The Determined Mr Delicious- The Wedding

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Let the Family Fun Begin

Walking through our room I walk up to Ambi pressing my body into her back kissing her neck. I am interrupted when the door bell rang, let out a sigh when I see my dad and grandpa out front. They have keys to the house but won’t use them unless it is an emergency. I run downstairs to meet them, “good morning grandpa, dad how are you all?”

Grandpa and dad look at me taping their watch, “your grandpa and I decided to take a walk over you ready son?”

I exclaim, “oh shoot I forgot. Come in let me get changed Ambi is upstairs.”

Dad and grandpa wait in the foyer while I run back upstairs. Rushing into the room kissing Ambi, “I am sorry I forgot I had a thing to do with dad and grandpa.”

Ambi sighs, “it is OK.”

I rush into the walk in changing I shout to Ambi, “do not clean up the rose petals.”

Ambi walks in, “can I clean up the ones on the stairs?”

I respond, “sure I can just imagine what grandpa and dad must be thinking.”

Ambi and I head back down Ambi greets dad and grandpa, “good morning you handsome gentlemen. How are you all today?”

Dad responds , “Ambi my princess how lovely to see you. We are great we need to steal your handsome fiancé away for a couple hours.”

Grandpa adds, “we would much rather you take us but you can’t drive yet.”

Ambi gives grandpa a hug, “oh grandpa you are my forever sweetheart. You can keep him as long as you want grandpa. Be safe guys love you.”

We walk out leaving Ambi in the foyer cleaning up the rose petals.

Getting into Ambi’s SUV dad starts, “what did we interrupt son?”

I respond, “nothing I surprised Ambi with our bedroom. I managed to move everything to our room last night. Gino and Bianca helped me with everything. Maria, Ronnie, Sian and Nico were a big help with packing everything up from her old home.”

Grandpa says to me, “my grandson the romantic.”

I add, “grandpa you and dad are great role models I couldn’t be anything but the best.”

We pull up at the Land Rover dealership confused I look at my dad, “I thought you all were getting the Levante?”

Dad responds, “yes we are this one is for you.”

I place my hand on grandpa’s shoulder, “grandpa you did not have to. I would have gotten one when things settle down.”

Grandpa takes my hand, “you are dear to my heart my grandson. You are my most dearest grandchild, I have gifted each of my grandchildren and their spouses vehicles for their engagement. I did not for your first wedding because I did not approve of the girl. Both you and Amberline are too precious. My heart is happy this is happening and this is what grandpa wants to gift you end of discussion.”

At the dealership grandpa was calling the shots, dad and I were just present for support. We tried to jump in when grandpa was asked about child seats, grandpa was adamant he said he was thinking ahead. My vehicle will be ready by Tuesday finishing up at the dealership we head over to the Maserati dealership. After our engagement in Vancouver grandpa was in talks with a few companies. When Gino overheard Ambi and my conversation, grandpa decided on the Levante. Dad and grandpa dealt directly with the company in Italy and they shipped it to the dealership once it was ready.

Pulling up at the dealership we went directly to the manager, he took us to have a look at the vehicle. Grandpa chose a metallic white colour, checking that everything was to grandpa’s specifications. The registration and legal paperwork will be completed on Monday it will be delivered on Tuesday which works out great, knowing Ambi she would not want the attention. Finishing up just before one I drop dad and grandpa off and head home.

Parking in the garage I walk inside using the access from the garage. I call out to Ambi but she does not answer, I am beginning to think this home is too huge for us. I check the office, family room, media room. Heading up the stairs I call out again finally getting a response that she was in our bedroom. Walking into our room Ambi was walking out of the closet.

Asking, “I didn’t do a good job?”

“Yes you did I was admiring your work.” Ambi replies.

I grab hold of Ambi kissing her like there was no tomorrow. Ambi kissed back with the same passion. My hand traces her while walking her to the bed, standing beside the bed I slither my hands up Ambi's leg under her dress reaching for her underwear I slide her lace pantie down till they fall to the ground. I lift Ambi wrapping her legs around my hips. I take her to our bed laying Ambi in the middle.

Ambi was wearing a short button down green dress. With one tug the fasteners were undone exposing her black lace bra. I pull my polo off over my head, unbuckle my belt, undo my jeans pushing my jeans and briefs down, Ambi removes her bra. Stepping out of my clothes I glide onto the bed. Getting on my knees I place Ambi’s left leg on my shoulder. I start kissing Ambi’s pussy, I don’t know how painful getting waxed is but I do appreciate the smooth silky skin. I work my way up from her pussy stopping at her bellybutton this sends Ambi wild, her toes curl into the bed.

I trail kisses up the center line of her body stopping between her breasts. I cup the right breast in my hand taking the left one in my mouth. I use my tongue swirling it over Ambi’s nipples using my lips to suck on the breast. Ambi lets out a moan, her hands lacing through my hair. I switch breasts and work on the right one. I leave a little mark on her right breast then move to her right shoulder leaving a mark there too.

Kissing her neck I reach for my now rock hard penis using the pre-cum to lubricate my penis I glide it into Ambi’s wet pussy. I get a little resistance as we haven’t had sex since before the accident. I slide back in with a little more force, Ambi lets out a pleasurable moan, her body reacts to my movements by arching her back off the bed. Sliding in and out of Ambi I am grinding my hips into hers with every thrust in, Ambi counteracts with a rotation of her hips that sends me off the edge. Leaning in kissing Ambi’s neck I feel her muscles wrap around my penis. I whisper in her ear to hold it she moans “I am ready baby.”

I pull out gliding in a few more times before I feel Ambi release on me I pull out just in time for my cum to spray out on her pussy. I rest my body down half on Ambi, half on the bed. Kissing her cheek playing with her right breast. She slaps my hand away, “I am not ready for another round.”

I leave my hand on her breast, “is your shoulder hurting?”

Ambi responds, “just a little I should ice it I was moving some things around in the closet.”

I shift off of Ambi sitting up on the bed, “did you have lunch? You can ice the shoulder while I make us something to eat.”

Ambi replies getting off the bed, “now was waiting for you.”

Getting off our bed we make our way to our bathroom, my shower stall is a waterfall while Ambi’s has her own rain forest. Ambi opts for the rain forest today, we get in and enjoy our shower, change and head downstairs. Ambi had some shrimp marinating in the fridge to make shrimp pasta. I have her icing her shoulder while I prepare lunch. Seated in the kitchen I ask , ”you ready for this weekend?”

Ambi responds sarcastically, “I could do with another week.”

I take her hand kissing it, “mom and Bi got the food, drinks and décor organised. We have very little to do.”

Ambi laughs, “I ordered the turkeys they will arrive tomorrow, I can start the prep work. Mom and my grandmothers arrive Tuesday evening. If you are working late I will pick them up.”

Gi in an agitated tone, “you are not allowed to drive or lift anything heavy Ambi just send the limo.”

I respond, “my mom and grandmothers are simple the limo picking them up will be a bit much for their arrival.”

Gi concedes, “fair enough I will get them.”

Cleaning up after lunch Gino called to say they coming over to swim in the pool. We change into swim wear, calling my parents to join us. Gino and I decide to make turkey burgers for dinner while everyone is relaxing by the pool. Calling it a night my mom insists we have lunch at their house tomorrow. Tired from the busy evening we fall asleep as I started to sing.

We decide to sleep in late Ambi just had to get out of bed around eight when the turkeys arrived. Rejoining me in bed until about ten I roll over hugging Ambi, “so how was the first night on our new bed?”

Ambi kisses me on his forehead, “I miss my old bed I am moving back to my house.”

I pin her down tickling her, “what did you just say?”

Pleading with me, “stop! I was joking I love the new bed. I wonder if all my siblings could fit.”

I tug on her cute nose, “you are too funny let's get ready for our lunch date.”

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