The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Smiling at grandpa I whisper, “I might have helped a little.”

Grandpa chuckles pinching my cheek, “carina.”

We opened out the door extending the seating area so we can all fit around the table. I confess, “after having lunch at the mall I took the children to an indoor rock climbing facility. I just supervised them I did not climb.”

Dad joins in, “thank you for being honest Ambi. I knew my grandchildren would twist your arm into doing something more adventurous thank you for taking care of them and yourself.”

Gino and Bianca, “it is fine Ambi we told them to be on their best behavior and you will take them to do something fun, we trust you with our children.”

Dad continues, “now Amberline is there anything else you would like to tell us?”

I shake my head, “no nothing.”

Gino adds, “care to explain why in the thirteen years Maria and Sian have worked with us they have never made this dish before tonight.”

Biting my finger nail I shrug my shoulder. Dad raises his voice, “Amberline do not bite your nails.”

Gi takes my hand pulling it away from my lips nonchalantly I say, “you all already know Maria and Sian helped me with dinner do I really need to spell it out.” The table burst into laughter.

After dinner Gi and I wish everyone a good night.

Andi interjects, “I am sleeping over at Gi and Ambi’s I will see you all in the morning.”

Gi responds, “did we say we want guests?”

Andi adds, “Ambi said I am always welcome at her home.”

Dad interrupts before Gi could say anything, “it does not matter where you all sleep tonight just be at work by seven.”

Andi, “definitely dad.”

Walking towards the door dad calls out, “that includes you too Amberline Murlani.”

Glancing at Gi and Andi they were both laughing at me.

I shriek, “me?! But Mira is not here”

Dad replies, “yes you missy she had to stay with the children.”

We leave for home, after spending the weekend at my soon to be in laws, entering home felt great not that I did not like being around family but home is home. I rip the sling off my arm grabbing the ice pack I join Gi and Andi in the family room. They were talking about work and the new office building. Apart from the investments they do, advisement, analysis, research, consultancy and advertising. Mira owns a fashion magazine. Bianca events management both businesses will have a floor at the new building. After exercising my shoulder I call it a night leaving Andi and Gi talking. I brush my teeth shower and change into a sleep shirt.

I fall sleep as my head hit the pillows, I had set my alarm for five thirty. I wanted to make a sweet dish for the opening of the building tomorrow. I am awaken when my alarm goes off, I get out of bed without waking Gi. I shower and change, head downstairs to make the rice pudding. Whenever my family were doing any new business rice pudding would be served as a good luck.

The pudding was finished I turn off the stove, I check the time it is six thirty. I hear footsteps down the step, it was Gi walking down the stairs. He was already dressed in a dark blue single-breasted jacket, white slim fit shirt, black tie and slim-fit trousers, looking so handsome and oh he smells delicious !

Walking into the kitchen, “good morning sweetheart might I inquire what mischief you are up to that required you to leave me alone in our bed?”

I walk over to him kissing him first, “good morning handsome. I wanted to make rice pudding. I grew up seeing my family serve it whenever they started new business ventures.”

Gi kisses my forehead, “that was very thoughtful sweetheart. Now let us get you dressed.”

Back in our bedroom Gi picked out a royal blue, sleeveless, collared, wrap dress ending just above my knee. I try to get out of wearing the sling but Gi is not letting it slide plus I have a doctor check up. I put on my makeup and head back downstairs, Andi was already in the living room waiting, grabbing the rice pudding we leave for the office.

Pulling into the parking lot I notice the excitement in Gi and Andi’s faces, parking the car in the parking lot assigned for the directors Andi, Gino and Gi each has a spot. We get out of the vehicle, the limo pulls up with grandpa, dad, mom, Gino and Bianca. Marcus is picking Charles and Tyler up from the airport.

Bianca had set up everything for the grand opening. Gi had a priest come in and bless the building on Friday. All the guests are arriving at eight. When the guests arrived the ceremony gets on the way, after the ribbon cutting ceremony they entertain the business partners that came to the ceremony. The staff gets acquainted with Charlie, Tyler, grandpa, dad, Andi, Gino and Gi. Sergio, Anish and Reggie were unable to make it.

Discretely I leave asking Marcus to take me to my doctor appointment. The doctor informed me that my shoulder is healing well I have to continue the treatment. I stop off at the rental company to pay for everything we needed for the reception and wedding. On my way back to the office Gi called me answering his call I hear, ‘dad is extremely livid you left.’

Ambi, ‘he will calm down when I get there. See you in about ten minutes. ’

Gi, ‘you want to bet?’

Ambi, ‘I know my father in law.’

Gi, ‘we will see about that.’

In less than ten minutes Marcus pulled up to the building. Walking into the building I am greeted by the main floor receptionist she informs me that everyone is in the conference hall. Taking the elevator up to the floor, the door was open I walked in spotting dad first, dad smiles at me. I walk towards him, he is speaking to one of his business associates. Dad introduces me to Mr. Russo I greet them, “thank you for understanding. The doctor said to keep doing as he instructed and I will be better before I know it,” pointing to my arm.

Dad responds, “Amberline we need that shoulder to be better in three weeks. Happy that you are back, let me introduce you to a few more associates.”

Dad and I walk over to a group of five gentlemen and three ladies which included Gi and Andi . Approaching them Gi has his eyes fixated on me. I smile on reaching the group, dad does the speaking first, “gentlemen, ladies meet my enthralling soon to be daughter in law, Giovanni’s fiancé Amberline Murlani.”

Gi puts his hand on my mid back while he introduces me to the gentlemen and their wives, “Mr. and Mrs. Costa, Marino and De Luca.”

We exchange pleasantries, “pleasure to meet you all. Sorry I am just getting back.” gesturing to my arm again.

Mr. Costa, “that is quite alright Ms. Murlani. We are happy we get to finally meet you. We have been updated on what happened we wish you a speedy recovery.”

We make the rounds I am introduced to a few more associates, after Gi and I go off in search of Charlie and Tyler since I did not get to greet them earlier. They were in a chat with dad and two other gentlemen. Charlie notices Gi and I walking towards them first, he exits the chat with the group walking towards us. Charlie hastens his steps towards us, reaching us he hugs me making sure he does not hurt my arm, “princess what did this clown do to you now?”

I chuckle, “this one was not his fault, I went home to get a change of clothes on my way back to his parents home a young driver hit me.”

Charlie continues, “he told me the same story I needed confirmation he was not just trying to save his skin. Are you going to be all healed for the engagement?”

I respond, “the engagement will be pushing it. Definitely for the wedding.”

Charlie adds, “awesome please precious no more injuries.”

Gi joins in, “you will be back for the engagement right?”

By this time Tyler joins us, joining in on the conversation hugging me.

Tyler exclaims, “heck yeah we have our speech prepared and all. We will arrive Friday night we will be missing thanksgiving dinner.”

I shake my head in amusement, “you guys are too much. Gi I need to rest my shoulder. Am I still needed here?”

Gi subscribes, “sure sweetheart, just let your father in law know please.”

Saying my goodbyes to Charlie and Tyler wishing them a safe flight I leave Gi, Tyler and Charlie talking, I scan the room for Gi’s dad. Spotting dad I make my way to the group dad was speaking with Mr. and Mrs. Costa and Marino, “pardon my interruption it was a pleasure meeting all of you but I need to leave. I do hope to see you all again, be safe until we meet next.”

Mr. Costa, “take care of your shoulder dear it was a pleasure meeting you, you are delightful your father in law could not stop singing your praises.”

I blush a bit, “thank you Mr. Costa. Dad is bias because Giovanni is his favorite third child.”

The group bursts out in laughter, dad consents, “thank you for being here with us my dear get some rest be safe. Love you dear.” Dad turns to the group saying, ”my children knows Giovanni is my favorite and with good reason.” Dad kisses my forehead before I leave.

Gi escorts me to the car, “what spell have you cast on my father he was so mad when he realised you were not here but when you arrived he said nothing to you.”

Laughing heartily, “it has to do with my approach.”

Marcus greets us, Gi gives me a kiss before I get into the car.

Thankful home is just fifteen minutes away, Marcus drops me off I grab the ice pack from the kitchen heading upstairs. I message Gi to let him know I am home. I fall asleep with the ice pack on my shoulder.

Gi wakes me up from sleep with a kiss on my forehead, “hey gorgeous.”

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