The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Getting our Home Ready


Getting dressed Ambi braced me, “yo Casanova I don’t know what you have planned but I need to clear out our old home by this weekend. FYI the engagement is next week Saturday and most of our things are at the old house. I need to have it cleaned too. I usually clean my neighbors place for them before they arrive and that also need to be done. ” Ambi reminds me.

I sigh wrapping my arms around her waist kissing her cheek, “yes my love, dad has us working over time. I give you my word this weekend we will get it done.”

She gives me the eye roll pushing my hands off her walking out of the room, I grab my jacket heading out behind her. Reaching the kitchen she was filling the kettle up. Trying to lighten the mood, I walk up to her pressing up against her my breath slow and steady against her neck, “what do you want for breakfast.”

She ignores me wiggling her way from my hold she puts the kettle on walking over to the refrigerator retrieving some eggs, mushroom and spinach.

Standing in the kitchen with empty arms I think the temperature just dropped about 20 degrees. Ambi proceeds to make the omelets while I try to make myself invisible as she is ignoring me. I am glad though since it would help me execute my plan later. She won’t call or message me much during the day. I have my breakfast and leave for the office. After lunch I head to our old home to check on the progress.

Walking in Ronnie was double checking the kitchen cabinets Ambi had a note on the counter of what she was taking to our new home, Maria had packed up most of the things in Ambi’s closet she brings to my attention a locked drawer in the closet she could not find the key. It probably has Ambi’s expensive jewelry and important documents.

I solicit the help of her mom to help me figure out where the key might be. ‘Hey mom namaste, how are you? All set for next weekend?’

Mom, ‘Giovanni namaste son. As ready as I will ever be how are you and Ambi?’

I chuckle a bit, ‘funny you should ask, she is not speaking to me I delayed moving into our room until the bed was ready it was delivered on Tuesday. I have the help working on packing up everything from the old house to have it moved tonight so I can surprise her in the morning.’

Mom, “OMG Giovanni my daughter is not a last minute person she hates it she is probably purple with anger. She is the most organised person I know.”

Running my fingers through my hair, “I know mom she is livid, the bed took longer than anticipated. The new house is ready except for our room. The old house is cleared out just her room, most of the closet is emptied and packed up but there is a drawer in the closet that is locked I am guessing it has personal stuff and maybe some of her priceless jewelry any idea where the key might be?”

Mom, “Oh yeah it does, well that should not take you too long then, it will be under the mattress of her bed.”

I keep mom on the line while I check, “yes I plan on moving everything in tonight she is spending the night at Gino and Bianca. I got it thanks mom I love you see you next week bye.”

Mom, ‘bye Giovanni see you soon take care love you.’

Ending the call with mom I walk back into the closet trying the key it opened the drawer. I pack everything from the drawer in a bag and take with me for safe keeping, it had jewelry and some documents. After I packed up the contents of the drawer securely I head back to work. After work we will start moving things into our home.

Arriving back at work I get started on work, Gino greets me, “we all set to move out later?”

I reply, “yes Maria and Ronnie are about 90% complete they were going to move all the bags and boxes into the garage so we just move it from there later.”

“How pissed is Ambi? Sian and Nico are available later if you need them.” Gino continues.

I scoff, “dude a cold front blew into our kitchen this morning she is colder than Antarctica.”

Gino sitting at his desk, “it’s better this way she is not going to ask you anything. You just have to worry in her anger she does not go over to her house to pack up herself.”

I rebut, “one step ahead of you I told all the drivers if she calls them to tell her they are busy. She is not one to ask a friend so I am safe for now. Plus she is still resting her shoulder.”

Gino, “great Ambi should be going over to our home around four Bi will message me once she gets there.”

I nod, “great because she is not speaking to me. Let’s get to work so we can get out of here by four.”

Gi is sending me over the edge our engagement is next week Saturday and most of our things are still at my old home. I only brought a few items from my kitchen. All the furniture, linens, some and some other things I don’t need remained. I had a list of what needed to be packed up at my old home. My bedroom had 80% the other room 20% left to clear out, he said we will do it this weekend but it is driving me insane. Andi’s home is perfect I video called Andi and Mira showing them their home.

Returning home from showing Andi and Mira their home. I do some laundry, I put some final touches on the bedrooms and start on lunch. Most of the guests are arriving Wednesday, mom and my grandmothers Tuesday, Aki and his family on Friday. Marcus collected lunch as usual and takes it over to the office. I avoided my cell phone I did not want Giovanni calling or messaging me I am so mad with him right now.

After I sent lunch off I made some cookies to take over to Bi later. I took a nap when the cookies were finished, waking up around three thirty I shower and change I pack an overnight bag and walk over to Bianca’s it was a nice cool walk. I ring the bell to announce my presence using my keys I open the door. Bianca greets me, “Ambi hey. Did Marcus drop you off already?”

Greeting her with a kiss handing her the cookie pan, “hi no I walked over here you know it’s a cool walk driving over here does not make sense. I made cookies.”

“Aw Ambi thank you. Come on the children are in the kitchen.” Making our way to the kitchen, Sian had the evening off.

I greet the children, they were all too excited, I got matching Lion King pajamas for everyone after dinner we snuggled in the media room watching moves. Falling asleep after the first movie.

I am waken up by Gi, “good morning precious. Let’s go I have a surprise for you.”

Noticing the time on the clock in the room, “whatever it's 7am.”

Gi persists, “come on get up.”

Snuggling with the children in a quiet tone, “just go I'll see it later Giovanni.”

Gi growing furious, “Ambi come one don’t ruin it.”

I sigh getting off the sofa making sure I did not wake the children. As soon as we were out of the media room I spat out, “couldn’t it wait until later Giovanni? Whatever it is it can't be more important than moving into our room.” Gi insists I shower and change, seated in the suv Gi instructs, “close your eyes.”

I let out, “we are going to our house Giovanni.”

A few minutes later the vehicle comes to a stop. Gi opens the passenger door guiding me out. Holding my hand he helps me out the vehicle I hear the car door close a couple footsteps later I hear the sound of keys and a door being opened. The door is then shut Gi requests, “open your eyes.”

Orange rose petals scattered on the staircase, I look at Gi unimpressed. Taking my hand we follow the trail of petals that lead us straight to our room. Walking in to our room to the left is double doors that leads to the deck which gives us a pool view. Then the door to the bathroom next to it is the door to the walk-in. We have one massive walk in, in addition to the long and short hanging spaces, shelves and drawers along the perimiter, there is two twenty-three feet rows of additional storage space a combination of shelves, drawers, long and short hanging spaces all our clothes were neatly placed on hangers, in drawers or shelves. We also have a red round sofa in the centre of the closet. Gi unlocked a draw showing me all the jewelry and documents I had in a locked draw in my room.

Checking out the bathroom we have his and her showers, sinks and a massive tub separating the two showers. Walking back out Gi takes me over to the bed, a dark wood four poster king sized with elegant smooth tapered pillars, stunning turned block-and-vase bed legs, with the tall headboard filling out our room nicely. Complementary side dressers completes the look. The bed was decorated with white sheer fabric suspended from the rails around the bed and tied on each post. Red rose petals form a heart on the bed. From our room we have a view of the front yard, the pool and pool house even the patio out by the pool.

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