The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Divali in our Home


Sitting up on my bed I greet Gi, “how did the rest of the day go?”

Gi sitting on the edge of the bed next to me, “it went well a lot of people attended we got some business out of it.”

I retort, “that is great babe. Andi, Tyler and Charlie left? Gino and Bianca collected their vehicle, they like it?”

Gi responds, “Andi is in his room he leaves tomorrow morning. Charlie and Tyler left. Yes they love it Gino said to tell you thank you. We brought dinner let’s go down and eat.” After dinner we remain talking about the day calling it a night around ten.

The next two days goes by uneventful Bianca being busy getting their home and office in order. Gino and Gi was busy with work and me being unable to do much except for meeting with the decorator for the hindu ceremony. Marcus took me to make all the payments. Gi’s parents and my family were going half and half. Everything was paid for in full the hall, the caterer and the decorator for the hindu ceremony. Bianca and Gi’s mom was liaising with the caterer for the engagement.

Finally it is moving day, our 6am alarm goes off Gi and I are up. My mom and grans told me what to do to bless our home so I gathered everything and we head to our new home. Entering the development all the homes have their own design, reaching our street our home is part of a twenty nine acre plot. Our home consists of nine acres. The other surrounding homes are built on smaller lots. Gino’s home is the first house built on two acres.

The entrance to our home is to the back of Gino’s home. Our newly built Italian smart energy efficient inspired mansion occupies approximately a little over one and a half acres of land it is nothing short of amazing. Driving up the cobble stone driveway, the first thing that greets us on the left is the maid’s cottage. As the view of the main house get closer across from the main garage is the lush green grass, the newly planted flower beds, pine trees along the perimeters, the house is centered on the seven acres plot. The cobble stone driveway is split to the right and left leading to the main house garage and the pool house garage. Ending at the front of the house it narrows into a four feet wide footpath that separates the main house from the pool house. The walkway goes all the way around the house with a path to the the massive covered patio. Continuing around the back to the side that leads to the kitchen ending at the back door to the cottage.

Parking in the driveway we make our way to the natural stone front porch, the outer wall of the house is painted white and grey we decided against stairs for the porch taking into consideration the grandparents. It features ten bedrooms, thirteen full and two half bathrooms. Walking inside through the dark grey double frosted, glass and steel doors it opens to the foyer that is opened to above. We are greeted with with marble floors and a sweeping staircase, popping off the ochre walls in the foyer. Under the staircase is a built in closet for coats and shoes. To the right of the foyer is Gi’s lounge room with access to the gym. To the left is the home theatre. Walking past the foyer we are in the formal living room. The house has a 2-story family room, gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry, a library and an office with a desk alcove, the lounge room is complete with a wine cellar and wet bar, the gym has a sauna.

The outdoor features a huge covered patio, with a kitchen, a garden. The swimming pool area has a kitchen too, four en suite bedroom pool house with an additional bathroom, outdoor kitchen and 3-car garage. There is also a three bedroom cottage attached to the main house garage.

Walking in further past the foyer and stairs meeting the hallway down the right leads to the office door first on the right, further down on the left is the family room which has a view of the covered patio, the back yard and the pool with a door leading to outside. The gym can either be accessed from the den or from the outside.

Down the left of the corridor first is the lift, two powder rooms, the formal dining room, the corridor continues to the left where we have two en suite bedrooms, the laundry room and a door that leads to the garage. Straight ahead is the grand living room there is an opening leading to the massive kitchen. The grand living room is open to above, dark grey steel and glass doors leads out to the covered patio and deck.

In the kitchen we have natural stone flooring, a huge window is hung over the main kitchen sink that allows a lot of natural light in. I have the 36" range, commercial size refrigerator and freezer, built in cooling draws, double ovens, a warming drawer all stainless steel. A massive U shaped island with an additional sink. Inside of the island a solid wood table with banquet seating for sixteen people and some additional stools on either side of the U, a balance of grey and white quartz counter tops throughout the surfaces. White marble backsplash, a balance of white and grey cabinets, the upper cabinet are furnished with glass mullion style doors, the lower cabinet doors are flat panel with soft close draws with stainless steel handles. The kitchen flows onto the patio and outdoor kitchen there is another outdoor kitchen by the pool area.

Taking the stairs to the first floor to the right is a hallway that leads to the library, the master bedroom, a laundry room with a small kitchen and the larger en suite guest room. To the left off the stairs we have the lift, a laundry room, a full bath room, four identical en-suite bedrooms, another master guest suite and an additional bedroom. We have an attic for additional storage. I set up an alter in the library and bless our home then I head to the kitchen to prepare for later. I love how close everyone is, we can easily walk to everyone’s home we have a view of Gino’s home and Gi’s parents from our front yard and Andi’s home from our back yard.

Maria and Sian came over to help me, with my shoulder still in a sling I needed the help. The range, refrigerator, dishwasher and oven was installed with the custom design kitchen so we started to cook right away, while Gi handles the deliveries.

I am doing a mix of sweet and savory dishes from various parts of India and Trinidad. I got some floral garlands Gi is hanging them up for me while he awaits the delivery truck. I am keeping it simple sweet dishes - sweet rice, rasgulla, cream of wheat halwa. Savory is - vegetable biyrani, matar paneer, curried chickpeas with potato, spicy cooked green mango, naan and dhal puri roti.

Gi kept checking in with me during the decorating and the moving of furniture. The living room furniture, the formal dining room and the beds for the two bedrooms downstairs were arriving today.

It was four thirty and we were finished in the kitchen thanks to Maria and Sian they were a big help. In search of Gi, he was in one of the bedrooms on the main floor making the bed. “Hey there the movers are done for today?” I ask.

Gi looks up, “yes they did, the next few days they have to deliver the furniture for the other bedrooms, the office, gym, the den, the media room, library and the family room. Oh and I almost forgot the maid quarters and the pool house furniture. I say about five days. Ronnie and Nico will be here helping until all the furniture is moved in you are not allowed to lift a single thing missy.”

I exclaim, “five days? More like a month. Thank you for taking the day off to help me today. I think we are biting off more than we could chew with having the engagement here the house is nowhere near ready.”

Gi responds, “babe you have Nico, Ronnie even Sian and Maria can come over and help you. I was not about to leave you here with strange men moving around our home. I will take a few days off to help.”

Ambi “we will talk about it later we need to get ready.”

I shower first, waiting for Gi to finish to help me get dressed. I bought a sari to wear tonight he has to help drape the sari, it requires pleating some of the fabric then draping it over my shoulder. Gi got dressed first our outfits are in a coral shade. His kurta suit has white pearl beads and embroidery working on it likewise my sari. Gi hooks my sari bodice as the hooks were in the back then helps me secure the slip in place. The sari varies in length mines was seven yards. It is secured in place by tucking it into the slip. Making seven pleats which is also tucked into the slip the remaining fabric is wrapped around and then draped over the shoulder falling across the chest. Looking myself over in the mirror Gi walks over standing at my side admiring how we look.

Gi comments, “we do look stunning. I love how beautiful not to mention sexy you look in this sari.” Our moment is cut short when the doorbell rings. We invited everyone for five thirty.

Gi and I greet everyone, we got indian outfits for all of them. I had a Brady bunch moment and got outfits in shades of orange for them. We set up to do the prayers in the living room that Gi decorated with the yellow and orange floral garlands suspended from upstairs. We sit together to perform the puja. After the puja we light some deyas inside and outside the house.

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