The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Charging ahead with the Plans


Arriving back at my parents dad was most elated, “thank you Ambi for keeping your word. Now time for lunch you all must be hungry. Maria made corn chowder.”

Walking into the kitchen Maria is setting the breakfast table for us to eat, “Mr. Gi Mrs. Ambi I made vegetarian food for lunch I over heard you talking to Marcus earlier.”

I nod, “thank you very much Maria we appreciate it.”

Sitting down to eat mom starts raving about the wedding invitations and she can’t wait to mail them out that is the first thing on her to do list. We finish with lunch but remain talking about the engagement and wedding.

Mom continues, “the engagement we are looking at 150 guests. I decided on a menu already, Bianca is helping with the décor. It will be typical Italian style, banquet seating do you have any problems with sunflowers?”

Ambi shakes her head, “no I love sunflowers.”

Mom carries on, “wonderful we are going with a sunflower theme for the décor. Some guests still have to RSVP but like is said 150 200 max.”

Ambi joins in, “great because I already confirmed the tables and chairs for the engagement.”

Mom proceeds, ” wonderful. All we need are linens, tableware and bar ware mainly wine and scotch glasses.”

Ambi, “I secured all that too mom for the reception I went with royal blue tablecloths and burlap table runners napkins white I can always change the colours we have time.”

The engagement talks are halted when Marcus walks in with Ronnie and Nico reporting that they were finished with the set up at Gino’s.

Dad responds, “wonderful thank you. I want you all to take the rest of the day off I am sure Marcus can recommend some nice places to take you all tonight. Oh and Marcus if you are married bring your wife along actually use the limo as you all will not be able to fit in the town car.”

Marcus adds, “Mr. Wyson sir thank you very much. I am married going on five years now. Will definitely bring my wife along.”

Dad continues, “wonderful the limo driver will pick you and Mrs. Rivers up at seven then pick up the rest of them here. You all have fun, this should be enough.” Dad hands Marcus an envelope containing cash.

Marcus opens the envelope checking the cash he takes out a couple hundreds handing dad back majority of the money, “we won’t be needing this much money sir that is way too much.”

Getting up from the table dad says, “keep this up and you will always have a job with me son.” Dad walks out to the porch. Marcus makes his exit to return later.

Dad excused himself to make a call. Mom also excused herself from the table saying, “I am going to start writing out the addresses for the wedding invitations. You kids rest up, we will leave for dinner at 6:30.”

We retrieve to grandpa’s room where Ambi does the exercise the doctor recommended. Luckily the dislocation was partial but she still has to rest, ice and exercise the shoulder. After some light exercise I ice her shoulder again, Ambi has the ice pack on her shoulder, I am on the bed next to her we both fall asleep waking up when my phone chimes. A message from Andi asking about Ambi, livid I did not inform anyone about the accident. After responding to Andi I wake Ambi so we can get ready for dinner.

We head for the shower I help Ambi out her clothes then get out of mines, we shower and get dressed for dinner. Ambi packed a wrap sleeveless orange dress I help her put it on. With my clothes here I found an orange shirt I owned it had a blue abstract print on it I pair it with dark blue slim trousers. Ambi is applying her makeup while I finished dressing.

I help Ambi with her hair when I was done getting dressed. Ambi pleaded for a break from the sling her only argument was that the sling did not match her dress. We agreed she wears it until we get to the restaurant, when we get home it goes back on. Walking out the room we meet up with my parents who were also walking out of their room, greeting them we walk out to the vehicle. Ambi opened the front passenger door to give dad the front seat but he insists on sitting in the back.

Pulling up at the restaurant car park I get a spot and park then help Ambi with the sling. Getting some opposition from mom and dad for taking it off but they let Ambi have her way. Walking into the restaurant the hostess shows us to our table, while we are waiting on our server dad initiates conversation.

In his assertive tone dad says, “Amberline you and your family have nothing to worry about we will handle all the wedding expenses. I already mentioned this to your family but I wanted to say this to you directly. We are paying for everything but you call the shots tell us what you want or do not want and we will make it happen.”

Ambi waits for dad to finish, “my dad left money with my mom for my wedding along with money my grandparents had saved up for me too. Mom wanted to spend it on the hall, food and décor for the hindu ceremony if that is ok with you all.”

Dad rebuts, “I don’t want your mom spending any money, but if it was your late father’s and grandfather’s wishes we will go half and half not a cent more. She is not spending all the money.”

Ambi sighs, “I guess I can’t argue with you.”

Mom adds, “we would have loved for you all to get married at the church that the family has been attending since the beginning of time but that is in Italy. The priest that conducted the baptism of all our children will be here to officiate the ceremony as he has done with all the others. He was not able to marry Gi the first time we should have taken it as a sign.”

Ambi joins in, “oh wow I consider it an honor, I appreciate him flying in just for us.”

Mom continues, “have you started making notes on what décor you want for the wedding day? What about the outfits? Food?”

Ambi waits for mom to finish speaking, “actually mom I designed my wedding dress, Mira got a designer in New York to build the dress as well as complimentary bridesmaids dresses. I decided they can each choose their colour dress no black, brown or white. Flowers and décor I want white and green tea or lemonade roses, italian ruscus, eucalyptus and silver dollar. Food I wanted to get your opinion on the layout and what is a must. I would prefer no pork or beef be served at the wedding if that is ok with you all.”

Mom smiles in approval, “wow you are doing great. I will go over the dress design with Mira see if it needs any adjusting although I doubt I will have to do anything to it. Everything sounds perfect Ambi. Food wise let me explain the various courses it is always safe going with seafood and poultry.”

Mom is explaining the courses of an Italian wedding to Ambi when our server comes to our table to take our order. Mom pauses while we give the server our order, after he leaves we continue the engagement and wedding talks until our food arrives.

We eat while still discussing the wedding, Ambi and mom involve dad and I as much as possible. Mom and dad are impressed and satisfied with what Ambi has done they loved the ideas she shared with them. Mom fills her in on some of the traditions she needs to follow.

Finishing up with our very successful engagement and wedding planning dinner dad and mom are ready to call it a night. I signal the waiter to bring us the bill, dad and I have a go at who pays for dinner. I insist on paying but dad says it was their suggestion to have dinner. Ambi discreetly takes the credit card from me asking for excuse she walks over to the host paying for dinner. Dad looks across and notices what Ambi is doing, placing his hand on my shoulder as he is seated next to me saying, “that Amberline is a smart one. Son Amberline could not be more perfect for you. I am elated you nabbed her before someone else got the chance to.”

I smile at dad, “thank you dad I finally got the right girl.” Getting up from our table we walk over to Ambi.

Approaching Ambi dad says to her, “miss lady you and your husband are a force not to be messed with.”

Ambi blushes, “whatever do you mean dad?”

Dad pinches her cheek, “do not give me that innocent look.”

The host hands Ambi the credit card and receipt, we thank them for their service and head for home. Again dad insists on taking the back seat, Ambi gets in next to me. Arriving back at my parents they insists we stay the night which Ambi and I figured would happen.

Walking into the house we kiss mom and dad goodnight and make our way to the bedroom. I help Ambi out of her dress so she can shower, she is in the bathroom I undress joining her, she is stepping into the shower while I brush my teeth, lathering up by the time I get in the shower I help her finish.

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