The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Almost Moved In


Back in Trinidad we would light small clay pots (deyas) filled with oil and a cotton wick, my substitute are tea lights. I bought a couple dozens decorative deyas on my last trip to Trinidad, we place them down making patterns on the driveway and the patio using lighted tea lights in them. Each light radiated a warm orange glow, flickering in its attempt to light up the ground, a spark of brilliant gold.

Finished lighting the lights we have dinner, Maria, Sian and Bianca help me serve the dishes. We used the seating area in the kitchen everyone was able to fit. I smile looking at everyone indulge in the various dishes prepared, savoring every flavor. We talk about the food, work, the engagement, the wedding.

Bianca asks, “Ambi who is going to New York with us?”

Gi responds, “Us? It was going to be just Ambi and I.”

Bianca counters, “ I am going. You Giovanni are not going.”

Gi retorts, “Anywhere my wife goes so do I.”

Bianca says in response, “she’s not your wife until December.” Gi face turns red.

I reply, “remember we leave the Monday after the engagement.”

Bianca making note, “I remember we have to ensure the rental company collect everything Sunday.”

I reply, “both moms, grans, naan, Nish, you and myself so far. Elena and Samara have to confirm. My best friends will meet us there.”

Bianca responds, “I will check with Dani, Danielle and Nira.”

I continue, “Mira said the designer designed the bridesmaid dresses to compliment my dress with each dress having a personal touch, likewise both moms and grand moms. Ann in red, Nira magenta, Elena coral, Samara orange, Dani yellow, Danielle kelly green, Nish sea green, Bianca blue, Mira indigo and Kay violet. The guys ties to match the dresses.”

Bianca returns, “great less to confuse us with.”

I continue, “I got a store in New York to do the outfits for the Hindu ceremony. I selected the outfits you all just have to try them on.”

Seated at the table enjoying the meal we were on wedding talks, “are the guys going with us?” Bianca asks.

I respond, “I want to be surprised on the day with Gi’s outfit.”

Gi interjects, “wait I have to go to New York alone?”

Gino adds, “No brother Andi and I will go with you Charlie and Tyler too.”

Mom joins in, “why do you think you have groomsmen sweetheart. They have to go with you to your fitting luckily you have ten and remember the rings is the duty of the best man.”

I chuckle at Gi, “see everything works out perfectly. I am shopping with my girls you are shopping with your guys.”

Bianca asking, “what colour suits are the guys getting?”

I respond, “Gi is gunmetal gray the guys steel gray, brown shoes, ties to match their partner’s dress.”

“Ok enough wedding talk, Ambi what is the latest with your shoulder?” from an eager sounding dad.

I respond, “thank you for asking the sling should be off by next week I don’t know why I still have to wear it I feel fine.”

Dad replies, “great. You all can work the details for New York later. Amberline Giovanni I want to thank you and Giovanni for a wonderful evening but you need to rest it has been a long day for you and we have work tomorrow.”

Grandpa says, “thank you Gi and Ambi for a wonderful evening. May your home be blessed with many more wonderful memories like these.”

Gino adds, “grandpa this is the new family house every event will happen here.”

We walk everyone out to their cars in the courtyard, “thank you all for sharing this day with us, and for blessing our home, love you guys get home safely.”

Gi puts his hands around my waist seeing everyone off, “can tomorrow be our wedding day?”

I concur, “yes! I just want it to be over with.”

Gi asks jokingly, “Vegas?”

I respond making our way back in, “yes please!”

Gi shakes his head, “not a chance. My parents will go crazy Italian on us.”

I add, “who cares. If we do head to Vegas how long do you honestly think they will be angry with us for?”

Gi laughs, “true I say a week.”

I smile, “see we can so do Vegas.”

Gi continues, “do you really want to do Vegas? Don’t you want your family present?”

Nonchalantly I say, “the fact that I’m getting married should suffice we’ll send them pictures.”

Taking my hand kissing it, “Amberline I know you are just saying that now but on that day you will want your family around to share the happiness you feel that you are getting married.”

I make faces, “not really because my dad won’t be here so it would be kinda bitter sweet.”

Kissing my forehead, “ah so this is why you don’t really want a big fancy wedding?”

Trying to hold back the tears, “about 60% the other 40 is because I really hate big lavish weddings. There is too much poverty out there for people to spend $10,000 on a wedding dress that they only going to wear once.”

Gi trying to lighten the mood, “$10,000 for a wedding dress?! What are you getting rags? For my façade of a wedding that witch spent almost $50,000 on the dress.”

I shriek, “what the fuck?! That’s a down payment on a home. You know how many children $50,000 could help my goodness.”

Gi hugs me, “maybe we can reason with them on the fancy wedding.”

Heading to our temporary room, “I wish. You really think we will have this house ready for Thanksgiving?”

Gi hugs me, “yes we got this gorgeous. I assure you we have this. I am going to talk to dad and Gino about taking some days off to help you.”

Walking into the bedroom Gi helps me out of my sari we shower. Tired from the day we get into bed falling asleep almost instantly as we hit the pillows. Gi was definitely tired as he did not sing to me like he has been doing ever since we met.

The next eleven days I spend getting Andi’s and our homes in order Bianca helped when she could as she was also occupied with setting up the new office space for her company as well as Mira’s. Gi and I are in the master guest suite next to our room, he did get a few days off. Gi, Nico and Ronnie helped me with moving in the furniture. After all the rooms furniture was moved in I take my time to decorate each room. The sling finally came off, I am not allowed to drive for another week the doctor want to ensure I am fully healed. I got my SUV back Gi uses it we haven’t gotten around to purchasing another vehicle.

Gi has kept the master bedroom locked, uncertain when we are moving into our room thanksgiving day is eight days away. My clothes and some other things from the other rooms has to be cleared out from my old house. I found the sound system in the attic. I also have music in the kitchen, Gi had speakers installed in the kitchen, the gym, the patio and the pool area. I just connect my phone to the system. Maria and Ronnie are settled in with Gi’s parents, Sian and Nico with Gino and Bianca. Our help will arrive for our wedding.

With the engagement and wedding round the corner, dad wanted us to get as much work covered now as we will have to take a few days off to go to New York. With the few days I took off when the movers were moving things into the house Gino and I were swamped with work. We have eight days until Thanksgiving, I am still working on our room. I ordered a king size bed with a canopy it should be ready by tomorrow I have to get Ambi out the house to have it delivered then move all our things from her old home to ours. I solicit the help of Bianca to get Ambi out the house tomorrow.

I was in the library ironing out some engagement and wedding details when Bianca called me. ‘Hey Bi how are you?’

Bi, ‘hey favorite sister in law. How are you?’

Ambi jokingly, ‘I am going to tell Mira you said that.’

Bi, ‘oh she knows she is the absolute favorite you are the favorite favorite.’

Ambi, ‘I hear you. How can I help you?’

Bi, ‘can you pick the children up from school tomorrow? The girls have a science project you need to supervise them please please please you know you are the science brain in this family plus for once I think I am in over my head. I don’t know what I was thinking doing two remodeling projects at the same time. I will pay you pizza Friday night.’

Ambi, ‘oh you know my weakness children and pizza. Sure will do but remember I can’t drive so I’ll just go over to your house and wait for the limo to drop them off and if you need any help I am available.’

Bi, “I just might take you up on that. Sian will be home you will not need your keys. I don’t know what time Gino will be home but I should be home around 5-6, the children usually get home by three thirty.”

Ambi, “great no worries.”

Getting off the phone with Bi I continue my project.

Bi called me to confirm that Ambi will spend the afternoon with the children tomorrow giving me enough time to have the bed delivered. I confirm delivery time and get back to work, with Gino and I working late most nights Ambi has had to eat alone, sometimes she has dinner with my parents or Bi and the children.

After the bed was delivered successfully on Tuesday next was getting Maria and Ronnie to help with packing up all our things from Ambi’s old home. It was Friday morning we roll out of bed do our usual workout and shower. Ambi and I were occupying the guest suite next to our room.

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