson Jr. Have a good night everyone.”

We bid Marcus good night. Maria empties Ambi’s overnight bag taking her sleepwear and our toothbrushes out, “thank you Maria I got it from here. Please close the door for me thank you.”

Ambi was wearing a sleeveless button down top which was easy to get off without her having to lift her arm. I just had to undo the strap of the sling. I finish undressing Ambi holding her hand in place I get her into the shower while I undress. I soap both our bodies up and rinse off as quickly as possible. Getting out of the shower I wrap a towel around Ambi and hurriedly wrap a towel around my waist. I can tell Ambi is in pain even though she is not saying anything.

I get Ambi dressed, have her sit up on bed with pillows to support her arm. Leaving Ambi sitting up on the bed I get dressed, then retrieve an ice pack from the kitchen well ice in a ziploc bag since the icepack we got still needed to be refrigerated. Dad, Mom and the help were still up, “how is Ambi son?” Dad asks.

I inform them, “Ambi is OK she has some discomfort but she is a fighter. I have to ice her shoulder so we will be up for a bit if you all want to come sit with her.”

I wrap the ice pack in a hand towel fixing myself behind Ambi I place it on her shoulder. Ambi winches both from the pain and coldness, I run my fingers through her hair kissing her good shoulder.

Mom and dad walks in, “hey there princess you are just accident prone aren’t you.”

Getting a chuckle out of Ambi as she responds, “you can say that again.”

I interject, “the driver did admit he was wrong. A young dude 22 years old on his mobile, he hit Ambi from behind causing her to propel forward she used her arm to prevent hitting the steering with the seat belt locking and the airbag deploying it caused her shoulder to dislocate.”

I continue, “she has to wear the sling for 3 weeks she has some therapy to do and NO driving, heavy lifting or sports that involves movement of the shoulder.”

Dad cuts me off, “she is not going anywhere without a driver if you can’t take her understood Giovanni. I don’t care how much she protests she will stay put if nobody is available and I am not joking.”

I try to pacify the situation, “dad no need to get so serious Ambi was not at fault.”

Dad gets up off the chair kissing Ambi and I, “Giovanni I am still the boss what I say goes understood. Now Ambi needs to rest, good night love you both. I called Ambi’s mom she knows about the accident. You all can give her a call tomorrow it's late.”

Mom gets up off the bed she kisses Ambi and I, “good night my children love you. Dad is just being over protective, he loves you all when you hurt he hurts.”

We bid them both good night. I remove the ice pack I take it to the bathroom and return to bed.

My alarm goes off at six thirty, I try to get out of bed without waking Ambi but that does not go as planned she turns to look at me wide eyed, “hey precious good morning. Are you in pain? Go back to sleep it’s only six thirty.”

Ambi shifts in bed sitting up she says, “not really. It’s just very difficult to sleep with this injury. We have so much to get done today. We have to go to the insurance company get the replacement vehicle to use while mines is being fixed. The furniture is arriving at Gino’s today.”

I put my hands on my hip, “you heard the doctor no heavy lifting and no driving.”

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