The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Family Ties


Getting out of the shower Ambi is trying to dry herself with one hand I dry off get dressed then help her. I leave her seated on the bed, I retrieve the icepack from the kitchen. With the ice pack on her shoulder, I say to her, “babe we did not tell any of our family members about the accident.”

Ambi in agreeance, “it is only ten I am sure my mom is still up, call her.” I take out my phone dialing Ambi’s mom.

After three rings, mom finally answers, “Giovanni namaste how are you and Ambi?”

I reply, “namaste mom I hope we did not wake you. We just got back from having dinner with my parents we are staying the night.”

Mom continues, “oh lovely. I am here Izzy, Elena, Aki, Samara, uncle Ish, aunt Laila and grans were just doing some wedding talks. You finally decided to call to tell us about the accident?”

A bit surprised I respond trying to lighten the mood, “well I guess when Ambi is pregnant you all will already know before we make the announcement.”

I get a chuckle from mom, “between you and Ambi I don’t know whose mouth is more sassy. Your parents kept us updated with everything, they knew your focus would be Ambi. I wanted to give you all time to have everything sorted out before calling. I kept myself busy with the wedding planning.”

Mom carries on, “Ambi sweetheart how are you?”

Ambi joins us, “namaste I just have a little discomfort I am icing the shoulder right now. This evening Gi helped me with some light exercises.”

Mom, “great to hear that honey. I am sure Gi is taking very good care of you. The doctor ran all the tests to make sure there was no other damages? Did you check in with your uncle Mark?”

Ambi and I, “yes mom the doctor did all the necessary tests. Considering the weekend I had before they ran additional tests. No he was not on call. It is just a dislocated shoulder.”

Mom, “ok sweetheart. I will leave you to get some rest. I love you both.”

Ambi and I, “namaste, love you mom. Good night.”

Ending our call with Ambi’s mom I take the ice pack off Ambi’s shoulder and get her settled into bed. Getting in next to her singing one of my favorite tunes ′ Love you more than I can say’.

We are awaken at seven to the sound of my phone ringing, Gino was calling to say they just landed at the airport. I hug Ambi going back to sleep.
I had already scheduled the limo to pick Gino and his family up at the airport, I went back to sleep after he called me. Ambi and I are jolted from our sleep by banging on our door, “Gi, Ambi can we come in?”

Recognizing the voice Ambi shouts, “yes you can.”

I give Ambi an I don’t want to be interrupted look. Calling out to them, “no you can’t we are not dressed.”

The voices from behind the door, “oh no not on grandpa’s new bed Gi you can’t keep your hands off of Ambi for one night?”

I shout, “we are getting dressed we just got out the shower want to have a look?”

Gino, “you are sick Giovanni, Ambi please do not marry my brother.”

I fly off the bed flinging the door open, “what did you just say brother dearest?”

Gino lifts me up bodily, “I knew that would get you to open the door.” Gino steps into the room still holding me, Bianca behind him. I exclaim, “dude you are still holding me!” He sets me down walking over to Ambi who is now sitting up on the bed, “hey princess how are you feeling?”

Ambi responds still sounding a bit sleepy, “the shoulder still hurts and the sling is a pain but I am managing. I am following doctors orders I need this shoulder better by thanksgiving.”

They pinch Ambi’s cheek, “that’s our girl.”

Turning to me Gino says, “can you all go shower for real now please. We picked up breakfast for everyone we are waiting for you and Ambi.”

They leave us to get showered and changed.

Joining everyone in the kitchen we are first greeted by mom, “Ambi, Gi good morning how are you my dear?”

Ambi responds softly, “still in some pain but I am managing well.”

We greet dad good morning, I then introduce Ambi to Bianca and Gino’s children, two sets of twins girls eleven turning twelve in January Bella and Anastasia and twin boys seven turning eight in February Agostino and Brando. The boys takes Ambi’s hand walking her over to the breakfast table to sit next to them. Everyone else takes their seat at the table joining them.

Gino jokingly says to me, “Gi seems like the younger Wyson boys have stolen your girl. I told you someone would nab her if you were too slow.”

Dad joins in, “see son I told you this would happen at least it is your own nephews that stole her thankfully you will get her back.”

We are enjoying our breakfast when Ambi engages in conversation with the children, “so children what are we going to do today?” I do love how children are so drawn to her.

Anastasia the first to respond, “something interactive and fun please.”

Agostino jumps up, “can we go to an amusement park.”

Ambi joins him, “yes that sounds like fun. What rides do you want to go on Agostino?”

Dad in a very stern voice, “Amberline! ”

Ambi jumps, “sorry. OK no amusement park aunty hurt her shoulder. Maybe we can go bowling?”

Again dad shouts, “Ambi!”

Ambi frowns, “OK that is a no too apparently I will not be able to do anything fun with you all until my shoulder is better.”

The children looked a little disappointed, Ambi tries to cheer them up, “I will do some research and find something fun for us to do. Deal?”

That seems to cheer them up, dad interjects, “once you ice your shoulder and do your exercise sure.”


Since the accident everyone has been overly protective. Gino, Bianca, Gi, mom, dad and the help are all going over to Gino’s house as the moving truck is arriving from California at eleven or there about. With the adults busy I will have some freedom with the children. I have to ice my shoulder and get some exercise in while having fun with the children.

We continue eating, talking about random things. Gi interjects , “hey remember Andi and Grandpa are arriving tonight. Charlie and Tyler are flying in tomorrow. It is hard to believe it is our first official day at the new building.”

Dad adding to the conversation, “Ambi and the grandchildren Francis will take you all anywhere you decide to take them. Marcus and Raphael will be with us.”

When we were finish eating, the children went off to get ready. Everyone leaves for Gino’s home except Maria and Sian. Waiting for the children to finish getting dressed I make a list for them to get at the grocery for me to make dinner. I am making vegetarian burgers using plantain and beans topped with a pineapple and avocado salsa with some sweet potato fries. Reminding them, “do not let anyone know I am cooking you know dad will flip out just get me these ingredients. We should be back around three four for the latest.”

I found a place where the children could do some indoor rock climbing and some other activities. We walked around the mall a bit as it was close by but the children were not interested in the mall. They were so happy I brought them, we leave the facility at three thirty arriving at home a little after four.

Pulling up to the house Marcus was dropping off Sian and Maria, we have the kids in the back yard playing football the A team against the B team. I make my special seasoning first, then instruct Maria and Sian how to make the patties using the ingredients they bought for me. It was almost time for everyone to be arriving so I leave them to finish cooking the rest of patties and toast the buns. Grabbing the ice pack I head to the room, Maria and Sian have a good laugh at me. I never grew up with maids or housekeepers but they seemed more like family members than helpers. Since grandpa is arriving I pack up our things then shower and ice my shoulder, I was buttoning the last button of my top when Andi swung open the door, “grandpa welcome to your new room.” I jump thanking god I was properly dressed.

Andi apologises profusely, “please forgive me Ambi. I am so sorry.”

I reassure him, “no worries Andi I am dressed.” I greet grandpa with a hug and kiss leaving Andi and grandpa to get settled in, picking up our bag I leave the room.

Greeting Gi at the door, “handsome I missed you.” I hand him the bag so he can put it in the car.

When everyone walks into the kitchen Gi and Andi the first to notice, “something smells familiar in here.”

Glancing in my direction I pretend I don’t have a clue saying, “Maria, Sian the food smells delicious.”

Everyone builds their burger with the exception of grandpa I make his, placing the plate in front of grandpa. Grandpa takes my hand kissing it, “Amberline you cannot fool grandpa he knows you made dinner.”

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