The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Good to be Home

I could not help but smile as how well everyone is getting along. Gi laughs, “you are all married why would you all want strippers anyway?”

Aki joins, “for the men in the family that are single.”

Laughing at them, “they can get their own stripper anytime they want.”

Checking the time Andi announces it’s time to head to the gate. Getting up from the table, we do a group hug before we split. Starting with Nish and I joined by my brothers, then Gi, the in laws followed by Andi and Mira. Everyone is crying Nish and Samara the most even Gi, Andi, Mira. Getting to the VIP lounge I visit the washroom to wash my face, rejoining Andi, Mira and Gi they were seated at the bar. Andi and Mira ask me if I’m ok, Gi hugs me holding my head to his chest, “oh princess come here.”

Mira initiates wedding talk, “Ambi you are the little princess. you know you are the youngest on both sides of the family well except for Tyler. You have to come to New York to shop for your wedding dress. I know all the designers we are getting you the dress of your dreams.”

Not in the frame of mind for wedding talks, “Mira thank you. I don’t want an expensive dress.”

Andi jumps in, “are you crazy? You are marrying a Wyson the dress for the Catholic ceremony is on us and it has to be grand end of discussion.”

I turn to Gi my eyes still glassy from crying, “Gi please make them understand.”

Andi interjects again,“Gi has no say in this matter he always listens to his big brother.”

I start to tear up Andi jumps in, “water works will not help you missy.”

Mira ignoring my crying, “Ambi do you know what your mother in law does?”

I turn to her wiping my tears, “not really.”

Mira continues, “she was a top designer mainly in Italy and other European countries, she designed some of the most beautiful dresses you ever saw. She then went on to be the most sought out critique she still is actually, all the top designers pray to the god of fashion to have her approve their designs.” They announce it’s time to board.

I sit with Mira to go over some dress designs on her tablet, Andi and Gi sat together. Mira owns a fashion magazine, Mira is non stop talk, “Ambi I’m so happy for Gi and you. I get another sister to spoil with Dani and Danielle in Europe Nira in Dubai I only had Bianca now I have you. I am going to twist Andi’s arm we are moving to Miami I hope. Our children are eleven year old twin boys and seven year old twin girls I can’t wait for you to meet them.”

Mira and I spend the entire flight talking about dresses and ideas for the wedding. Checking the time we had three hours left in flight.
Gi turns to us, “Mira can I have my fiancé back please?”
Mira snaps, “noooooo we are not finished.”
Gi gets out of his seat walks over to us, unbuckles my seat belt lifting me up, saying to Andi, “bro your wife is missing you.” Mira and I laugh at his defiance.

We land at L.A. at 5 pm saying farewell to Andi and Mira. I give Mira my word we will meet in New York to pick a wedding dress.

Again with the water works, “Ambi your family has rubbed off on us.” Andi sighs wiping tears from his eyes. Andi and Mira departs, Gino and Bianca joins us for the rest of the flight. Bianca asks me to sit with her she is an event planner she wants to help with the festivities. It was a little over 2 hours and we are back in Miami ! The same security that dropped us at the airport picked us up dropping us off at my home.

Bianca lets out a gasp, “oh my goodness Ambi your home is charming, warm and inviting just like your personality.”

I humbly respond, “thank you Bianca it’s not much but’s it’s home.”

Bianca nods, “oh nonsense it is beautiful.” We had picked up dinner at a restaurant, while eating we check in with everyone to let them know we are home safely. After dinner we head to our rooms.

We shower and get into bed, Gi and I start talking about our plans.

In a panic, “Gi, I can’t do this. I can’t.” Trying to hold back the tears.

Gi holds me to his chest, “Ambi what’s wrong?” I continue sobbing, “how am I going to plan a wedding in 2 months, move to a new home and work? I have to work I’m not going to spend my savings on our wedding that is crazy.”

Gi tries to soothe me, “Ambi relax we will work this out tomorrow, just get a good night sleep we are all tired.”

Gi continues holding me in his arms, he pats my hair kissing my forehead. He starts singing an Italian song ′Regalami il Tuo Sogno’. Drifting off to sleep.

My alarm goes off at 6am, I’m in the bathroom getting ready for the gym Gi walks in. I left him to sleep I wanted to workout alone to clear my head. “Morning gorgeous you didn’t wake me.”

I respond saying, “you looked so peaceful I did not want to wake you, you got as much sleep as I did over the weekend. I figured you needed the sleep.”

I can hear the seriousness in his voice, “thank you, don’t ever do that again I want to see you next to me everyday for the rest of my life”

Dressed we walk out of our room, Gino and Bianca meets up with us for the gym. We workout together, heading for home after our workout everyone was showered changed and in the kitchen having breakfast. Gino and Bianca has some homes lined up to view so we are going along with them.

Gi “where is the first viewing?”

Gino sounding excited, “first is a newly built, it’s a seven bedroom six and a half bath plus a two bedroom guest house one and a half acres with the option for a swimming pool. According to the listing it is fifteen minutes from work in the opposite direction so that’s thirty minutes from here.”
Gi grabs the keys, “ok let’s check it out”

After a day of house hunting we are all exhausted. Arriving back home at 7pm, seated in the family room discussing what we saw. Likes and dislikes, Bianca and I are working on dinner. Still tired from the weekend we are keeping it simple coconut shrimp and quinoa. During dinner Bianca and Gino indicates they have decided on a house, the first one they saw, three acres, seven bedroom, two bedroom cottage, newly built, they call the realtor they put in an offer pending all building structure, inspections, electrical, plumbing are up to code.

I get off my chair hugging them, “congratulations on your new home.”

Gino & Bianca, “thank you.”

I continue, “it’s a beautiful home it suits your style.”

Gi chimes in, “yes it does. Now we have to find our forever home and one for mom and dad.”

I interject, “with everyone on their own maybe you all can look into a smaller home for your parents but centralized close enough for everyone.”

Gino joins, “I agree Ambi I like that suggestion. Something close to us 5-10 minute radius. Brazil’s home was always going to be yours Gi. Even though Andi and I are older you will be the one to take over hosting family functions so you can get the bigger home. When mom and dad can no longer care for themselves we will decide who will take care of them.”

Gi nods in concurrence, “can you ask your realtor to check other listings in that area. I noticed it’s part of a development I want at least eight bedrooms. For mom and dad I think it’s time they scale down to a four bedroom between your home, and our home we would have enough space for when family is visiting. Mom and dad won’t need something too big. As we are on the topic when they get older they will move in with Ambi and I no questions asked.”

Gino and Bianca in harmony, “wait you and Ambi already discussed mom and dad living with you all? Will send the realtor an email when we’re upstairs.”

Placing my hands on Bianca and Gino’s hand, “not in any length but yes we would not have it any other way.”

Bianca and Gino get off their seas hugging me, “you are too precious Ambi. Thanks you for everything, we are calling it a night.”

I join them, “yeah me too. I have not recovered from this weekend and I have work tomorrow.” Everyone heads upstairs leaving me to clean up. I put the dishes in the dishwasher, I sit on the sofa in the family room for a bit. I dozed off as I am jolted out of sleep by Gi standing over me in some shorts. Gi nudges me, “Ambi are you ok babe?”

In my sleepy voice, “I was just sitting a bit. I guess I fell asleep, what time is it?”

Gi exclaims, “it’s 10pm.”

I shriek, “what?”

Gi in his soothing voice, “I was waiting in the bedroom for you after I showered I figured you’ll be up in a minute. I called my parents, your mom, Aki, Izzy, Nish and Andi. I realised the time and decided to check on you.”

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