The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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The Parents In Charge


“I know but he didn’t say anything about passing orders. That I can do and do well I might add.” Miss sass rebuts getting out of bed, heading to the bathroom.

I take my clothes off walking into the bathroom, Ambi is brushing her teeth, she moves around giving me room. I help her out of her clothes getting into the shower. After our shower I get Ambi and myself dressed. In the kitchen, everyone is still asleep they probably went to bed late after all the unpacking.

Ambi says to me, “hey call Marcus he will be here shortly he can either bring breakfast for everyone.”

I am about to reply to Ambi when my phone rings. Marcus is calling, “hey Marcus good morning is everything OK?”

Marcus, “good morning Mr. Wyson yes everything is good. I am picking up breakfast for everyone wanted to know what you all would like to eat.”

I respond, “how thoughtful of you Marcus thank you. Please get Ambi and I anything vegetarian on the menu and everyone else you can just get omelettes and pancakes.”

Marcus, “not a problem Mr. Wyson see you all in a bit.”

Finishing up the conversation, “we will make you the coffee to go with breakfast see you soon.” Ending the conversation I put the coffee to brew. Twenty minutes later Marcus calls to say he is pulling into the drive way. I open the garage for him, walking out to greet him. Ambi, Marcus and I were having our breakfast when Maria walks into the kitchen we inform Maria we are leaving soon so she can inform my parents when they get up. Ambi did not have time to ice her shoulder so we will have to do it later.

At the insurance company we fill out all the forms, they give us a vehicle to use while ours is being repaired. Marcus headed back to my parents while Ambi and I head to Gino’s since the furniture is scheduled to be delivered at ten. Arriving at Gino’s we had a ten minute wait for the delivery guys. Driving up the driveway their home was painted blue-gray giving of a very welcoming feel. The hue was a great complement to the stonework and wood trim.

Parking in the garage their home has a three car garage, a double door then the single door. Across the courtyard is the three bedroom cottage painted the same colour as the main house. Walking up to the front door from the entryway was outfitted with a modern staircase and white oak wood stairs a transitional light wood floor, open to above, brown floor double black front doors with white walls.

I love how the properties are situated, Gino’s home is the first on our street, his house is on the corner before our new home their lot bounds with our driveway after our home is my parent’s lot. Gino’s property is one and a half acres my parents is once acre. The delivery truck finally arrived and were offloading when Marcus arrives with Nico and Ronnie. Marcus informs me that my dad insisted he bring Nico and Ronnie to help and Marcus has to return to home with Ambi.

She says she is fine and is not leaving until the movers are finished, we continue coordinating the moving when my phone rings, ‘hey dad.’

Dad shouting I had to put my phone away from my ear, ‘Giovanni did Ambi leave with Marcus? Gino’s house is less than a ten minute walk from here they left here thirty minutes ago Ambi is not back yet is she doing the tortoise walk over here?’

Me, ‘dad we are almost finished here we will be leaving shortly.’

Dad, ‘don’t make me come there myself. It is eleven fifteen she needs to rest that shoulder I am certain that shoulder has not been iced for the morning either.’

Trying to calm the crazy Italian shouting in my ear, ‘I am bringing her over right now dad. I will leave Marcus with Nico and Ronnie.’

Hanging up with my dad Marcus and I go in search of Ambi she was in the kitchen giving orders on how to set up the breakfast eating area. I interject her conversation with the movers, “excuse me guys Marcus is taking over for a bit, Ambi has to leave right now.” Putting my hands on Ambi’s hips I gently glide her out the house.

We get into the vehicle Ambi looks at me with furious eyes, “was that necessary Giovanni?”

I look at her raising an eyebrow, “you prefer your crazy Italian father in law drag you out the house?”

She looks at me, “when you put it like that no. Although I don’t see dad being that extreme.”

I scoff at her, “yeah I got the crazy behavior from the stalk that dropped me off right?”

Ambi gives me the eye roll, “sorry.”

I glance at her saying, “I will not be surprised if dad has the ice pack waiting for you as we walk through the door.”

Arriving at the house Maria greets us at the front door ice pack in hand. I take Ambi to the bedroom, I unbutton her blouse applying the pack to her shoulder. I leave Ambi on the chair while I go in search of mom and dad who were in the porch off the living room.

As dad sees me, “how is the princess?”

I reply, “she has the ice on her shoulder. How is the unpacking? You all adjusting to your new home?”

Mom responds, “it is beautiful son. The help is almost finished unpacking all the boxes it’s just suitcases left. They are moving fast. You all did a wonderful job with everything especially the furniture.”

I add, “well I can’t take any credit for it. It was the girls, Ambi, Mira and Alexi Ambi’s cousin in law.”

Mom continues, “Alexi I remember her she and Mira are cousins her mom is Mira’s aunt, her dad’s sister. Sweet girl.”

With a puzzled look I say, “no mom. Must be a coincidence they both have the same name. Alexi is married to Yash, Ambi’s cousin I don’t think she knew Mira before our engagement they don’t act like they know each other.”

Dad joins our conversation, “Giovanni do you think Ambi will like the Levante? Your grandfather already made his mind up I doubt we can get him to change but we cant try if Ambi has a preference.”

I open my eyes wide at dad, “wow dad grandpa is swift.”

Dad making hand gestures, “son your grandfather has a special liking for you and now Ambi. After what Gino and Bianca overheard, he was certain he made the right choice.”

I say to dad, “well she did love the Land Rover Defender. Wait what conversation?”

Dad responds, “the one where Ambi asked you to help with the finances. You know the conversation the morning after Ambi fainted, Gino and Bi were coming to check on Ambi and overheard you all talking. They did not mean to but you are aware nothing is secret in our family, Gino and Bianca spoke about it with your mother, myself and your grandfather. Your grandpa’s heart melted. Your grandfather already up made his mind. I’ll suggest he gets you the defender that way Ambi can have it to use when she wants if you let her, your engagement presents from your grandfather.”

I raise my eyebrow at dad, “well I guess grandpa and your minds are already made up. It is still a bit much but that does not stop you or grandpa, remember Ambi is not flashy dad. I am going to check on Ambi I’ll be back.”

Walking into the room Ambi is leaned back into the chair, “hey babe how you doing?” removing the ice pack from her shoulder.

She shifts in the chair, “I am fine. I want to go over to Gino’s house to check up on things there.”

I shake my head in opposition, “your father in law will not allow it.”

I am helping Ambi put her blouse her blouse back on she says, “I will go talk to dad he will let me go now that my shoulder is iced. I will do the exercises later.”

I walk out with Ambi she greets mom and dad kissing them, “how are you all adjusting?”

Mom starts first, “Ambi I love everything you and your crew selected they are gorgeous thank you doll.”

Ambi smiles, “you are welcome mom. I wanted to go back over to Gino’s to check up on the guys. I want them to feel at home when they arrive.”

Mom nods, “sure sweetheart you and Gi go ahead come back quickly.”

Dad interjects, “I expect you back here in thirty minutes.”

Ambi gets off the chair she was on, “thirty minutes that’s too much I will be back in fifteen.”

As we are walking off dad calls to us, “I hear you little missy. Gi take care of Ambi.”

I reply, “will do king Wyson your princess will be safe.”

We are seated in the vehicle I look at Ambi in amusement, “what is this spell you have cast on my family? Mom and dad seem to be wrapped around your finger.”

I shrug at him, “I have not done anything I deal with them straightforward and they handle me the same way.”

Arriving at Gino’s house the delivery truck already left the guys were mounting the beds in the rooms. The master and one guest room were set up. They were mounting the two boys bed. Working on the girls after. We leave the key to the house with Ronnie so he can lock up when they are finished, Marcus would take them back to the house.

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